A lot of people told me that I should turn this blog into a food journal. I guess I can’t blame them for saying because it is turning into one by default. A food slash events blog, maybe. Thing is, I don’t really want to. I love my blog the way it is, but I’ll most def love it more if it can go back to the talking-to-myself-aloud kind of project I used to have.

I look back at (deleted all the comments out of sheer stupidity), (because the heart is blue and the mind is green… yes, I’m emo even when I was happy that time) and the first 2 years of this blog and think, God, I don’t really take time to smell the roses anymore, do I?

I’d like to blame Facebook and Twitter and all other sites that make it easy for all of us to put instant updates. I’d also like to blame Globe’s Superduo for allowing me to call friends and gab for hours about the latest, making me think it redundant to repeat the stories in internet ink. Ultimately, I blame myself for being lazy or for being not as courageous as before to talk about even the most sensitive of topics and the dirtiest of details.

I miss talking about topics that have got nothing to do with food and travel.

I miss writing about how awesome my friends are without having to post pictures from a drunken escapade just to emphasize a point.

I miss sharing childhood memories usually involving my parents’ words of wisdom that I never really understood until recently.

I miss answering surveys just for the world to discover (pretending that it would actually care) what I like and dislike.

I miss making fun of society and write how it’s making fun of me as well.

I miss pouring my heart out when I snap open that fatal memory box labeled “tales of the ex-boyfriends and past lovers”.

I miss the kind of writer I used to be. A writer with no particular talents to boast off- only an intrepid heart and a (more) interested mind. Perhaps this weekend I will take time to stop and smell the roses again. I would most likely encounter some thorns and a few bugs, but it inarguably would take my mind off sniffing food and dragging my already tired feet to the nearest newly opened bar.


Not saying I don’t want to write about food and partying, I have so many pending entries about them! Just want to know the other viable options this lifestyle can give me and my baby. By baby, I mean blog. Haha.


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