Whatta Mix!

Saturday, 7:30pm is probably the worst time to want to dine in Yakimix – Greenbelt— or any branch for that matter. The line was loooooooong and my patience was short. But because we wanted to eat Japanese, Sugi was far away and I didn’t want to walk and Nanbantei also had a waiting list, we sucked it up and dealt with it.

After an hour and a couple of minutes, the attendant called my name. Available table daw. Kaso lang for sharing. Grrrr. I said a silent fuck you and told her we’d wait until we get our own table. After 5 minutes and maybe 5 seconds before I thought I was gonna pass out, we got in.

middle part of the buffet (salad and desserts)

Everything looked good. I didn’t know where to start with their wide selection of Japanese, Korean and Cantonese offerings. Haha, as if! I started with Japanese, of course. :p

my 1st plate– sushi, tempura, sashimi, sauteed stuff (haha I don’t know what else to call it) and sukiyaki

Everything tasted good, except for the Hawaiian Maki. But then again, I hate everything with pineapple. Also, I wish they used Japanese rice for the sushi and maki. Nakaka-distract yung medyo matigas yung mga butil ng kanina kasi. Hehe. My favorites were the Unagi Sushi, Ebi Tempura and  Sukiyaki.

my 2nd plate– fruits and salad (plus pahabol na ebi tempura)

The veggies and fruits for the salad were all fresh. There were 4-5 dressings to choose from. I chose the lemon-something (whaaaat, I’m no kitchen genius) and liked it. Their melons were pale and not so sweet. Fail. The dragonfruit was surprisingly good though. Kung saan mababa ang expectations ko, dun naging Pass. Haha.

what was on my 3rd plate…marinated pork, chicken and beef

No doubt about it, the grilled bacon was the best. Followed by the chicken.

a closer look at desserts, there’s ice cream on the other side

my 4th plate… chocolate mallow cups, butter ube spongecake and cheese ice cream

I did not like those mini-cups at all. I suggest they take it out their buffet. The cake and ice cream were ok. Goldilocks and Magnolia, go fig.

my dinner buddy, the grill master. if he could do it, so could you :p

It seemed fairly easy to operate the table grill even if we had to call one of the staff to help us. I didn’t get to try it. I was useless. Hehe.

and that’s me, very hungry hindi lang halata

I enjoyed the Yakimix buffet. For 600php, it was ok. Meaning, don’t expect anything extraordinarily yummy! Pumunta ka sa Little Tokyo kung demanding ang tastebuds mo! :p Also I enjoyed because I did not charge the buffet like Enzo (the bear) did. I chewed my food slowly and practiced pacing. I also did not have more than 1 glass of soda (add 65php for drinks), so I did not have an aching tummy (what is empacho? lol) after.


Yakimix, Greenbelt 3
3/F, Greenbelt 3
Makati City
(02) 475-5153 to 54


listening to: Chew Lips – Slick

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  1. i totally paced myself in yakimix, loved the grill part of it all the best. The portabellos were awesome grilled!

  2. *sorry portobellos.

  3. thenonchalantme

     /  January 12, 2011

    Yummy! How much yung buffet? 🙂

  4. hhahahaah nice one babe. ill try this soon

  5. Joko: i dont recall eating mushrooms. i asked enzo lang kasi to get for both of us. haha, tamad! :p but will try grilling portabellos next time i’m there. 😀

    kat: 600 pag weekend. Add 65 for bottomless drinks. 😀

    homey: hahaha, baka pag dalhin mo si dan, mauta. Nakaget over na ba sya sa japanese food? :p

  6. Sorry. *portobellos


  7. We have yet to try this. Mixed reviews nababasa ko e. Some like it, some don’t. I have to try it before I judge. Pero parang ang sarap nga nung bacon 😀

    • basta bear in mind 600php LANG naman ang ibabayad, so ok na yun. marami namang masarap. may mga so-so lang (again, refer to the price hehe) and a few na hindi masarap.

      ang bwiset lang talaga is the pila. nakakaloka sa haba.

  8. ive tried it and was satisfied. ^_^ pero masaya siya pag di ka nagmamadali

    • haha, ako nung start nagmadali na ako kasi gutom na ako ng sobra. :p pero sakin babalik naman ako sa yakimix pag gusto kong ma-overwhelm sa dami ng food. :p


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