Annual Stress Fest

What is? My birthday blues.

Every year (yes, without fail) I worry about December 20 at least a month before.

I barely have a month to come up with a plan on how to celebrate my 29th birthday. Yes, 29th! I am not at all ashamed to share what my real age is! Mwahahaha! Perhaps, it will be different when I’m already in my 30’s. It sucks that my birthday falls on a Monday this year, so if I decide to have a salubong on the 19th, my guests might kill me for the horrid traffic they are bound to encounter on the last weekend of Christmas shopping. If I celebrate it on the day itself, hello? Monday. Crickets. Crickets.

So, there goes the WHEN.

WHERE? Hmmm… should I spend my birthday here in Makati or in Paranaque? Most of my closest friends are from the south, so it’s practical to stage the shiz in BF Homes. But BF is capable of making me remember so many things about my past birthdays. I might burst into tears if I spend it there. Tears of Joy Explanation. Tears of Torment Explanation. New year, new age, (possible) new turn out. I guess the option is something I should entertain. Anyone ever been to Le Souk, Aguirre Ave? Thoughts please.

If I spend it in Makati, possible venues are Dillingers, Bugsy’s and Casa Nami. Thing is, it’s gonna take major effort for my guests to smoke their ciggies in these restos. Boo, friends. Yay, ozone layer.

WHAT I really want is to attend the misa de gallo and I can probably do that as a salubong to my 29th. I also want to have a quiet (weh as if that’s gonna happen) dinner with my bestfriends in Conti’s. Why Conti’s? Because it’s a birthday tradition I used to have with my parents when we still lived in BF. Now that they are in Bataan, thus will not be spending December 20 with me, my friends would have to fill their shoes. Also, sayang naman ang Conti’s gift certificates ko, so I will use them on my special day. And nothing is more special to me than my birthday. In fact, I call it a secret national holiday. LOL. After the quiet (bwahahahaha quiet daw o) dinner, a birthday celebration will not be complete without bingeing on alcohol. Again, this might change when I hit 30’s, but friends, if you want me to continue the wasakang inuman tradition, I’m very easy to convince. Hahaha.

Gah. Ang sakit sa ulo. I hope before November ends, I’ll have the enlightenment every birthday girl should get. For now, I’ll be working on my wishlist. Wheee!


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  1. saintbarry

     /  November 24, 2010

    29 is a good year. Enjoy it, Iya! 😉

  2. 5 years pala tanda ko sa iyo? hehehe…
    sobrang advance happy birthday, iya!


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