PNoy’s Porsche and Doll

So our president bought a Porsche.

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I’ve read so many negative comments in Twitter and in FB about this, like it’s an insensitive gesture getting this in the middle of the transpo hike or that he he bought this swanky ride for his DOM checklist. May nagsabi pa na “A Porsche, it’s a little too cramped inside to get laid. But you’ll get laid, the moment you step out.”

Weh??? I mean… come on people… What the hell is your problem? It’s a 3rd hand Porsche for crying out loud. He used his personal funds to get it. I don’t know about the truth behind the two, but I still won’t care if they’re just lies. Magrereact na ako kung private jet na ang kinuha niya.

I am still not pro-Noy, but I think that some reactions are pathetic bordering on asinine. Maka-react na lang. Tse. But ok, I gotta admit, that DOM bit was hilarious. Mwehehe.

Anyway, another Aquino-related kwento…

Our team gave away these Precious Moments collectibles as gifts last Christmas.

Say hello to the Cory Doll and the Pnoy Doll.

Ang cute-cute, noh?

Kaso lang, hindi nila at all kamukha.



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  1. even if the president buys his private jet for as long as he doesn’t use taxpayer’s money and it’s from his own pocket, i really don’t care. it’s his life and prerogative, for heaven’s sake.

    sabi nga sa twitter ng mga tweeps, “yung mga ibang tao laging MML (may masabi lang).”

    about those dolls, my wife likes PM; can’t blame her for loving their round eyes. why didn’t you spare us a pair? hehehe

  2. if he wants a Porsche and bought it with his own funds, go lang. Di naman poor si noynoy before he became president.

  3. doc: hehehehe cute nga ang mga PM dolls, pero i swear hindi kamukha ni PNoy at Tita Cory yung dolls nila. hihihihi. naku kahit ako hindi nagkaron ng doll. :p

    joko: tumpak. at hello, 3rd hand pa nga daw. DAW. :p

  4. OLI: deleted your comment, but thank god you noticed. i changed it already. mwehehehe. 😀

  5. My main dilemma for 24hrs now: How and where will he drive it given his super tight security? Haha Aw, bachelorhood.

    • nako, feeling ko mamomroblema lang talaga si PNoy sa kanyang porsche. If i were him… ibigay na lang niya sa akin. :p

  6. Heard this in the news yesterday but I didn’t bother to watch. Fully learned about it here. I believe Noynoy’s not stupid to use the taxpayers’ money to buy a Porsche and knowing that the public will know about it. I’m sure he knows how involved Filipinos are when it comes to the people who lead the country. I like the idea that he allows himself to be “selfish”. For me, what’s important’s ever since he stepped into office, all I felt were good vibes (even up to this day). I’ve never felt the same positivity from previous leaders who vowed publicly that they’ll be servants to the people. I say, give it to the bachelor. Corny but he does deserve to be happy.

    • tumpak, tweesh! matakot naman kasi tayo kung hindi balanse ang buhay ng pangulo natin diba? tsaka ewan ko ba, kung maka-react talaga yung iba. ah ewan. hmpf.

  7. LWelsh

     /  January 15, 2011

    I have just heard that it was a gift from a construction contractor now. Is there any truth to this. If so, then he has reason to be questioned for it was not a gift, but a bribe to steer contracts in the future for possible government contracts. Which is immoral and accepting this only shows how government officials can be bribed and bought to continue to line the pockets of a few wealthy people.

    • If it was indeed a gift, that’s a different story.

      When we had dog problems last Christmas, there was no one to help us but a manager at a pet store. He was very kind to extend his help and call their resident vet and ask for advice. The vet eventually helped us too. They were so helpful that we decided to give them a simple token of appreciation for their extra customer service. The manager graciously declined it and explained why they can’t receive any gifts from customers. We totally understood and didn’t press the issue. It made us more appreciative of their efforts and more respectful of their job because of their professionalism.

      I truly hope what you heard will just remain a hearsay. Binoto ko pa naman sya..

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