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There was a time that I couldn’t stand him. I am amused and amazed that he has now become one of my dearest friends.

Cheers to friendship, Jeman!

after covering a Christmas Ham event in Greenbelt

late dinner at Luk Yuen, Glorietta 5 (loved their seafood soup!)

after attending a bloggers’ event at Seattle’s Best and Reyes Barbecue

after dinner coffee/choco and cake at Bo’s, Glorietta 5 (they have really good, super creamy, delightfully chewy sans rival!)

BTW, Jeman is the Editor-in-Chief of www.orangemagazinetv.com .

This is just in case you are wondering why I’ve been¬†attending so many events as of late. =)


listening to: Apollo 440 – Stop The Rock

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