I initially wanted to make a loooong testimonial about inarguably the best experience I’ve had since the summer of 2001 (when I attended Life in the Spirit Seminar or LSS), but something (or Someone) is telling me to just keep this post short and sweet, so here it goes…

I am happy to be back in God’s shining presence. I’ve been wanting to go back since late 2009, but I spent too much time on work, friends and family. Oo, matigas ang ulo ko at tamad ako. The universe had to hit my head with a sledgehammer a couple of weeks ago just to let me experience a deep sorrow to lead me to open my 2001-2003 diaries a.k.a. my prayer journals. I couldn’t believe that I forgot how beautiful my relationship with God back then. No wonder my life was close to perfect that time, I was blessed by God so much. I said yes to the voice in my head and committed to attend a Victory worship service.

My cousin Mafi and her boyfriend Jeric brought me to Victory’s center in Pioneer. The service that day was about Standing Strong— about remembering our covenant with God, being bold in asking God for the impossible and by having an unwavering faith that God will make things happen. The Word of God preached by Pastor Robert was the answer to my prayers. The Word of God sounds so universal yet tailor-fit. Ang galing talaga ni God. His Word is for everyone but uniquely touches the hearts of each and every one of us.

Amazing, from a single service, God already equipped me more courage to face my challenges. I have never been patient until now- now that God gives me the assurance that He is faithful and that He will grant a good heart’s desires.

I felt the need to go back and I did yesterday. The service yesterday was about Staying Strong— about finishing the fight and knowing that God fights for us. We should all be careful in loving God as life is a battle for love. I guess the most important thing I learned from yesterday’s service was to be as faithful as God- to keep on loving Him in the good and in the bad of times. No reason to not do it as He is consistent in being with us in every part of our journey.

I am grateful for being given a chance to go back to Him. I pray that I will never ever lose this fire again. And I know that God will not fail me on this.


Here’s a picture of me with Pastor Robert Hern Jr. :

I thank God for using Pastor Robert as an instrument to promote His Word.

You can join us in experiencing the awesomeness of God through Victory every Sunday 5pm and 7pm at the 3L of Robinson’s Pioneer. 🙂 For more info please visit


“God will not put us in a place where His grace cannot meet us.”

Keep the faith, everyone!


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Be bold in asking God for the impossible.

I learned that yesterday. I’ll tell you my amazing story after a few days. =)


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ang mag-isip,
ang manisi ng sarili,
ang maghanap ng sagot,
at ang maghintay.


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Busy-busyhan, Bahala na si Batman

Time out lang mga kids.

Busy-busyhan portion lang muna. Got lots of events happening and it’s almost job hunting season. Magpapaka-work-alcoholic-workaholic muna ako. :p Will prolly post, but not meaty entries. Haha, as if I’ve been posting such. My blog already looks like an extension of my FB and Twitter accounts and it will continue to do so until maybe March.

Anywayyyy… just want to say I am excited to watch The Dark Knight Rises!

Image Credit: Landmark/PR Photos; Solarpix/PR Photos

Inception star, Tom Hardy will play the villain, Bane. Oo, si Bane. Sino siya? Ewan ko rin. I only know Penguin, TwoFace and Riddler. According to the comics, he’s one of Batman’s most intelligent and physically powerful foes. He is best known for breaking Batman’s back in the “Knightfall” story arc. Kunyari na lang, nabasa ko na.

Here he is…

Parang si Hulk lang na nag-iba ng kulay!

Oh well, Anne Hathaway on the other hand will play Selina Kyle- Catwoman’s alter-ego. Don’t know if she’ll put on the er suit in the movie or in its next installment. I know there are a lot of disappointed guys out there who’re pro-Marion Cotillard for the role. Ugh. I’m also disappointed actually because I’m a guy because I liked Marion in Inception.  Hmmm, sa bagay, kung si Katie Holmes nga kinaya ko na makita sa Batman Begins, kaya ko rin makita si Princess (Diaries) with my number one crush, Bruce Wayne.

Batman!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


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Bunny Night + Iyayo Night

Last weekend was a trying time for me, but despite the moments of wanting to cry my eyes out and wanting to hit someone’s head with a sledgehammer, I still had moments of laughing from my friends’ crazy antics and smiling from their unmistakable love and support for me. 🙂


I had 30mins of sleep but I couldn’t trade seeing my bunny children, Joko and Kwe for zzzz’s. We had (our second) dinner in Offbeat Cafe (with the special participation of Marie :))

I had some Bacon Fries (yes, bacon fries… sorry, I didn’t get to take a picture, na-excite ako masyado eh hahaha) and Croquettes.

Our poison of choice: Strawberry Beer, which according to Joko, “Packs a punch” and according to me, “Pucks a panch.” LOL

Kwe had the Offbeat Burger aka the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. Takaw mo, Baby Bunny!

More drinking at Wingman!

Mojito for me.

Blue Lemonade for Joko.

Beer for Kwe.

Also had their Deep Fried Snickers.

Our friend JR had a special participation. He’s a sign from God. LOLOLOLOL!


I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I accompanied Yo to KopiRoti because she badly wanted to eat their Kaya toast.

It was my first time to try KopiRoti. So fine, I had to try something, too.

Soooo… for me, their coffee was so-so. The soft-boiled eggs tasted ok, but I really don’t like gooey eggs. Errrr…uhhhmmm… LOL. Anyhoo, I liked their Kaya toasts. 🙂 Kopi Bun next time. 🙂

No IyaYo night can be complete without alcohol. Well, except last Thursday when we went to wee Nam Kee to see out Twitter friends… Hello @pinoygossipboy! Loved spending time with you in Starbucks! Mwah!) Went to Central to see our friends Kiwi and Delight and their other friends. 🙂

Transferred to 7-11 right after Central called it a night. I didn’t want to go home until Haring Araw called it a day. :p

That’s me with Kiwi. We’ve been friends since 2003.

That’s Eunice, my FBFF (Former BFF hahaha) and Neil, our newest boybud.

And of course, I am Iya and she is Eunice aka Yo. Together, we are IyaYo! DUH. Lol.

I love my friends!!!! Thank you God for my friends. They are my constant. 🙂


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Happy Thoughts

I was looking at old pictures in my work pc and saw this

the beach, my bunny children, sunset, friendship, peace and positivity


I’m going after some good vibes tonight.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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PNoy’s Porsche and Doll

So our president bought a Porsche.

image from

I’ve read so many negative comments in Twitter and in FB about this, like it’s an insensitive gesture getting this in the middle of the transpo hike or that he he bought this swanky ride for his DOM checklist. May nagsabi pa na “A Porsche, it’s a little too cramped inside to get laid. But you’ll get laid, the moment you step out.”

Weh??? I mean… come on people… What the hell is your problem? It’s a 3rd hand Porsche for crying out loud. He used his personal funds to get it. I don’t know about the truth behind the two, but I still won’t care if they’re just lies. Magrereact na ako kung private jet na ang kinuha niya.

I am still not pro-Noy, but I think that some reactions are pathetic bordering on asinine. Maka-react na lang. Tse. But ok, I gotta admit, that DOM bit was hilarious. Mwehehe.

Anyway, another Aquino-related kwento…

Our team gave away these Precious Moments collectibles as gifts last Christmas.

Say hello to the Cory Doll and the Pnoy Doll.

Ang cute-cute, noh?

Kaso lang, hindi nila at all kamukha.



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Whatta Mix!

Saturday, 7:30pm is probably the worst time to want to dine in Yakimix – Greenbelt— or any branch for that matter. The line was loooooooong and my patience was short. But because we wanted to eat Japanese, Sugi was far away and I didn’t want to walk and Nanbantei also had a waiting list, we sucked it up and dealt with it.

After an hour and a couple of minutes, the attendant called my name. Available table daw. Kaso lang for sharing. Grrrr. I said a silent fuck you and told her we’d wait until we get our own table. After 5 minutes and maybe 5 seconds before I thought I was gonna pass out, we got in.

middle part of the buffet (salad and desserts)

Everything looked good. I didn’t know where to start with their wide selection of Japanese, Korean and Cantonese offerings. Haha, as if! I started with Japanese, of course. :p

my 1st plate– sushi, tempura, sashimi, sauteed stuff (haha I don’t know what else to call it) and sukiyaki

Everything tasted good, except for the Hawaiian Maki. But then again, I hate everything with pineapple. Also, I wish they used Japanese rice for the sushi and maki. Nakaka-distract yung medyo matigas yung mga butil ng kanina kasi. Hehe. My favorites were the Unagi Sushi, Ebi Tempura and  Sukiyaki.

my 2nd plate– fruits and salad (plus pahabol na ebi tempura)

The veggies and fruits for the salad were all fresh. There were 4-5 dressings to choose from. I chose the lemon-something (whaaaat, I’m no kitchen genius) and liked it. Their melons were pale and not so sweet. Fail. The dragonfruit was surprisingly good though. Kung saan mababa ang expectations ko, dun naging Pass. Haha.

what was on my 3rd plate…marinated pork, chicken and beef

No doubt about it, the grilled bacon was the best. Followed by the chicken.

a closer look at desserts, there’s ice cream on the other side

my 4th plate… chocolate mallow cups, butter ube spongecake and cheese ice cream

I did not like those mini-cups at all. I suggest they take it out their buffet. The cake and ice cream were ok. Goldilocks and Magnolia, go fig.

my dinner buddy, the grill master. if he could do it, so could you :p

It seemed fairly easy to operate the table grill even if we had to call one of the staff to help us. I didn’t get to try it. I was useless. Hehe.

and that’s me, very hungry hindi lang halata

I enjoyed the Yakimix buffet. For 600php, it was ok. Meaning, don’t expect anything extraordinarily yummy! Pumunta ka sa Little Tokyo kung demanding ang tastebuds mo! :p Also I enjoyed because I did not charge the buffet like Enzo (the bear) did. I chewed my food slowly and practiced pacing. I also did not have more than 1 glass of soda (add 65php for drinks), so I did not have an aching tummy (what is empacho? lol) after.


Yakimix, Greenbelt 3
3/F, Greenbelt 3
Makati City
(02) 475-5153 to 54


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11 for 2011

My friends got together to write their 2011 resolutions and goals. Itago na lang natin sila sa mga pangalang: Slutty Pig, Cat Freak and Midnight Solitaire. Slutty Pig has been harrassing me to make a list as well.

I’m still working on my reso’s from 2007 (LOL) so this is really hard for me to do.

Anyway, here it goes…. I’m just gonna follow the titles they used in their lists.

I will prepare myself for Mr.Right. I know I’m a great catch and I will not settle for Mr.Right Now. Kung hindi mo ako kayang ilaban, go awaaaayyyy!!! Hah! Take that, fukkers!

Pahabol (01/12/2011) ‘Pag may gusto ako, ilalaban ko na rin!!!

I will be more detailed and organized. I keep on neglecting to-do lists even if I know I should write down what I have to work on before the start of every task. AND I want another PERFORM Award this year.

I will enhance my vocabulary. Pucha, nabobobo na talaga ako. Paulit-ulit na na adjectives ang ginagamit ko when I blog.

I will spearhead outreach programs. I already have 2 lined up. One for Easter and one for Christmas. My cousins will be helping me with these. I will also travel. Boracay for the 1st half of the year and Bangkok for the 2nd half. So, after this entry, I will work on my passport.

I will spend more time with my cousins, nieces and nephew. It’s time for them to know how awesome Ate/Tita Iya is. 😀 With friends, I will see those I have not seen for a long time. Well, at least those who seem interested to continue the friendship.

I will eat more fruits. I started eating melon and dragonfruit last Saturday. Ugh. Hindi ko pa rin gusto, pero sanayan lang ‘yan.

Follow my budget, by hook or by crook. Ang hindi sumunod, panget. At hindi ako papayag na matawag na panget. Motivation enough right there.

Before I answer this… what the fuck?! Slutty Pig, kelangan may sexuality? Uhmm… I have no issues with my sexuality and self-esteem so I’ll just maintain the healthy levels. :p ‘Pag napagtripan, ano ba naman ‘yung I go for girls din minsan. Nasimulan ko na rin ito last Saturday. LOL.

Attend mass in Sacred Heart, Makati at least once a month. Considering I only go to church whenever i am in Bataan, I think this is already a good plan. I’m the kind of person who talks to God everyday anyway.

If time permits, I will take up cooking classes. Or (pole)dancing. LOL Pwede na itong pang-sample-sample next time I go to Showtime. Haha.

FOR GRABS: 11 Objects to be Bought
mobile phone for my Dad
mobile phone for me
watch for my Mama
good concealer (suggestions, anyone?)
pasalubong from Bora
pasalubong from Bangkok

Wheeeeewwwwww. Ang hirap naman. Haha, I know everything’s achievable. I’m hoping the new year equips me with the strength to go for these desires. Kung hindi, cut and paste na lang ito for 2012. HAHA.


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