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You canĀ find me in Murphy’s Irish Pub Tuesday nights. Why? Quiznight. May nasasagot ba ako? Errr… uhhh… meron naman. Basta ganito, I harrassed everyone in our group (PG) to make me their lucky charm. Or taga-pass ng paper.

Here are my some of the PG members! Matatalino yan lahat! may member pa dyan ng MENSA! :p I have a scratch paper to prove this. :p

Me, Joko, Vlad, Rudi, Maj, Jeeves, Mike, Blooey (other members are Shani, Joseph, Aji, Mac, Bo, Kyx…)

It was Enzo’s first time to join PG when the pics were taken. Siya ang nagdala ng camera. Halatang first-timer. Or turista. :p

Quiz usually ends 11ish. After this night’s quiz, we went to Saguijo for Radiohead Night. It sucked. I disliked most of the versions, esp Turbo Goth’s. šŸ˜¦



I love BF. No, Nico. Not boyfriend. BF Homes. =)

Had steak sandwiches at Grand Dad’s with Zo, Jap and Yo.

Then weĀ walked across the street for videoke at Havana.

No idea what I was singing when this was taken. My bet is Gary V’s Di Na Natuto.

Fave songs that night were Magasin (that Jap translated into English), Easy (not Dragonette’s but Lionel Richie’s), Breakeven and Halik.



Yes! I got to watch STP live!!! I had fun even if I only got to sing along with 3 of their songs! Apparently, I can’t cram music and lyrics in my head 4 hours beforeĀ a concert. :p

Thanks to our friends from Philippine Star for the tickets!

Guess who was one of the heartbroken fans coz Sour Girl wasn’t part of the setlist?

Clue: NOT ME! But I had to suffer the consequences of STP not playing Sour Girl. Hahaha!!! Si Joko kasi nanood, hindi tuloy tinugtog! :p



Wine night!!! AKA Tonight with Enzo T! Hahaha! It was fun and a bit awkward listening to my girlfriends askĀ stuff regarding relationshipsĀ to my ex. Next time, ibang ex naman ang dalhin sa Wine Night para pwede rin ako magtanong! Harharhar!

Wait, konting katahimikan at pagsesenti. We had this the day Japan was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. šŸ˜¦ We realized that life is indeed short and we shouldĀ be thankful forĀ the fact that we are alive.

Pero ito gusto ko ipa-anod sa tsunami.

He wasn’t punching me. He was doing a Scott Weiland dance step. Sabi ko nang nagsuffer ako dahil hindi tinugtog ng Stone Temple ang Sour Girl. May scarf pa ‘yan dyan. Hindi lang kita ang props niya.

Eto pa ang isang umi-Scott Weiland.

Haha ang win ng expression ni Maricris sa dance ni Joko! :p



Caitlin’s beautiful ninangs visited her. So, ako, si Joko and Kassy ang sinasabi ko. :p Our baby panda gets cuter everyday!

We had lunch at Romulo Cafe and this deserves a review. Next week na lang. But in a nutshell, their food is good. Babalikan ko ang baby squids nila! šŸ˜€

After lunch, we had coffee and dessert in Starbucks Eastwood while we waited for Joko to finish her book discussion. Agave after. ThisĀ WASN’TĀ the time when the unlimited margaritaĀ gave me a blasted hangover.



Another day with Cait! This time with Kwe! Happy! Kahit sumakit ang ulo namin sa pag-explain namin sa kanya ng RH Bill at ng punk rock so early in the morning.

Best playtime moment with Cait was when we read her a book and she kept on patting the bunny in the book. She loves bunnies! Wheeeee! šŸ™‚ Ok, ganito yun kasi. I am Mommy Bunny and Joko and Kwe are my bunnykids. Gets? Gets. Good.

Had our lamon moments in Bagoong Club (lunch) and Gayuma (dinner).

Will blog reviews next week!!! Pero sasabihin ko na ngayon na ang SARAP ng sinigang ng Bagoong Club and wala ng Better Than Sex sa Gayuma. Well… iniba ang name.

In between the lamon moments, we watched Catch Me I’m in Love. Ito yung time na pinagnasaan ko ang abs ni Gerald Anderson. After dinner, I went to Agave and that was when I had one of the worst hangovers of my life. Hahahaha!!!



Casa Nami is now my favorite place. =) Went to the Wahine-Bahine night. I found out something of grave importance (na kung pwede lang ako hindi pumasok the following day ehĀ  maglalasing ako! lol) and the Migraine Girls were born. LOL. Hindi connected yan, btw.

Here’s Erin, Bea S, Gillian, Joko and me! =)

And this is me with surf champ (everything is better with abs) Migui!


There. I feel much much better now that I’ve posted these pics. LOL.

Next week, I will blog about my Holy Week in Bataan, the Taken by Cars album launch (yep attended this), and the Bunny Night at Trellis. =)



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