Ikaw na, kuya. Ikaw na talaga!

I don’t like my handwriting.

Well, it’s not hideous. You’d still be able to understand it, but it’s still not like that of someone who went to an exclusive all-girls school. I dare you to check the penmanship of your Assumptionista and Paulinian friends. :p Fine, it ain’t always true. I have a friend from assumption who writes as if she’s half doctor, half chicken. Mwahaha.

Anyhoo, my fellow recruiters attended a schoolfair and one applicant stood out- his handwriting, at least.

O di’ba?!!??? Sabi nga nila parang Mara Clara font lang daw!

He’s a boy so X to him going to an exlusive school for girls. He might have wanted to attend one? Or maybe he’s a Fine Arts student? Ewan. Basta, award talaga si kuya.

That’s it. Just sharing. 😛


listening to Jamie Foxx – Steppin to the Bad Side

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  1. panalo ang hand writing nya

  2. wow…. ang ganda nga ng handwriting nya! must be an artist. Hehe.

  3. and people will keep on amazing you everyday 🙂 parang medieval period lang sya, maybe he’s really good in penmanship 101 and is good in caricature! 🙂

  4. Bonnie

     /  February 15, 2011

    WINNER! BEKI SIGURO ITO. HAHA! Napaka Judgemental ko talaga.

  1. Ikaw na, kuya. Ikaw na talaga! (via Iya Santos Online) « SELF-REINVENTION

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