“RIO is a 3-D animation feature from the makers of the “Ice Age” films. Set in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and the lush rainforest of Brazil, the comedy-adventure centers on Blu, a rare macaw who thinks he is the last of his kind. When Blu discovers there’s another – and that it’s a “she” – he leaves the comforts of his cage in small town Minnesota and heads to Rio. But it’s far from love at first sight between the domesticated, flight-challenged Blu and the fiercely independent, high-flying female, Jewel. Unexpectedly thrown together, they embark on an adventure of a lifetime, where they learn about friendship, love, courage and being open to life’s many wonders. RIO brings together a menagerie of vivid characters, a heart-warming story, colorful backdrops, energizing Latin and contemporary music, and family-friendly song and dance.”

– Synopsis from http://www.empirecinemas.co.uk/

Rio is most def the best movie I’ve watched since The Social Network.

Maybe it’s because I like birds.

Here’s Angry Birds: Rio in 3D version.

Maybe because I think Jesse Eisenberg is brilliant. 

This is Jesse as his nerdy-looking cute self, as the world’s youngest billionaire and as a Spix’s Macaw.

Maybe because I believe that love can make one fly.

I loved the story of Blu and Jewel, especially when they first met each other. Cue in Lionel Richie’s Say You, Say Me!

Or maybe because I’ve always found Mas Que Nada sexy.

Even if I have no frikken idea what it means. Haha! Can’t wait to get my hands on the OST!

Yaaay for Wil.I.Am and Jamie Foxx aka Pedro and Nico!

WATCH RIO IN 3D! The plot is simple and predictable, but the story is full of humor and romance. =) Watch out for the bat! Hahaha!


It was my second time to watch in Market! Market! Scary pala lumabas doon pag LFS. =p #justsaying


listening to:  Taio Cruz – Telling The World

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  1. People told me it was not that good. 😦

    • hindi naman sya whoooooooooa movie. i just said it’s the best movie after the social network kasi hello, ilang movies lang ba napanood ko after the social network na na-enjoy ko?

      ay shit. harry potter pa pala. ahahaha. ok, after hp7 part 1, RIO na next fave ko.

      kung icocompare ko naman ang RIO sa suckerpunch, tang na loob. hahahaha!

  2. haha. 😀 I am looking forward to seeing this one now. ^_^


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