Trees for Shoppers and Foodies

For the hardcore shoppers, check out this “tree”.

Coincidence that this BIG Outlet Holiday Sale falls on  the week of my birthday? I think not. I better finish my wishlist now! 😀

For foodies, especially those in the Makati area (like me!), this “tree” is for you.

I’m going to have dinner there tonight. Where? In whatever resto with available seats for two. LOL.


listening to: trainees talking in very loud voices

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  1. tony

     /  December 3, 2010

    havent been to ayala triangle gardens yet! i assume your next blog will be about it since your you will be eating there tonight? do write a review of the resto you will choosing tonight. enjoy!

  2. you need super powers to resist those tremendous sale items and fantastic food finds.
    *missing home again!*

  3. tony: tumpak! i already blogged about wee nam kee. 🙂

    doc: pag umuwi ka dito, meet tayo ng mga bloggers! i wanna meet gab and miss tina, too! 😀 actually, mas gusto ko silang mameet kesa sayo. mwehehehe!


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