11 for 2011

My friends got together to write their 2011 resolutions and goals. Itago na lang natin sila sa mga pangalang: Slutty Pig, Cat Freak and Midnight Solitaire. Slutty Pig has been harrassing me to make a list as well.

I’m still working on my reso’s from 2007 (LOL) so this is really hard for me to do.

Anyway, here it goes…. I’m just gonna follow the titles they used in their lists.

I will prepare myself for Mr.Right. I know I’m a great catch and I will not settle for Mr.Right Now. Kung hindi mo ako kayang ilaban, go awaaaayyyy!!! Hah! Take that, fukkers!

Pahabol (01/12/2011) ‘Pag may gusto ako, ilalaban ko na rin!!!

I will be more detailed and organized. I keep on neglecting to-do lists even if I know I should write down what I have to work on before the start of every task. AND I want another PERFORM Award this year.

I will enhance my vocabulary. Pucha, nabobobo na talaga ako. Paulit-ulit na na adjectives ang ginagamit ko when I blog.

I will spearhead outreach programs. I already have 2 lined up. One for Easter and one for Christmas. My cousins will be helping me with these. I will also travel. Boracay for the 1st half of the year and Bangkok for the 2nd half. So, after this entry, I will work on my passport.

I will spend more time with my cousins, nieces and nephew. It’s time for them to know how awesome Ate/Tita Iya is. ūüėÄ With friends, I will see those I have not seen for a long time. Well, at least those who seem interested to continue the friendship.

I will eat more fruits. I started eating melon and dragonfruit last Saturday. Ugh. Hindi ko pa rin gusto, pero sanayan lang ‘yan.

Follow my budget, by hook or by crook. Ang hindi sumunod, panget. At hindi ako papayag na matawag na panget. Motivation enough right there.

Before I answer this… what the fuck?! Slutty Pig, kelangan may sexuality? Uhmm… I have no issues with my sexuality and self-esteem so I’ll just maintain the healthy levels. :p ‘Pag napagtripan, ano ba naman ‘yung I go for girls din minsan. Nasimulan ko na rin ito last Saturday. LOL.

Attend mass in Sacred Heart, Makati at least once a month. Considering I only go to church whenever i am in Bataan, I think this is already a good plan. I’m the kind of person who talks to God everyday anyway.

If time permits, I will take up cooking classes. Or (pole)dancing. LOL Pwede na itong pang-sample-sample next time I go to Showtime. Haha.

FOR GRABS: 11 Objects to be Bought
mobile phone for my Dad
mobile phone for me
watch for my Mama
good concealer (suggestions, anyone?)
pasalubong from Bora
pasalubong from Bangkok

Wheeeeewwwwww. Ang hirap naman. Haha, I know everything’s achievable. I’m hoping the new year equips me with the strength to go for these desires. Kung hindi, cut and paste na lang ito for 2012. HAHA.


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Offbeat Cafe at The Collective

I’m glad that one of my favorite distinctive food places, Offbeat Cafe,¬†has moved to The Collective in Malugay Extension. Easier for me to access. Like, 2 cartwheels at 4 na kembot lang, andun na ako.

Joko and I brought 2 of our friends to try the famous (naaaks… bestseller daw sa Mercato Centrale ito) Offbeat Burger aka the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. Well, Joko also wanted to eat it so she can max out her quota of 1 Krispy Kreme¬†per month. Me, I wanted to try their melon beer.

my Offbeat dinner

Ay grabe. I had to remind myself that the Melon Beer’s errrmmm… beer and not juice. Ang sarap kasi! So refreshing! :p I had the Chili Willie with my green poison. It’s spicy fish sausage with relish and cheese in a soft bread. It was delish, as expected. But I still prefer Uncle Joe’s Sloppy Balls. :p

Vlad and Joko stocking up for Quiz Night at Murphy’s

Uncle Joe’s Sloppy Balls was what the boys had after they scarfed down their burgers in less than 7minutes. Ang tatakaw! LOL. I know that Vlad liked the burger coz it made him want another Offbeat creation. The sloppyjoe, he found good but he was nearing a food coma¬†at the middle of eating it so¬†he wasn’t able to give me a detailed description of how he found Uncle Joe’s balls. :p

with my lunchbud Eric

Eric, on the other hand, blogged his Offbeat experience. You can check out his veneration (lol) for the burger here.

the man behind the great food, Chef Mickey Wieneke (Chef Pancho was busy with his catering biz… miss you, Pancho!)

Talked to Chef Mickey and he said that they still have a stall in the latest craze of the Pinoy foodworld, Mercato Centrale. Ugh. I still haven’t visited Anton Diaz’s baby. I’m still not in my takaw-mode. Hindi pa pang-kaing construction worker ang appetite ko kasi.

Readers, if you plan on visiting Offbeat, visit them soon! They now have a promo of unlimited flavored beers for only P250.00! Which reminds me, I hope their Strawberry Beer is as fab as their Melon Beer. Gotta go there asap to find out! See you! x


For more info, you can add Offbeat in FB and in Twitter.


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