Belated Happy Easter!

I went home to Bataan for the Holy Week break. The night before I did, the s.o. of one of my colleagues gave us a basketful of Easter treats.

Thanks Tim for the chocolate eggs, jelly beans and mallow chicks!

It’s true. There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE.


Good Friday was just spent at home. I finished reading American Gods and started with My Daily Bread. I also stuffed my face with home cooked food and sari-sari store-bought junk.

We grilled some eggplant, fish, squid and porkchop. We also had some burong mangga and freshly picked indian mangoes.

Peanuts, candied beans, chocnut and ube-langka candies for merienda.

I have no right to get pissed for gaining 3lbs over the break.


Went to Mafi’s afternoon of Black Saturday. I will always be thankful that we live so close to the beach.

Despite the sad things going through my mind, I was happy and carefree that moment. Obvious naman sa picture, di’ba? Hehehe.

Eto pa. vanity shot naman.


Had to go back to Manila right after Easter mass and lunch.

My bunnykids (Joko and Kwe) and I changed our profile pics in fb to our Happy Bunny pic of choice.

This is what I chose:

This was in line with my week-long LSS of Daft Punk’s Digital Love.


But wait, there’s more! (lol how unoriginal) I found out from our parish priest that Pope John Paul II held mass at the Vietnamese refugee camp in our town 30 years ago. How cool is that? 🙂

A shrine for him will be inaugurated on May 2 at the former Philippine Refugee Processing Center (PRPC) – now Bataan Technology Park, Inc. (BTPI).

And with that, let me end my Easter 2011 post with a quote from the soon to be beatified Pope.

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
~ Pope John Paul II



listening to: The National – So far Around the Bend

Photoheavy, just the way I likey.


You can find me in Murphy’s Irish Pub Tuesday nights. Why? Quiznight. May nasasagot ba ako? Errr… uhhh… meron naman. Basta ganito, I harrassed everyone in our group (PG) to make me their lucky charm. Or taga-pass ng paper.

Here are my some of the PG members! Matatalino yan lahat! may member pa dyan ng MENSA! :p I have a scratch paper to prove this. :p

Me, Joko, Vlad, Rudi, Maj, Jeeves, Mike, Blooey (other members are Shani, Joseph, Aji, Mac, Bo, Kyx…)

It was Enzo’s first time to join PG when the pics were taken. Siya ang nagdala ng camera. Halatang first-timer. Or turista. :p

Quiz usually ends 11ish. After this night’s quiz, we went to Saguijo for Radiohead Night. It sucked. I disliked most of the versions, esp Turbo Goth’s. 😦



I love BF. No, Nico. Not boyfriend. BF Homes. =)

Had steak sandwiches at Grand Dad’s with Zo, Jap and Yo.

Then we walked across the street for videoke at Havana.

No idea what I was singing when this was taken. My bet is Gary V’s Di Na Natuto.

Fave songs that night were Magasin (that Jap translated into English), Easy (not Dragonette’s but Lionel Richie’s), Breakeven and Halik.



Yes! I got to watch STP live!!! I had fun even if I only got to sing along with 3 of their songs! Apparently, I can’t cram music and lyrics in my head 4 hours before a concert. :p

Thanks to our friends from Philippine Star for the tickets!

Guess who was one of the heartbroken fans coz Sour Girl wasn’t part of the setlist?

Clue: NOT ME! But I had to suffer the consequences of STP not playing Sour Girl. Hahaha!!! Si Joko kasi nanood, hindi tuloy tinugtog! :p



Wine night!!! AKA Tonight with Enzo T! Hahaha! It was fun and a bit awkward listening to my girlfriends ask stuff regarding relationships to my ex. Next time, ibang ex naman ang dalhin sa Wine Night para pwede rin ako magtanong! Harharhar!

Wait, konting katahimikan at pagsesenti. We had this the day Japan was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. 😦 We realized that life is indeed short and we should be thankful for the fact that we are alive.

Pero ito gusto ko ipa-anod sa tsunami.

He wasn’t punching me. He was doing a Scott Weiland dance step. Sabi ko nang nagsuffer ako dahil hindi tinugtog ng Stone Temple ang Sour Girl. May scarf pa ‘yan dyan. Hindi lang kita ang props niya.

Eto pa ang isang umi-Scott Weiland.

Haha ang win ng expression ni Maricris sa dance ni Joko! :p



Caitlin’s beautiful ninangs visited her. So, ako, si Joko and Kassy ang sinasabi ko. :p Our baby panda gets cuter everyday!

We had lunch at Romulo Cafe and this deserves a review. Next week na lang. But in a nutshell, their food is good. Babalikan ko ang baby squids nila! 😀

After lunch, we had coffee and dessert in Starbucks Eastwood while we waited for Joko to finish her book discussion. Agave after. This WASN’T the time when the unlimited margarita gave me a blasted hangover.



Another day with Cait! This time with Kwe! Happy! Kahit sumakit ang ulo namin sa pag-explain namin sa kanya ng RH Bill at ng punk rock so early in the morning.

Best playtime moment with Cait was when we read her a book and she kept on patting the bunny in the book. She loves bunnies! Wheeeee! 🙂 Ok, ganito yun kasi. I am Mommy Bunny and Joko and Kwe are my bunnykids. Gets? Gets. Good.

Had our lamon moments in Bagoong Club (lunch) and Gayuma (dinner).

Will blog reviews next week!!! Pero sasabihin ko na ngayon na ang SARAP ng sinigang ng Bagoong Club and wala ng Better Than Sex sa Gayuma. Well… iniba ang name.

In between the lamon moments, we watched Catch Me I’m in Love. Ito yung time na pinagnasaan ko ang abs ni Gerald Anderson. After dinner, I went to Agave and that was when I had one of the worst hangovers of my life. Hahahaha!!!



Casa Nami is now my favorite place. =) Went to the Wahine-Bahine night. I found out something of grave importance (na kung pwede lang ako hindi pumasok the following day eh  maglalasing ako! lol) and the Migraine Girls were born. LOL. Hindi connected yan, btw.

Here’s Erin, Bea S, Gillian, Joko and me! =)

And this is me with surf champ (everything is better with abs) Migui!


There. I feel much much better now that I’ve posted these pics. LOL.

Next week, I will blog about my Holy Week in Bataan, the Taken by Cars album launch (yep attended this), and the Bunny Night at Trellis. =)



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“RIO is a 3-D animation feature from the makers of the “Ice Age” films. Set in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and the lush rainforest of Brazil, the comedy-adventure centers on Blu, a rare macaw who thinks he is the last of his kind. When Blu discovers there’s another – and that it’s a “she” – he leaves the comforts of his cage in small town Minnesota and heads to Rio. But it’s far from love at first sight between the domesticated, flight-challenged Blu and the fiercely independent, high-flying female, Jewel. Unexpectedly thrown together, they embark on an adventure of a lifetime, where they learn about friendship, love, courage and being open to life’s many wonders. RIO brings together a menagerie of vivid characters, a heart-warming story, colorful backdrops, energizing Latin and contemporary music, and family-friendly song and dance.”

– Synopsis from

Rio is most def the best movie I’ve watched since The Social Network.

Maybe it’s because I like birds.

Here’s Angry Birds: Rio in 3D version.

Maybe because I think Jesse Eisenberg is brilliant. 

This is Jesse as his nerdy-looking cute self, as the world’s youngest billionaire and as a Spix’s Macaw.

Maybe because I believe that love can make one fly.

I loved the story of Blu and Jewel, especially when they first met each other. Cue in Lionel Richie’s Say You, Say Me!

Or maybe because I’ve always found Mas Que Nada sexy.

Even if I have no frikken idea what it means. Haha! Can’t wait to get my hands on the OST!

Yaaay for Wil.I.Am and Jamie Foxx aka Pedro and Nico!

WATCH RIO IN 3D! The plot is simple and predictable, but the story is full of humor and romance. =) Watch out for the bat! Hahaha!


It was my second time to watch in Market! Market! Scary pala lumabas doon pag LFS. =p #justsaying


listening to:  Taio Cruz – Telling The World

Beach? Baler! Boom!!!

Done with my beachfix!

We went to Sabang, Baler 2 weekends ago to surf. Okay. Joko, Pedro, Jayson, Marie, Aimee and Enzo went there to surf. I went there to eat and and commune with nature. Fine. Only my feet touched the sea, but I still got stoked! 😀

We left Manila 1:30am and I thought I’d fall asleep during the trip. I should have drank more beer in Chic-Boy before I got my ass in the car. :p The trip to Baler was fun. Except when we got to the part of the rough road where there was a thick fog. Skeri kaya! napayosi na lang ako sa anxiety at sa lamig! Actually, gusto ko lang talaga magyosi haha! We arrived in Sabang around 7. The travel time might have been shorter if we knew which roads to take. Pero kudos to Jayson for driving fast and Joko for being an awesome (and talkative) navigator pa rin. 🙂

Haaayyy… Baler, Baler, Baler… I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the place. Probinsya kung probinsya. Walang keme keme. It wasn’t sunnywhen we got there so I was a bit worried for my new swimsuits. LOL. Eh sabi kasi ng friend namin na si Jeeves, “If you can’t play, display!” But we were so hungry. I had to choose between stuffing my tummy and hiding behind a cover-up OR starving myself and sporting a flat tummy. Aba, ako ito, so naturally, I chose the former.

Hence, I did not have a flat tummy.

WAHINES! photo c/o Alfred Asuncion


Anyhoo, going back, We had our first Baler meal at Bay’s Inn.

Most of us had the Pinoy Big Breakfast: fried fish, tocino, scrambled eggs and garlic rice. This was served with coffee and juice.

Enzo and I, being the gluttons that we are, also ordered Hot and Sour Soup and a plate of bacon.

We enjoyed our brekky so much that we had all our meals in Bay’s Inn. 🙂 Well, except for one that we had in MM (the lodge that served as our home for 2days). We had pancit canton, red egg-tomato-kamias salad and chicharon c/o Jayson. Sarrrraaaappp!

After eating, we arranged our stuff in MM’s and rested for a few. Ako few hours. Natulog ako agad. Hehe. When I woke up, I watched my friends ride the waves. I also watched Zo’s very first surfing experience.


Basically, the activities were: eating, drinking, dropping witty lined and surfing for them. Eating, drinking, dropping witty lines and watching for me. We got to attend 2 parties. The first one sucked. Won’t detail na lang baka may makabasa at ma-offend. LOL. The second one seemed fun. Can’t really judge the 2nd coz I had an in-between drinking spree. Mmmmmm… 50php sangria… mmmm… :p  The only things I saw in the 2nd party were an awesome poi exhibition (galing ni Joko!!!) and a big bottle of Baler lambanog. Ang sarap. May raisins pa! We were all asleep by 2am.

The Hot Happy Hut Crew minus Aimee (tinulugan kami eh hehehe), photo c/o Gillian Largoon

We all got up by 7. Shempre, early to bed, early to rise. The earlier you get into the water, the more waves you can catch. Whuuutttt? :p

No brekky this morning, unless we count the Nutrigrain (healthy poptarts… fine masarap naman pala) from Joko and mineral water. Everybody was too excited to surf. Here’s a pic of Zo carrying the longboard for his 2nd surfing lesson. Yung lalake na nasa kaliwa na bato-bato ang katawan, instructor niya from Mahdox Surf. It’s not Madox. it’s MAHDOX.

And here’s moi, holding his Lumix. Ang bespren ko habang lahat silang lahat ay nasa dagat!

And here’s me with my NFF, Kyla. Ang local kid na gustong magpicture-picture! :p

After a heavy brunch in our Happy Hut (the coolest hut in Bay’s Inn… kasi doon kami nakatambay hahaha)

and a light merienda of beer and mojos sa harap ng dagat,

we packed our stuff and said goodbye to Baler.

Bye-bye, state of the art, MM Lodge! We’re gonna miss our 700php for 4 fanroom! :p

More kulitan on our way back to Manila. May stop over pa at LJ’s Kainan. Hindi eatery. Hindi karinderya. IT’S KAINAN. I hope the next time we go to Baler, it will be as chill and as fun as this first time. =)

Baler beach hits! BOOM!


listening to: Smashing Pumpkings – Bullet with Butterly Wings

I suck.

Luke is the second famous surfer who thinks I surf. When told that I don’t–I really don’t– he gave an expression that could only be translated into “WEH?!?!???” Hahaha!!! The other guy felt betrayed when I told him I’m scared shitless of waves. Bakit ba? Sinasabi ko naman lagi na poser lang ako. :p

Anyhoodles, I’m sorta flattered that they think I surf. I love their chill lifestyle and oh-so-(effortless)sexy porma. If I weren’t so scared of getting drowned, surfing would be the fitness activity of my choice. 🙂

I’m going to Baler this Friday. Baka mapagkamalan na naman akong surfer girl doon. Hehe.

Advanced happy weekend! 🙂


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Ride Punch Catch

Wala akong sinakyan at sinuntok at sinalo.

Wala lang akong maisip na ibang title para sa post na gusto kong ikwento ang last 3 movies na napanood ko sa sinehan. :p

1. Red Riding Hood

Two reasons why I wanted to see this: crush ko si Amanda Seyfried and gusto ko malaman kung sino si Big Bad Wolf.

So-so lang ang story. Parang mala-Twilight ang feel. Nung lumabas ang werewolf, napasigaw ako ng “Jacoobbb!!! is that you?” Haha, I know, nakakahiya. Anyway, sa Cash & Carry naman kami nanood so hindi masyadong skandalo. :p Medyo predictable ang story. Unlike Joko, hindi ko naman naisip agad na yung tatay pala nung female protagonist ang wolf. Basta sure ako na hindi yung 2 hot guys na nakaaligid sa character ni Amanda.

Close to nil ang takot/gulat factor ng movie na ito. Paano ko nasabi? Hindi ako tumili kahit isang beses, at hindi ko napaghahahampas yung katabi ko. (Good for him, hehe.) Hindi ko naman pinagsisihan na pinanood ko ito kasi ang hot ni Shiloh Fernandez at ang gwapo ni Max Irons. Ngayon, pwede na ako tumili! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! :p

Max as Henry and Shiloh as Peter. Wala sa kanila ang werewolf.

2. Sucker Punch

Leche. Ang tagal ko pa naman hinintay itong movie na ito. What a disappointment. Hindi ako nairita na mababaw ang storya nung 20-year old na baliw na pumupunta sa fantasy state na nasa brothel s’ya as a dancer at pumapasok uli sa isa pang fantasy world na kung saan nagiging kickass fighter siya. Nairita ako kasi umeffort pa sila na gawing deep ang istorya. FAIL naman. Tssshhh. Crappy Screenplay. Para lang itong isang sobrang habang trippy music video.

Sana pumikit na lang ako at pinakinggan ang soundtrack– which by the way is the only redeeming factor of this movie. Bjork! Led Zep! sana si Emily Browning kumanta na lang at hindi na sumayaw. Haaaayyy.

Well, fine. Natuwa rin pala ako nung sinapak at binaril yung character ni Vanessa Hudgens aka Blondie. :p Oh, and, of all the Sucker Punch girls, I like Sweet pea, because she’s blonde, sexy and reminds me of a young Marcia Cross.

Abby Cornish is hot!!!

3. Catch Me… I’m in Love

Seriously, ayoko nanonood ng Tagalog movies, lalo na ng romantic Tagalog movies. HOP talaga ang gusto kong panoorin, napilit lang ako ng girlfriends ko na ito ang panoorin. What you won’t do, you’d do for love nga naman. Hindi naman ako fan ni Sarah Geronimo at Gerald Anderson. But, oh well. Ang mahal pa ng ticket sa Trinoma, 200php. Buti na lang may libreng Selecta ice cream. Kaso lang hindi ko naman nagustuhan yung Reese’s na flavor. Blech.

Steady lang ang story ng Catch Me. Son of the president falls for an ordinary girl… bullshit na hindi nangyayari sa tunay na buhay kumbaga. In fairness lang sa mga bida, kahit physically hindi sila bagay, sa galing nilang umarte, nadala pa rin at nagka-chemistry. Yes, ilang beses ako kinilig at sinisiko-siko ko pa si Carla each time kinikilig ako. :p Masama pa rin ang loob ko na hindi Hop ang pinanood namin until it came to the scene where Gerald Anderson’s character FELL IN THE MUD AND TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT.

OO. HUBAD. SA. PUTIKAN. Well, bukirin yun but whatever.

Noong nakita ko ang abs ni Gerald, nasabi ko na lang sa friends ko na, “Buti na lang hindi tayo nanood ng Hop!!!”

Am I exaggerating?

NO.  Look and tell me hindi mo gustong ikaskas ang cheek mo sa abs na ‘yan. ‘Wag kang plastik, babatukan kita.



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