Celebrating Arteries of Steel

I tried to kill myself by clogging my arteries…


I conquered the KFC Double Down and Pizza Hut Lechon Pizza in one day! Yeaaaaaahhhhh! I know this is just an exaggeration, so you should know this, too. Anyway, it’s still time to…


After the Pizza Hut Bloggers’ Event, Enzo and I went to Lime 88. It’s his first time to my favorite hole in the wall and I suggested all the delish dishes and he opted to get something I did not suggest. LOL.

He had the Tinapa and Sundried Tomato Pasta

and I got the Asian Nachos (wanton wraps with Thai salsa).

I don’t like tinapa with rice but tinapa with pasta is fantastic! The nachos was crisp, the salsa was tangy and wooohoo for the generous beefy toppings! Hey hey hey I wasn’t hungry but I don’t like drinking alcohol without something I can munch on.

My 1st poison of choice– Brown Sugar Daddy. Eyes on the foreground, please. Hahaha!

My 2nd– Tiramisu Martini! Both of the cocktails were great, but the Chocnut Martini is still my favorite!

Cheers to good food, good health, and good life!



The title is in reference to @JCPerlas’ tweet to me after I said Yay me! I’m still alive after eating the Double Down and Lechon Pizza. ๐Ÿ˜€

Diet starts tomorrow.



Lime 88
160 San Rafael St,
Mandaluyong City
02 4002268


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May TURKEY ka? May LECHON Pizza ako!

aka The Day I Tried to Kill Myself (by Clogging My Arteries) Part 2

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my relatives and friends in the US of A! It was hard for me to undergo the yearly Turkey dinner-envy, because thanks to Pizza Hut, my craving for holiday fowl was topped by the newest gourmet creation of Pizza Hut– the Lechon Pizza.

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of pizza and lechon. I think I heard a couple of appalled gasps out there. LOL. A pinoy foodie who doesn’t like lechon and pizza??? Shame! Shaaaaame! To be clear, I like both, I just don’t break into tears of joy when there’s pizza or lechon in front of me. So, last night, as I was staring at the Lechon Pizza I thought, “Ok, let’s do this. I have no high expectations anyway.”

I don’t know if it’s the psyching myself part or the incredibly extravagant classic crust with gooey mozzarella, tender lechon meat and oh-so-crispy lechon skin that made me say, “SHET ANG SARAP NITO HA!” (In English: Shit, this is delicious! …. Hahaha, sorry it wouldn’t be right without the crass expletive! :p)

I usually only appreciate lechon without the brown gunk– este– liver sauce (think the stand alone lechon Cebu yuuuum). So I was surprised last night that I liked the pizza with the lechon sauce. I liked it more when I followed Joko‘s suggestion to put some hot sauce, too.

Just like when I ate the Double Down, I had coleslaw for good measure. With the Lechon Pizza, I had some Tuscan Salad for the same purpose. I didn’t find a reason to shove a forkful of leaves in my mouth after every bite of the pizza though, but I still did because the salad was delicious. ๐Ÿ˜€

Joko thought the pizza crust tasted very garlicky, she even described the Lechon Pizza as garlic bread on crack. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought it tasted more oniony (what the hell is this adjective). I guess my slice just had more onions than garlic. My next slice had obviously more lechon skin than my 1st. Sadly, I am prone to headaches when I eat too much fat. So even if it was tempting to get a 3rd serving, I took it easy and slowly devoured my 2nd and final slice of Lechon Pizza.

Good thing I have the entire holiday season to go to the nearest Pizza Hut (or for all you lazybones, call 911-1111) and dine on this festive treat again!

Wait wait wait! I have a tagline for Pizza Hut’s Lechon Pizza: Kung pwede lang araw-arawin ang sarap! :p

Belated Happy Thanksgiving again! Lechon just kicked Turkey’s ass.


Salamat to Pizza Hut and Perlas & Luna *hugs Jayce and Jig* for the fabulous dinner!

And for giving me the chance to hang out at Pizza Hut Bistro with my friends….

@iyassantos @jokoness @runaholikassy

@trickoy and @runaholickassy aka Pip and Guy

And for letting me meet my fellow bloggers — especially Aaron aka @pinoygossipboy, Jonel of NomNom Club and Let’s Go Sago, Azraelย and Vicky!

Ze bloggers

with Aaron and Jayce


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Date with The Double Down

aka The Day I Tried to Kill Myself (by Clogging My Arteries) Part 1

After days of trying to resist the tempting wicked visions of two perfectly fried chicken breasts hugging a thick piece of bacon and a big slice of mozzarella cheese, I gave into Colonel Sanders’ย  latest offering- the KFC Double Down Sandwich.

I was not about to be let down by a SOLD OUT sign on the DD poster, like what I read on Twitter from dozens of frustrated, DD-deprived seekers. So I called KFC Jupiter, yesterday at 8am.

“Hi! Is the Double Down available?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Great! I’m coming over. I’m getting one.”

“Ahmmm, ma’am, 9am pa po kami magbubukas.”

“Ah ganon ba? Sabi ko nga, excited ako masyado eh.”

I arrived at 9:15 am. O di’ba, late pa. I had to remind the staff to remove the Sold Out sign. Itaas ang kamay ng mga pakialamera! *raises both hands* Only when she removed the sign was I ready to order the monster sandwich with mad components.

This is me waiting, contemplating if I am strong enough to handle the lethal DD.

After 15 minutes, it arrived along with Pepsi, rice and my fixin’ of choice- coleslaw.

Hello, Double Down. I’ve been wanting to meet you since I saw you in the Pacquiao-Margarito fight. Are you also gonna knock me out?

Your size is a disappointment…

But I bet you are big on taste.

After talking (in my head) to the DD, I cut it in half. I intended to eat the 1st half as it’s supposed to be eaten. You know, as a sandwich. I ordered the coleslaw for good measure. Ayoko kasing ma-uta. What the hell is “uta” in English? To my foreign readers, the closest translation to it is “do be fed up out of disgust”.ย  I took a bite and it was delicious. I might be saying differently had I not asked them to lessen the mayo and if I didn’t have coleslaw to eat in between bites. The combination of the chicken, bacon and cheese made it a bit salty as expected and overwhelmingly rich. Anyhoodles, I enjoyed the 1st half of my DD, bite after bite.

The 2nd half, I intended to go with rice and gravy. As my friend, Chef Pancho puts it, the Double Down looks ulam-y. (ulam = viand) As a Filipino, I also expected that I would enjoy it with the essential carbs, but I didn’t. It was good, but it was too heavy. Or maybe I didn’t want to fall into a food coma and ruin the pleasant experience. Also, I had a Lechon Pizza dinner the same day to think of. I finished the last quarter of my DD and my coleslaw, praises racing in my head.

Congratulations to KFC for their newest baby. This is definitely the best reparation for the bland disappointment called Chewy Cheese.

If you haven’t tried the Double Down yet, this long weekend is the perfect chance as you would have enough time to nurse yourself back into wellness should you fall into a food coma.


104 Jupiter St, Bel-air
Makati City
(02) 8878888


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