Hey dickhead!

Kudos to Joel Trinidad and the whole production team of Defending the Caveman! It’s perceptive and hilarious. It was 90+ minutes of realizing the differences between men (hunters/negotiating assholes hahaha) and women (gatherers/cooperating beautiful beings mwehehe) and laughing about them.

Defending the Caveman reminded me that I should not treat men the same as I treat women because they are inferior different. And I like the differences because I don’t want to end up with a wanderer like me. Or with someone who takes shopping as a sport. :p


listening to: Flyleaf – All Around Me

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  1. wahahaha! 🙂
    get a man who likes shopping with you.
    and says things are “pretty” even if they don’t think so/have no opinion. 🙂

  2. Totally enjoyed it before. Sayang di ko napanood uli. WAH!


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