I suck.

Luke is the second famous surfer who thinks I surf. When told that I don’t–I really don’t– he gave an expression that could only be translated into “WEH?!?!???” Hahaha!!! The other guy felt betrayed when I told him I’m scared shitless of waves. Bakit ba? Sinasabi ko naman lagi na poser lang ako. :p

Anyhoodles, I’m sorta flattered that they think I surf. I love their chill lifestyle and oh-so-(effortless)sexy porma. If I weren’t so scared of getting drowned, surfing would be the fitness activity of my choice. 🙂

I’m going to Baler this Friday. Baka mapagkamalan na naman akong surfer girl doon. Hehe.

Advanced happy weekend! 🙂


listening to: Seether – Remedy

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