Greetings from Bataan

I haven’t been blogging ‘coz I’ve been busy spending time with my family. So far, this is the longest vacay (9 days!!!)  I’ve had and the most fun, too. 🙂

What have I been doing? Of course, what an ordinary vacationing hardworking girl does! Eat, hang, sleep, repeat! :p

Here are some pics from my Bataan vacay.

after the Christmas Eve mass with my cousins

after Noche Buena with cousins, tito and tita and lola

with my favorite cousins Ate Bel and Mafi =)

with my inaanak/pamangkin Breng

Christmas afternoon! Beach with my little cousins! Yipee!

an Absolut cheers to an awesome Christmas

Bataan Christmas sunset

dramang Tabing Ilog sa may Canauan

Fun times!!!

hanging at the hanging bridge

Daddy’s 61st birthday lunch @ Max’s


Daddy and Mama doing the wacky :p

That’s it. Lunch is ready. Nag-ihaw ng fishy and porky sila Mama. Back to vacay mode. 🙂



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Yes, folks. I just turned 29 last December 20. I’m still waiting for Joel to upload the pics. Tagaaaal. :p Excited! Anyway, just wanna share some kwento and some of the pics from my and my friends’ camphones.

I attended the simbang gabi (anticipated) in Sacred Heart because I believe there’s no better way to welcome my birthday than thanking God for my awesome 28th and seeking guidance for my 29th. When I got home, a gift from my roomies was waiting for me by my bedroom door. 🙂

When the clock struck 12, I was overwhelmed by the flood of greetings in my Facebook wall, Twitter feed and phone. I spent 2 hours replying to friends and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I busied myself with chores so I won’t kill myself from anxiety for waiting for my celebration in BF. Yes. Naglaba pa ako sa mismong araw ng aking kaarawan. Nag-general cleaning pa ako ng kwarto. :p By 6ish, Joko picked me up and we headed to Conti’s for my birthday dinner. We were joined by Donnie and Kassy.

We had tofu steak, baked prawns, chicken teriyaki, caesar salad, gambas and pumpkin soup… the best part of the meal though was a gigantic bouquet of flowers delivered to our table. 🙂 Thank you, LLB for sending me flowers. And thanks to Joko for being an accomplice. Thanks also to Donnie for giving me another bouquet. Of mums, me thinks. Akala ko talaga, yellowbells ang matatanggap ko.

Went to Le Souk right after to meet our other friends. 🙂 My 29th birthday celeb’s the chillest celeb ever. 🙂 Mas chill than last year’s. First birthday na hindi ako na-stress. Steady drinking and hardcore kulitan lang. 🙂

And I didn’t have a cake this year. I had creampuffs. Thanks Kassy! My friends put “2” and “9” candles together so that I make a birthday wish. Wait for the picture.

Pakkshet sa lahat ng pinagbaliktad ang candles at ginawa akong lola na 92. Hmppppf. Mga daot.

I didn’t get buzzed by choice because I didn’t file for leave the following day. All I could do was kiss the bottle of Absolut. Thanks Enzo! 🙂

After the drinking, bonding and smoking shisha… it was time to go home. Well, at least for my friends.

Zo and I still stopped for a late night/early morning snack (?)


Got home around 5:30 and I didn’t sleep until I opened all of the gifts! 😀

Most of my friends did not follow my wishlist. I doubt if they read it at all. :p Doesn’t matter though. They still made me a very, very happy birthday girl. 🙂

Belated happy birthday to me. 🙂


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Baby Panda’s 1st Birthday

My goddaughter, Caitlin, celebrated her 1st birthday last Friday.

That’s my LLB Carla aka Mommy Panda, Pareng Mike aka Daddy Panda with Cait aka Baby Panda.

And this is one of her yummy birthday cupcakes.

And this is a bowl of our favorite food in her birthday banquet– deep fried Cebu Lechon skin!

I gave her 2 gifts, one for her birthday and one for Christmas. 🙂

Last night, LLB tweeted Cait’s message for me “Thank you Ninang for my super cute Zara bonnet!” – Caitlin

Though I think what Cait really said was, “Ado do do waaah wa wa wa wo wo.”  :p



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This is a loooooong overdue post. Here, babatukan ko na sarili ko for being a lazy blogger. *batoks self* Araaaayyyy. :p

Last November 13, Yo, aka @yesyesyo and I, aka @iyassantos (how creative) went to a far, far away land called Eastwood to attend the #ramentweetup organized by @kevinyapjoco. Reasons why we braved the early holiday traffic– (1) We wanted to know if Ramen Bar really has the best noodles in town, (2) we wanted to meet our friends from the twitterverse (yes naman, parang modern mIRC eb lang!) and (3) we wanted to win in the raffle (prizes provided by Leyende , HeyWhereYou , Wright Supply Co , City Delivery , Conti’s and a lot more!).

the tweeps and me (and my palo-palo arms) happy with the tweetup turnout

Eunice and I smiling while waiting for our food (we were also with our friend, Jeman who was the official photographer of the night)

Ok… Food! We had the R.B.S. #1 (Ramen Bar Special #1 priced at 380php). It’s a soy-infused ramen with nori, negi, tamago, naruto, kakuni and chasyu. It reminded me of the ramen Lolo Yamada (my dad’s former boss from Tokyo) used to make when we would visit him in his condo. The ramen was flavorful and filling, but was not as hot as I expected it to be. I hope the next I go there, they serve it to me piping hot-hot-hot! Yung tipong, mapapaso ang ngala-ngala ko. :p

I liked the ramen with the Kakuni Buns (180php). It’s mantao with braised (?) pork, lettuce, Japanese mayo and an unknown yummy brown sauce.

For dessert, we had the Tempura Ice Cream (120php). There’s vanilla ice cream inside the deep fried batter. And yes, of course, it’s drizzled with chocolate sauce. I liked it, but I liked John and Yoko’s Tempura Banana Split better. :p

I failed to take a picture of their menu, so here’s their board. Hehe.

So, eating good food… CHECK! Meeting tweeps… CHECK! Winning awesome prizes… CHECK! CHECK!

I won Leyende products and a Conti’s gc. Yay!

I’d like to thank everyone for the fun night (@tinatonio @jefftagle @iamjoycab @divasoria @dronthego @jploh @ryanyam @farraselda @mylenesarah @adobongsinigang @urbanfervor @chiknilla etc!)

And of course, super thanks to Kevin for doing a great job in organizing the #ramentweetup!

O ano na? #rizaldaytweetup naman! Hahahaha!


Thanks to Jeman for the photos!


Ramen Bar
G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City


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Red & Black Ball 2010

Eperformax had another red-hot party last Saturday, December 11 at the A.Venue Hall!

I received another award (though it’s a downgrade from last year’s, hehehe),

X-Factor Awardees Anna, Nikki, Ana, Apol and me with Mr. Justin Myers and Sir Ding

displaying my X-Factor certificate and huge ampaw with Ep dollars and pin

I spent time with my fabulous colleagues (esp Team Recruitment and GCMA),

Pat (staring at Rain), Ace, Ryan, Anthony, Vincci, Anna, me, Mommy Lee and Kat

RJ, me and Marc

and I was entertained by the amazing production numbers of our accounts.

my favorite prod: the love of Cleopatra and Mark Antony (effect na effect si Nikki!)

Also, most of the time I was sober and just enjoyed how some people act so differently when drunk. :p Hahaha.


Thanks to Boss Vincci for the photos!


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Bingeing at Banapple

The waiting time in Banapple was worse than our experience in Wee Nam Kee. Grabe, 1 1/2 hours. We were just (or ako lang yata hahaha) deadset on eating there that even if eating in the uncrowded, zero-queue BFAST was the better idea, we just patiently waited for our turn to be seated in Banapple.

Good thing, everything was fast and efficient once we were already inside.

Enzo was very hungry but he still had the energy to pose. The monster’s not smiling though. :p

We got their homenade iced tea (sarap!) and Pepsi (sad, hindi coke products). They also have shakes/smoothies, but neither one of us wanted any last night.

Enzo chose the the Migs Gallabergher, which according to the menu is  a ” juicy and herby all beef patty on mixed greens, topped with there special garlic-sour cream-barbecue sauce and lots of sliced onions, and blanketed by melted cheese and gooey mozzarella”. Enzo said it’s delicious, but thought the pattie was overcooked.

Baked Fish Gratinee with Scalloped Potatoes was my main dish of choice. Menu describes it as a “succulent white fish baked in cream sauce on bed of herbed scallpoed potatoes, crowned with a mozzarella crumb topping, served with white rice and corn relish.” It did not look appetizing at all. I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it, but I still did. Well, what could go wrong with a white fish-cheese-potato combo anyway? I would have liked it better with greens than with rice. The fish tasted too “dainty” to be fully appreciated with an almost tasteless sidedish. I only appreciated the fish gratinee with rice when I put a dash of chili flakes.

Much as I love their bestseller, Banoffee, I opted to get something else. I took a chance in their Apple Caramel Crumble Pie. It’s almost perfect! Bakit almost lang? Sobrang init when it was served. Napaso ang ngala-ngala ko. Hehehe. But seriously, it’s something I’d want to eat again (with caramel macchiato!!!)  or give as pasalubong to my mom.

Enzo’s dessert of choice was the Strawberry (something something) Cheesecake. Sorry, I can’t remember the complete name, but it’s not the strawberry cheesecake with amaretto. The receipt says it’s Starry Berry. LOL. Anyway, like the apple crumble, I liked it. Enzo loved it!

Another thing he loved was…

the Chicken Pie with Potato Salad. This is what my friends and I always get when we’re in Banoffee Katipunan, and I told Zo that his visit in Banapple won’t be complete without eating this chunky chicken culinary masterpiece.

Here’s me looking very happy with my food.

FYI: I can eat everything (and more) in front of me. Oo na. Matakaw na.

FYI #2: I don’t know where my stomach’s annex is either. :p


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Reel Love Teams for Real Leaf Green Tea

Thanks to the PR group of Coke-Real Leaf  for inviting me to the grand launch of their newest tea drink ambassadors. The banquet/ presscon was held at White Space last December 7. They made sure all of us enjoyed the 3 flavors of Real Leaf (Honey Lemon, Honey Apple and Honey Lychee… Lemon is my favorite!) with bibingka, puto bungbong, bijon guisado, barbecue and roasted chicken!

festive food + healthy drink

And more than the food, we all enjoyed meeting the 4 newest endorsers of Real Leaf Green Tea! 😀 It’s not everyday that stars fall down from the sky! Or travel to a presscon in Makati from ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7. Hahaha! :p

model Bianca Valerio hosted the event

Congratulations to Real Leaf for getting 2 of the most celebrated love teams in pinoy showbiz—

Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion and Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera!

A Coke exec and the love teams signed giant Real Leaf bottles as symbol of their commitment to promoting its goodness. Real leaf has real honey, and did you know that it helps boost immunity? It’s also made of real green tea that has Theanine which helps improves mood and reduces physical and mental stress.

I discovered those fantastic facts from Real Leaf’s interactive corner.

The 4 answered the questions of the press with full enthusiasm. Epekto malamang ng Theanine!



My height is 5’6″ but I looked like a smurf next to the tall and dashing Papa P and the gorgeous KC Concepcion in skyhigh heels.

And, I looked like a negrita next to Marian. :p

For those who are curious who among them was the nicest in person, hands down, it’s KC Concepcion. She’s sweet and accomodating. I wanted to have my picture taken with her (so I can show my parents and pamangkins) and one of the p.a.’s said no more na daw. KC told the p.a. that we still haven’t had our picture taken. O di’ba? 🙂

Marian was the most energetic when it came to answering  the press. Mukhang support sa ladies ang naging dating ni Papa P and Dingdong. :p Nakakamesmerize ang kagwapuhan nila. 😀


Thanks to Jeman of for the last 2 pics!


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My 2010 Birthday Wishlist

No kilometric intro needed. Give me! Give me!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Here are the things I’d like to receive on my 29th birthday.

A birthday cake! With candles, of course! Please do not deprive me from… errrm… blowing. :p

Flowers! Ibalato niyo na sa akin ang magpaka-girly-girl sa birthday ko.

A digicam with at least 10 megapixels. I’m good with Casio, Olympus, or Canon.

A notebook like an HP Mini or a Dell Inspiron Mini.

(I have been delaying getting a camera and a laptop because of the bad, bad experience I had last year. You know, when my gadgets and other valuables were stolen. 😦 )

Zara Intense 🙂 or…

Cherry Blossoms by Bath & Body Works Body Cream/Body Splash/Body Wash… I also like Bath & Body Works’ Moonlight Path

Mini handbags


and Totes! Only in neutral color or red, please!

Accesories! Necklaces and earrings preferably from F21, Accesorize or Parfois.

Cute dresses! 🙂 Large or medium! Alam ko, balingkinitan ako, pero hindi ako magkakasya sa small. :p

Other stuff I want:

make-up (for oily skin po. Can anyone please get me a MAC concealer?),
cardigans (preferably pink, red, or gray),
shawls (black, gray, or cream),
belts (especially the braided ones),
gift certificates (food, footwear, clothes…. AYOKO ng spa/beauty gc’s)

on December 20, 9pm-godknowswhen at the 2nd Floor of Le Souk, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque (let’s party!!!!)

or send it to my office. :p


You can also accompany me to the simbang gabi on December 19 for my birthday salubong! Of course, you have to give me bibingka and coffee after. Haha!

Wheeeee! Advance happy birthday to me!


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RPG: Metanoia– Another Philippines’ First

My jaw hit the floor in sheer amazement upon seeing the first 5 minutes of the Philippines’ 1st 3D animated film.

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. It was more of… my eyes widened like saucers and I slow clapped. I believe in the Filipino creativity, but I did not expect that RPG: Metanoia could give me a strong sense of Filipino pride. If I didn’t know that it’s from Star Cinema, Ambient Media and Thaumatrope Animation, I would have thought that it’s from Disney and Pixar! And that is NOT an exaggeration!

From the sneak preview and the trailer, I am sure that the audience will delight and revel in this epic story of a young boy and his friends who face an adventure of a lifetime when an unknown evildoer tries to take over the virtual world and the world outside the massively multiplayer online role-playing game!

It was only in the grand presscon at Shangri La Atrium last Sunday when I learned that the cast is comprised of exceptionally talented actors.

The angelic Zaijian answering questions about his character, Nico 

Zaijian Jaranilla, who played Santino in probably the biggest teleserye of 2009, May Bukas Pa voiced Nico, the young main character. His parents? No less than the country’s top dramatic actor (and, I quote Ace who also quoted Cristy Fermin… lol, “Ang Lalakeng Walang Angulo”), Aga Muhlach and comedy superstar, Eugene Domingo. Playing his friends are childstars Jairus Aquino, Aaron Junatas, Basti Alcances and Mika Dela Cruz. Funnyman, Vhong Navarro also lent his voice to the online gaming shop. I’d like to know who voiced the villain. Anyone, care to tell me who? Si Kuya ba ng Pinoy Big Brother? LOL

Host, Andrei Felix interviewing the Aaron (voiced one of Nico’s friends), beside them are Jairus, Basty, Zaijian, Mika and Direk Louie 

with Direk Louie

Director Louie Suarez and his team believes that the Filipino audience is ready for a movie like RPG: Metanoia. I also believe this, Direk! 😀

With Ambient Media executives Robert Chien and Charles Rapaport

I like what Mr. Rapaport said, “There is no reason why we should not show the world our film because the world sends its films to us.” Mr. Rapaport, I’m sure on December 25, RPG: Metanoia will send a message to the whole world that Filipinos ARE NOT ONLY talented in the fields of boxing and singing. 🙂

With the suuuuppppercuuuute Aaron! Kung kasya lang siya sa bag ko, inuwi ko na siya! Hehe!

The kids are so excited about the film. They all play online games and it’s a treat for them to dub characters that are like them in real life. 😀

With Zaijian… My Daddy is absolutely going to love this picture!

Words of wisdom from Zaijian’s character in RPG Metanoia, “Kung isang bagay na lang ang kaya mong gawi, eh di gagalingan mo na.” Oo nga naman!

RPG: Metanoia merchandise I won from the raffle and Moose Gear giveaways

RPG: Metanoia yoyos and toys are now available at all Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us and other leading toy stores nationwide! The yoyo (Nico’s weapon in the film) and boxing gloves are awesome! 🙂

I gave the big bag of RPG: Metanoia goodies to my friend/colleague’s adorable son, Ken-Ken. Note that the post script says “Nood kayo ng Metanoia ha!”


RPG: METANOIA is an official entry to the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival. For more info about the movie, visit


Thanks to Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV for the pictures!


listening to: an LSS of Kaya Mo by Ney, Kean and Tutti with Protein Shake for the RPG: Metanoia OST

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