HP7 on EP

Our company, ePerformax is having a special screening of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part1 tonight in Glorietta. Team Recruitment just finished distributing the invites and it’s obvious in every employee’s face that they are excited to see HP7.

I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!! I expect it’s going to make me cry like a baby ‘coz this is the book where Dobby dies. Waaaaaahhhh!

I don’t know if Dobby’s death is in Part 1, but I do know for sure that I’d want our company to hold another screening when Part 2 comes out!

I love you, TDH! Thanks for this magical treat for us Muggles! We’re glad the CC and BPO Sorting Hat placed us in the House of Emax! :p


listening to: a song Boss Vincci is playing… sorta sounds like Savage Garden

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