Bulalo and Lichens

There were supposed to be 6 of us set for the Tagaytay trip last Sunday, but Kwe got sick, Mari’s family came to town and Shani cannot be contacted. So after quick drinks in Heaven & Eggs, we headed south for the r&r we were all dying to get. Dying? Haha, baka ako lang pala ‘yun. :p

That’s me with my vanilla low-fat milk and my bemused expression. Low-fat to prepare me for the foodtrip hahaha and bemused because I heard a name that I wasn’t prepared to hear double hahaha. Almost choked btw. :p New thing about H&E, they already have live music. We missed Carla because the guy sang The Promise and Mad World. Sayang, walang Jason Mraz. Wahahaha.

After an hour drive  and listening to happy (adjective synonymous to GAY) sounds, we attended mass in Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel. The gospel was about love and hope and forgiveness. Errrr… ahhhh… God naman. Always nananadya. Hehe. :p Lighted a blue candle for me and my loved ones. Good girl na sana, but when we saw a monkey near the parking lot, I immediately called it Jose. When it didn’t respond to that name, I tried ALL names of my exes. I think it warmed up to “Jeff”? Na hindi ko naman ex. Hahaha.

Lunch was at Antonio’s Grill (or The Grill by Antonio’s). Had bulalo, ensaladang mangga and pritong hito with buro. I wanted tawilis but it wasn’t available. Guess I’ll just have it with sinigang the next time I’m in Tagaytay. Maybe in Mahogany Market. The bulalo of Antonio’s was delish but I’ve definitely had better. Like my mom’s or Myrna’s in QC. Antonio’s hito with buro, however, was probably the best I’ve ever had. 🙂

Coffee/tea and cake at Taal Vista Lodge after. This is where I sang Brokenhearted Me to the waitress kaya hindi na siya bumalik sa table namin. Too bad, she didn’t see me singing and dancing to Sexy Back. Hehe. Taal Vista was also where we  talked about condensation, music, love, (amazing) lichens, seahorses et cetera. Also where most of the photos were taken. Most of them of me. :p

Soup and bread dinner in Buon Giorno. Loved my Crema de Funghi and bread with evoo/balsamic vinegar. Looked like Joko was also glad with her Minestrone and Mike was also satisfied with his Zuppa di Zucca Arrosto.  🙂 Dessert was at Mochiko, but I skipped the sweets and just walked around the Cliffhouse.

That was an enjoyable and calming Tagaytay trip.  I wish I can go back before June ends… Or before monster typhoons arrive. 🙂

Ow-kaaaaaayyy… it wasn’t a tranquil trip from start to finish. I kicked the door of Taal Vista’s washroom because someone’s an idiot. :p Good thing the Tagaytay weather was able to cool my head within a matter of minutes. Hahaha!


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Po (Black) has settled into his role as the Dragon Warrior, when his Red Panda mentor, Master Shifu (voiced by Dustin Hoffman), offers a new challenge to him: find inner peace. It’s a lesson far more important than Po realizes. Unfortunately, there’s a new threat to China’s peace, the evil peacock, Lord Shen (Gary Oldman), has unleashed a weapon of mass destruction, threatening to doom kung fu forever. Po and the Furious Five (Angelina Jolie, David Cross, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen and Jackie Chan) are sent to defeat the murderous villain, not realizing that Lord Shen holds the key to Po’s forgotten (and tragic) childhood. (Metrotimes)


I love it even though it’s not as funny as the first. This one’s has more action, I guess. Thank you to Tigress! Ahem ahem! 🙂

Baby Po is sooooo cute! And there are so many cute bunnies in this film!

There’s plenty of awesomeness left because it looks like there going to be a Kung Fu Panda 3!


Wait. I have one disappointment. I just wish there were more scenes with Shifu. Here are some lines from 2 of my favorite Po-Shifu scenes:

Shifu:.. Po, I have received a message.
Po: From the universe?
Shifu: From a messenger.
Po: Oh yeah, Of course.

Shifu: But once I realised the problem was not you, but within me. I found inner peace and was able to harness the flow of the universe.
Po: So that’s it. I just need inner peace. My inners are already super super peaceful. So all I need to do.. is just get this thing going… Inner peace.. You are going down.


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I for Ilustrado

“One thing you’ll learn when you get older is that when you hate someone so much, a part of you wants desperately to forgive them. But you can’t decide if it’s because you really want to, or if you just want to stop hating. I still don’t know if forgiveness is generous or selfish. Maybe both.”

~ Ilustrado

Ilustrado was my fitting companion in my recently concluded weekend of introspection.

The quote above is my favorite among the many, many lines that I’d like to share on Twitter and Fb. And yes, well, the quote that inspired me the most during the decisions I had to come up with last weekend.

The photo, albeit staged, was really taken from my 1st day of reading Ilustrado. I spent the whole afternoon by the saltwater pool, swimming in the words of Syjuco.


It begins with a body. On a clear day in winter, the battered corpse of Crispin Salvador is pulled from the Hudson River. Gone, too, is the only manuscript of his final book, a work meant to rescue him from obscurity by exposing the crimes of the Filipino ruling families. Miguel, his student and only remaining friend, sets out for Manila to investigate.

The result is a rich and dramatic family saga of four generations, tracing one hundred and fifty years of Philippine history forged under the Spanish, the Americans, and the Filipinos themselves. Exuberant and wise, wildly funny and deeply moving, Ilustrado is a daring and inventive debut novel that “begins as a murder mystery and develops into an ambitious exploration of cultural identity, ambition, and artistic purpose.” (The New Yorker).


Ilustrado is an ambitious and complex book that shares the story of 2 Filipino writers in New York and their somewhat intertwined lives. The mentor and the student. Who is to be admired? Who is to be emulated? The obvious is usually the answer. But is it always the right answer? 

It’s witty, perceptive, moving, daring and stylish. I love that Miguel Syjuco is cute.  I loved how the author effectively created layers of fiction and how effectively he placed Pinoy jokes without at all deviating from the feel of each substory.

This is the first novel written by a Filipino that I’ve ever read that has got nothing to do with schoolwork. I’ve never been a fan of Philippine Asian literature until Ilustrado.

I love you and kudos to you, Miguel Syjuco!


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New York in Makati

I mean New York-style pizza! :p

The New York Pizza Palace in A-venue Hall serves it. They also have several pasta dishes, basic beverages (including beer!) and yummy looking desserts.

I tried their Wild Mushroom Pizza and liked it. Real foldable dough! Not sure if it had real WILD mushroom though. Seemed domesticated. :p Hahaha! But it still tasted great! With chili flakes, of course. For only almost a hundred pesos, it’s a great deal! 🙂

Good job, NYPP! =)


New York Pizza Palace Ground Floor, A-Venue Mall,
Makati Avenue


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LOOP: What’s new on the menu?

LOOP, sister company of FEU’s Institute of Culinary Arts and Food Service just rolled out its new menu.

Here are some of the restaurant’s new dishes.

There’s Watermelon Gazpacho, Grilled Adobo Blood Sausage, Seared Tuna Japanicoise, anchovies with arugula wraps (can’t remember what it’s called, sorry),  Quesong Puti Phyllo Triangles,  and some kind of banana cake.

Creative names of dishes, so-so taste.  I think I didn’t find it spectacular because the food was already cold when I got there. Hm. The gazpacho, which was supposed to be cold, wasn’t. Didn’t work for me either. But I really liked the blood sausage and I liked that they have Sinigang Wings on the menu. Too bad, it wasn’t there when I was. Hehe. I will go there one of these days to try the wings  and *gulp* the Foie Gras Creme Brulee. The look and feel of the resto is also another reason to go back. 🙂


FEU-Makati Building,
Gil Puyat cor Malugay St


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I watched PRIEST to serve as a warning.


I had a pressing need to watch Da Vinci Code again after seeing PRIEST. I would rather see Paul Bettany as an albino doing corporal mortification and killing enemies of the Catholic church than see him as a protagonist slaying vampires in an unknown post-apocalyptic setting.

Bettany as Silas in Da Vinci Code

To think I brought low expectations with me when I watched it and they still weren’t met. The premise of the movie had potential. Priests and vampires would have made up a kickass story BUT NO. The treatment was beyond bad. Fugly dialogue, fugly acting, fugly setting , fugly humor attempts, and fugly vampires! The vampires in Priest did not only lack nefariousness. They also looked like blobs. I wanted to watch Twilight and bask in Edward Cullen’s sparkley gorgeousness after seeing Priest’s boring vamps.

Seeing The Blind Side’s Lily Collins (just found out yesterday that Phil Collins is her dad!) and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer did not help. Plus, so what if Maggie Q and Cam Gigandet are there. Sorry, not a fan. 😐

Damn anemic movie. What a waste of money (mine) and talent (Paul Bettany’s).

Good thing I did not see it in 3D.


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Hey dickhead!

Kudos to Joel Trinidad and the whole production team of Defending the Caveman! It’s perceptive and hilarious. It was 90+ minutes of realizing the differences between men (hunters/negotiating assholes hahaha) and women (gatherers/cooperating beautiful beings mwehehe) and laughing about them.

Defending the Caveman reminded me that I should not treat men the same as I treat women because they are inferior different. And I like the differences because I don’t want to end up with a wanderer like me. Or with someone who takes shopping as a sport. :p


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If you can’t play, display.

Yan ang motto ko sa Baler trip namin nila Joko, Marie, Aimee, Pedro, Jayson at Enzo last month.

Check out the coconut trees. Yep. Mahangin ang dating namin sa Baler. May matandang lalaki kasi na “mayabang” na nagsabi na kaya niyang paarawin sa halagang 20 pesosesoses.

Nakayuko kami para hindi matamaan ng aming mga pretty heads ang mga nakasampay na mga sarong at twalya. Ang pinagpipiyestahan namin dyan ay pancit canton, chicharon at ang ensaladang kamias-itlog maalat-kamatis ni Papa Jay.

Eto naman ang aso na nangangarap maging surfer. Ang alon ng Baler ay hindi pang-beginners. Ilusyonadang arf arf.

Malamang si Enzo ang tinitignan ni Doggie. First time nga palang magsurf ni Enzo niyan. Ako ay nagagalak na hindi siya nilamon ng alon ng tuluyan kahit na ilang beses siyang na-wipeout.

Eto naman ako na pumo-photo-opp bago dungawin ang nangyayari sa karagatan.

At eto naman ang surf shot ko. Bahahahahahahahaha!

And this is with me with my girls and Britney the surfboard. Oo, hindi ako huminga sa shot. Mukha akong butete sa sobrang dami nang nilantak kong pagkain sa weekend na ‘yan.

Sila rin. Maraming chinibog sa weekend na ito. I love Baler. Ang sulit ng pagkain. Nomnomnom. Mabuhay ang Bay’s Inn!

After lumamon, magkape. Mga boys, siguraduhin na ang gamitin na cup ay may bulaklak na design para very manly. Wag kalimutang itaas ang pinky. Para alta ang dating.

Sa pagbalik sa Maynila, kumain sa may highway. Umorder ng madami. Papaitan, lechon paksiw, dinengdeng, dinuguan, kaldereta, gulay na mais.

Pumili ng sosyal na kainan. Tulad ng…


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Phil So Good


Singer, songwriter, and former International Reporter are all words that can be used to describe Julien Drolon, but they merely scratch the surface. Drolon (born in Nantes, France on the 5th of February 1982) is on a mission to promote peace thru his love for music. He first arrived in the Philippines last 2007 and came back at the end of 2009 and decided to start his musical career.

This French singer with a Pinoy heart describe his music style as feel good music which combines pop, reggae, funk, and rock. He considers Jason Mraz, Bob Marley, Jamiroquai, Donovan Frankenreiter, Patrice and Asa as his musical influences. Drolon performs on stage with his equally-talented Filipino band composed of Girlie Capulso (back up vocals), Enzo Queyquep (lead guitar), Joseph Duenas (bass), Leal Nanca (keyboard) and Joven Palencia (Drums).

Drolon already played in Hong Kong and mainland China, at an Asian music conference, Music Matters Festival, which was held in Hong Kong last May 26-29, 2010. He also performed for the opening of the China Music Industry Park in Shanghai last July, 2010.

Addressing the issue of why he started his career in the Philippines, he responded, “It’s a place that is blessed with amazing musicians that want to collaborate on the making of my album and Filipinos are music lovers”. For his first album, Drolon is working with producers Jack Rufo and Angee Rozul.


Well, this is me. Nationalism and patriotism are at the bottom of my list of virtues, but when I heard Julien’s PHIL SO GOOD, I felt a smile spread across my face and I my Pinoy heart (no matter how close to apathetic it normally gets) skipped a beat.

Julien Drolon’s first single “Phil So Good” is available for download exclusively at www.orangemagazinetv.com.

Here are the lyrics:

Paradise islands, white sand beach
Tropical jungles where tribes still live
Land of Rizal and the guitar strings
Gotta find some time to live it here

I am in the Philippines x 3
And I feel so good, so good

People speak tagalog, sometimes taglish
They love to have fun, they know how to live
With a warm welcome, they will make you feel
Like it is your turn to smile and sing

I am in the Philippines x 3
And I feel so good, so good

comma down selectah…
seat back relax uminum ng beer
itaas ang bote isigaw ang cheers
lay back, while listenin smooth jazz and
feel the cold breeze and keep the wheels blazin
cause all we need is a time to relax
ihanda na ang serbeza lets drink some wapak
sige sige dont stop, non stop ang saya
pag-katapos ng lahat libutin luzviminda
tawagan mo na si jo and i will text julien
hatakin na si joven all over again
cause the best thing in life is life and that’s true
huwag hayaan ang saya lagpasan ka nito
take a zip just a trip and take a deep breath
libutin tiaong gubat all by your self
fiyah grill, cold beer, lay back and chill
watch the daet sunsets thats the thrill
sounds cool huh

I am in the Philippines x 3
And I feel so good, so good
Boracay in summer, I went there twice
Wanna feel colder, go to the rice terraces
Palawan is where I took my love
She wanted a romance under the sun
Surf is the best in Siargao
You can also dance up to Malasimbo
And when I need a break from Manila
I got a secret place that I won’t say to ya

I am in the Philippines x 3
And I feel so good, so good

Chill vocals and crip lyrics. well done, Mr. Drolon! I’m looking forward to your next single. Say.. PHIL BETTER? :p

Song Credit:

Julien Drolon: songwriting english part/vocal/production
Leal Nanca: songwriting tagalog part/ rap/ keyboards
Jojo Duenas: Arrangement/ bass
Enzo Queyquep: Guitars
Paolo Santiago: Drums
Girlie Capulso: back up vocals

Recorded at Tracks by Angee Rozul
Mixed and  Produced by Angee Rozul

Julien Drolon’s debut album entitled “JULIEN DROLON… PHIL SO GOOD” is due for mainstream release in May 2011, followed by a series of tour in the Philippines. Check out more updates on Julien Drolon at http://www.facebook.com/jdrolon, http://www.myspace.com/juliendrolon and www.twitter.com/juliendrolon12


listening to: Julien Drolon – Phil So Good

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