It’s been days since I last blogged. It seems like I’m really becoming a different person. CHOS! Hahaha! Life’s been good. Been spending time with friends. Got to attend quiznight at Murphy’s twice– won 1st then 2nd, so happy to be our group’s lucky charm! Got to eat at Romulo Cafe– you gotta try their baby squid dish and vigan longanisa with cheese triangles! Got to hang at Eastwood again– Starbucks and Agave. Got to semi-organize wine night– and sleep (literally) with a boy and a girl hahaha. Got to drink several times at Central– thank God for cheap beer. Got to try Wingman’s wings— twas delish but I still prefer those of Bugsy’s. Got to watch Red Riding Hood– I think I’m watching Sucker Punch later– I hope it doesn’t suck.

I’m going to Baler next week and there are plans to go to Tagaytay, Boracay, Sagada, Baguio, Calaguas and Subic… I have absolutely no idea if I can go to all these places, but I sure as heck wanna wanna! I wanna go to Antonio’s. I wanna get Bora off my must-see-places-before-it-turns-like-Galera list. Like Eunice, I wanna have a picture taken on top of a jeepney bound to Sagada. I wanna explore the streets of Baguio without the pressure of my surfer friends itching to go to LU, ahem Joko, Kassy and Kwe. I wanna chill in Calaguas and take loads of photos. I wanna try the survival something something in Subic, and if my life gets threatened, I’ll have Enzo to blame. LOL.

Okay. that’s it for updates.

Hopefully, I’ll get to blog more this April. =)

Wag magpapa-fool bukas! =p


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My bestfriend Joko said I should stop calling myself a poseur and just tell people na luma-lifestyle ako. Haha, so ‘yun nga. I went to Casa Nami to attend the MSA surf comp kickoff party last week. Ang saya!!! Good old classic rock!

There are 9 surfers, 2 future surfers and 1 lifestyling surfer in this picture. Guess. Haha.

With Erin, Gillian, Yo, Joko… it was fun singing and dancing with these girls. =) Up to now, NATF’s cover of Aerosmith’s Cryin’ is blaring in my ears. :p

And here’s me with my 2 favorite Lorenzos: Zo and Mio. 🙂

Can’t wait for the next surfers’ party. For sure sasabihin ko na naman na pro ako at magaling mag-TUNNEL.



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Bittersweet Night @ Murphy’s

We may have faced a bitter defeat from getting 5th place in the quiznight at Murphy’s two Tuesdays ago, but it was also the night that we faced sweet victory from 3 of the Irish pub’s desserts…

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Chocolate Mousse (we added salt, masarap pala :P)

and my personal fave Triple Chocolate something-something

Ang mga mukha ng mga naka-5th place…

Ang mga mukha ng mga nakarami ng dessert…

Oh well, got over it. We won 1st place last week. Hopefully, we can do it again tomorrow. If not, I’d be happy with 3rd place. I have yet to experience making a guest quiz. :p


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So I’ve been having a lot of fun lately. I’m glad that I am surrounded by lots of positive people (my family, colleagues, barkada) and there are always interesting events that I look forward to: gigs, quiz night, foodtrips, roadtrips and of course, Sunday service. =)

There are a lot of new, very important things happening in my life that I just can’t seem to put into writing. I miss blogging, sure, but these things are best kept in my head or written in my private journal.

I am not shutting this down. I’m just gonna shut up for a bit. Hehe.


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