My 2010 Birthday Wishlist

No kilometric intro needed. Give me! Give me!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Here are the things I’d like to receive on my 29th birthday.

A birthday cake! With candles, of course! Please do not deprive me from… errrm… blowing. :p

Flowers! Ibalato niyo na sa akin ang magpaka-girly-girl sa birthday ko.

A digicam with at least 10 megapixels. I’m good with Casio, Olympus, or Canon.

A notebook like an HP Mini or a Dell Inspiron Mini.

(I have been delaying getting a camera and a laptop because of the bad, bad experience I had last year. You know, when my gadgets and other valuables were stolen. 😦 )

Zara Intense 🙂 or…

Cherry Blossoms by Bath & Body Works Body Cream/Body Splash/Body Wash… I also like Bath & Body Works’ Moonlight Path

Mini handbags


and Totes! Only in neutral color or red, please!

Accesories! Necklaces and earrings preferably from F21, Accesorize or Parfois.

Cute dresses! 🙂 Large or medium! Alam ko, balingkinitan ako, pero hindi ako magkakasya sa small. :p

Other stuff I want:

make-up (for oily skin po. Can anyone please get me a MAC concealer?),
cardigans (preferably pink, red, or gray),
shawls (black, gray, or cream),
belts (especially the braided ones),
gift certificates (food, footwear, clothes…. AYOKO ng spa/beauty gc’s)

on December 20, 9pm-godknowswhen at the 2nd Floor of Le Souk, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque (let’s party!!!!)

or send it to my office. :p


You can also accompany me to the simbang gabi on December 19 for my birthday salubong! Of course, you have to give me bibingka and coffee after. Haha!

Wheeeee! Advance happy birthday to me!


listening to: some unknown Tagalog love song

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