The Fastest & The Most Furious

Excuse the expletive but…

PUTANGINA ANG BANGIS!!! I went to a special screening of FAST FIVE last night and wow. WOW. It’s brawny, exciting, fearless, fun and a bit funny! Just like how I like my men! Wahahaha! Kinikilig pa rin ako ‘pag naaalala ko ang mga fight scenes nila The Rock and Vin Diesel. Hammer lang talaga ang lamang ni Thor sa kanila. :p

Fuck realism, the not-so imaginative screenplay, and a few predictable scenes. Just bask in the glory of massive wreckages, creative plot twists,  and kickass heist movie must-haves!

Watch it and don’t forget to stay for the post-credits. 🙂

Do you believe in ghosts? Like what I said, fuck realism. Just sit back and enjoy the 5th F&F.

Can’t wait for the 6th!


Thanks to Teleserv for the invites!


listening to: Rancid – Time Bomb

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