Red & Black Ball 2010

Eperformax had another red-hot party last Saturday, December 11 at the A.Venue Hall!

I received another award (though it’s a downgrade from last year’s, hehehe),

X-Factor Awardees Anna, Nikki, Ana, Apol and me with Mr. Justin Myers and Sir Ding

displaying my X-Factor certificate and huge ampaw with Ep dollars and pin

I spent time with my fabulous colleagues (esp Team Recruitment and GCMA),

Pat (staring at Rain), Ace, Ryan, Anthony, Vincci, Anna, me, Mommy Lee and Kat

RJ, me and Marc

and I was entertained by the amazing production numbers of our accounts.

my favorite prod: the love of Cleopatra and Mark Antony (effect na effect si Nikki!)

Also, most of the time I was sober and just enjoyed how some people act so differently when drunk. :p Hahaha.


Thanks to Boss Vincci for the photos!


listening to: Ja Rule – Put It On Me

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  1. *hic* i’m still hung over.


  3. congrats sa lahat ng awardees lalu na sa aking anak na si anna, former anak ko na ikaw at mga friendships na si niks and anatats! deserve nyo ang EP dollars nyo! lol.

  4. Congrats! party party! 🙂

  5. kas: tenchu piglet! :p

    atche: naku. matagal ko ng pangarap kumuha ng golf umbrella. ahahaha! thanks, atche! *hugs*

    barry: party party tugs tugggsss! 😀


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