Bagnet and Fete

8065 Bagnet is just a 5minute-walk from where I live and it took me almost 2 years to eat there. No particular reason for the delay. Baka, it was just meant to be. Hehe!

Anyway, Joko and I, before heading to Fete de la Musique, went to the hole in the wall alledgedly serving rave-worthy Ilocano deep-fried pork belly dishes.

Both of us decided on getting from the budget meal section. All budget meals come with rice and soup. The soup was plain broth with some pechay baguio, and maybe some magic because Joko kept on saying how good it was, hehe. Didn’t get to mind the soup, because I was too busy texting Eunice about what’s happening in Fete. That time, Cynthia Alexander was on stage. Tsk.

This was Joko’s Bagnet meal of choice: Original Bagnet with rice (plain upgraded to bagoong) and manggang hilaw and bagoong. 100php for the Original Bagnet meal. Cannot remember how much Joko had to add for the rice upgrade. Sola iced tea for 45php. 

105php for my Bagnet Sisig Meal and 25php for my Coke 12oz

Both of us were satisfied with our meals. The bagnet’s meat  was flavorul and not tough at all, the skin was very crunchy. I didn’t even need to get a dipping sauce of soy sauce-calamansi-chili for the sisig. It was cooked and seasoned perfectly.

Their other dishes seem golden, too. Now, if I don’t feel like getting food from Phines, Katvanria or Mang Rudy’s, I will get my lazy ass and hungry tummy to the next street and probably get their Kare Kareng Bagnet and Tortang Talong. Or their Steamed Fish in Spicy Gata (yesss they have fish and chicken dishes as well!!!). And I will have their Frozen Buco Pandan. 

And wait! Another good thing about 8065 bagnet is that they have free wi-fi! 😉 So you can easily update your Twitter, FB and Foursquare where you are and what you’re eating! :p I know, I did!

Needless to say, the trip to 8065 was a win.

Fail for the 2011 Fete.

It was hellish to get to the 7 stages because they were contained in restobars (Keg, Scarlet, Craft, Amber, Draft, Katsu, and Trio). Joko and our other friends, after skating went to Craft for the Franco set. Much as I wanted to catch the band, I opted to drink at Roadhouse with Jeeves after swearing that I will see Franco in a more pleasant venue. The only stage where I got to reminisce the joys of oldskool Fete was the one held at Arts in the City. I enjoyed the performances of Escola de Samba de Manila  and Merzhine as much as I enjoyed staying in the airconditioned VIP area faaaaaaaarrr from the not-so-fun crowd of mostly artsy yuppies and some pretentious kids.


Thanks to Joko for the pics! 🙂


Bagnet 8065
8065 Estrella St.,
San Antonio Village,
Tel. No. 5196511
Open Mon-Thu, Sat: 11am – 12mn; Fri & Sun: 11am – 1am


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Where Shrimp Paste is THE Star

After playing with our inaanak, Caitlin, the girls and I got tired and hungry (chos!) so we went to one of the Scouts and decided to try a place where shrimp paste is THE star.

Where else? But in Bagoong Club. I guess membership requirement include only two things: appetite and cash. Well and, of course, you should be allergic to it. Duh. Hehe.

We had Laing Espesyal (205php), Sinigang na Baboy sa Pinalapot na Gabi 255php and Club Binagoongan Special (200++php),

and Chicharong Bulaklak (100++php).

I forgot to save a picture of the bagoong samplers with singkamas they gave us before our meals arrived. Their samplers include sweet and spicy bagoong. really good, but the only thing we had with shrimp paste was their Bagoong Special. I guess their laing had some, too. We weren’t in the mood to eat kare-kare, which, of course, we know is always served with bagoong. Maybe that’s what we’ll have next time. 🙂

Their sinigang was good, though I would have wanted it to be more sour. It was still excellent with the crispy, flavorful chicharon. Our barkada loves this combo and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you do. I say WELCOME! in advance. 🙂

The laing was flavorful. probably one of the best ones I’ve tasted. The Bagoong Club Special is a dish of pork, tomato sauce and bagoong. It really was special because it’s sweet-salty-sour-spicy!

I recommend that you try all those four. What I don’t recommend you get are their desserts. At least, the 2 that we ate.

The Mango Pana Cotta 115php was like fruit gelatin. Very very sad.

Their chocolate something (drat. can’t remember, sorry) looked really pretty but tasted so-so.

Overall, we would go back to Bagoong Club. Liked the food, service and ambiance. Will just get dessert elsewhere. Or maybe try their other ones.


Thanks to my LLB, Carla Bianca Viloria-Manaloto for the pictures! 🙂


Bagoong Club
122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart
Quezon City


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The Window, The Vendo, The Steak

The office is an interesting place. And here are some snapshots of three of the most interesting things I saw at the BPI Buendia Center.

This isKuyang taga-linis ng windows. Nakatapat siya niyan sa desk ko. Our office is in the 7th floor, btw. Chill na chill lang si Kuya sa posisyon niya. ‘Yan ang talagang matatawag mo na hanging out.

Here’s an open Nescafe vendo. The labels are in Spanish and I still can’t help but laugh a little when I see the word ‘leche’. have you tried the Nescafe Caramel Macchiato? For only 20php, it’s sure to perk up your day. Kebs na sa overpriced shit from Starbs.

Sosyal talaga ang food na binebenta sa pantry namin. example na diyan ang pork SWESS steak. My colleague said that it’s yummy. Parang luto lang daw sa SWESSzerland but it could have been yummier if they put SWESS chez cut by a SWESS knife.



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It’s been a year since I transferred to St. Paul Rd. A lot has happened but it feels like I’m back to square one. It just feels like it but I know I’ve grown. I’ve changed. For better? For worse? I’m not so sure. I’d like to believe that it’s for the former.

I’m going home to Bataan this weekend and I will think about those changes and the realizations I’ve made in the past 365++ days.

In  the meantime, let me share this poem written for me for 26th birthday.

J, wherever you are, I know we aren’t friends anymore (and we may never be friends at all) but I’d like to thank you and give you a bonecrushing hug  for the inspiration embedded in these words.

All directions are alright. You’re right.

I just prefer to move forward.


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Alms! Alms! Spare me some Red Swan bread!

What I love about Quezon City is that there are many not so popular places that one can go to to get really good nomnom without reducing my wallet into a miserable pulp. After our trip to Hausbesetzer Laboratory, we went to Red Swan for dinner and dessert. I had no idea what kind of food Red Swan serves so I brought no expectations to the unfamiliar restaurant in Scout Santiago. Well, no expectations except for the ensaimada. Masarap DAW eh.

Nothing special about Red Swan’s interiors. Steady, but not so cozy. It’s just a space with tables and chairs. But this is only the 1st floor. The 2nd floor has function rooms that are really pretty. 🙂 There’s the White Room, the Green Room (see picture below), and the Blue Room. Good for intimate celebrations or business meets.

Service was ok. They even gave us free Crispy Ukoy with spicy vinegar. Yummy!

I was disappointed that the mushroom soup wasn’t available. Their Cream of Tomato Soup (P95.00) was good. I just wish next time, they’d serve it hot, not warm.

Their specialty is the Grilled Spareribs but I opted to eat fish. The picture below is their Tuna Belly Teriyaki with Mashed Potato (P185). It was ok. I had a forkful of Kwe’s spareribs and I kicked myself for choosing fish. Anyhoo, I had fun mixing their sauces: steak sauce/mango sauce/hot sauce. Beware of their hot sauce aptly named Dinamita. The name should be warning enough.

This is their Baked Salmon. I would have liked it if there was no cheese on top.

The star of my Red Swan dinner was definitely the White Toblerone Grilled Ensaimada with Strawberry Sauce (P100++). It’s the best grilled ensaimada I’ve had so far!

My friends had the Dark Chocolate Toblerone and Spanish Chorizo variants. Both were delicious too! Even my mother who is opposed to excessively rich food would have it and like it!

Here are the other kinds of ensaimada Red Swan has:

I will be back there next weekend and I’m sure that I will get Mango Supreme.

*wipes off drool*

Yep, spare me a piece of bread. ‘Yung ensaymada please. 🙂

*artwork found at the 2nd level of Red Swan


Red Swan Grill and Barbeque
36 Scout Santiago St cor Scout De Guia
Quezon City
02 4130825


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The H-Lab

All I knew last Saturday was we were going to New Manila to help Maricris look for a place for the discussion of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything that she’s going to moderate. Well, I asked Joko where we’re going and I just heard her say, “Hwababababa Lab.”

Potek, ano daw? In my head, I decided to call it the H-Lab.

We arrived at our destination– 10a Alabama St, E. Rodriguez. The gate made sure that we were in the right place.


So we went it and saw these shoes before seeing the lab with a name we can’t pronounce. Assstiiiggg. Can’t wait to do this to my old Chucks! :p

The left wing has the tea lab called HAUSBESETZER. So hindi pala Hwababababa. :p Hahaha! According to google, hausbesetzer means squatter in German. I wanted to ask Jetro Rafael (one of the owners of Haus and owner of the resto Van Gogh is Bipolar) why they chose this name, but I was shy to because he was busy gardening. He’s nice but I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt his time with the little oregano plant. :p

The lab’s cabinets are filled with tea, biscuits&crackers, artsy items and other interesting stuff like a set of Make Your Own Absinth and moisturizer in test tubes. The long table has a wide array of tea flavors and munchies. There aren’t a lot of choices found in the menu– only 2 kinds of pasta, a rice meal, a sandwich, several kinds of sausages and quite a few beverages.

The fridge has carabao milk ice candy, Goldschlager in test tubes, ginger beer et cetera. No prob if there aren’t a lot of food yet because the place is new, and really, even if there were only 2 items in the menu, I’d still go there for the art and the ambiance.

All the rooms in the house have contemporary art pieces by Resurrection and by RAA Design that are for sale. I like the room with matchboxes and postcards. 🙂

I sat on this chair because they told me Jericho Rosales bought it and it’s just waiting to be picked up. Hihihihi! *kiiliiiig*

I had coffee with carabao milk in the garden. This section is still under construction but I loved it anyway. 🙂

I would love to go back to Hausbesetzer on a rainy day to enjoy its offbeat coziness some more. I’d probably bring my addicted-to-caffeine/gaga-over-aesthetics friends, Yo and Jap. 

I suggest you bring your friends to 10a Alabama especially those who are like me- in dire of little adventures here in the city! And if you need more adventure, you can check out the house in front of 10a Alabama. 

Makes me wonder if Alabama St. used to be known as Balete Drive.


I only had biscuit and crackers and coffee in Hausbesetzer. Will definitely be back to try the pasta and sausages!


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The Hangover Part 2: Same Plot, More Laughs

In The Hangover Part II, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) travel to exotic Thailand for Stu’s wedding. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch. However, things don’t always go as planned. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can’t even be imagined. — (C) Warner Bros


I most certainly enjoyed the comeback of the wolfpack. The Part 2 is pretty much a carbon copy of Part 1, so I don’t really get the need of calling it part 2 hehehe, but so what? It made me laugh more than I did in the first film. Plus, I loved that they were able to capture the beauty and radiance of Thailand and contrast it with the darkness and seediness of its capital. When I go to Bangkok next year, I am soooo going to explore it heavily.

The Hangover Part 2, imho, is also raunchier than the first. The part when Stu discovered what happened to him and yet another prostitute, was expected (for me, at least) but hilarious. But not as hilarious as seeing the reaction of my movie buddy who almost choked on his popcorn because of his somewhat belated realization of that scene. :p

As for the characters, Phil is still my 2nd favorite, not because he’s the 2nd funniest but because he’s the 2nd cutest and I’m superficial like that. I liked the parts when Stu was being a sissy and when Alan was acting like a bitchy retard. As usual, Doug’s negligible. And as usual, the flashy, unlikely gangster Mr. Chow did not fail to impress with his comedic prowess.

Who’s the cutest you ask? The monkey, of course! Yes, there is a monkey again. Like I said, the film’s xeroxed. Thus, the line “I can’t believe this is happening again!” was said over and over again.

Watch The Hangover Part 2, it’s sure to make you laugh your ass off and wonder about stuff that has something to do with the ass. HAHAHA! Anyway, you have been warned not to expect something fresh, so be a good viewer and just enjoy this dirty comedy. It’s R-18, btw. 

Watch out for the monk and how the bride’s lost brother lost one of his body parts!

And of course, enjoy Alan’s gift to the bride and groom!

Happy weekend, everyone! 😉


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X-Men: First Class– Second-rate Marvel Movie

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, following the classic Marvel mythology, charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga. Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men. (source:

3 stars for the latest X-Men film!

1 star for young Erik Lensherr/Eric Magneto’s hotness

I will not be surprised if Michael Fassbender becomes as successful as Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) for portraying another angsty mutant. His acting as someone who seeks retribution for the death of his mother gripped my heart even as I was resisting the urge to laugh at the less than satisfactory dialogue (with Charles Xavier) about harnessing focus. Yes, baby. It’s somewhere between rage and serenity.


Michael in X-men: First Class and in I-don’t-know-what-movie

1 star for young Charles Xavier/Professor X’s cuteness

How did Hollywood manage to make James McAvoy look even younger here than in The Last King of Scotland? Anywaaaayyy, I loved that he’s nerdycute and so rockstar in this film. His telepathic and creative genius exercised in very important situations– picking up chicks in bars! Hahaha!


James in X-Men: First Class and in Wanted

1/2 star for Alex Summers/Havok’s sexiness

Lucas Till is all grown up! I can hear the cheers of cougars all around the world for this boy. Yes, he’s the boy in Taylor Swift’s music video of You Belong With Me. He did an amazing job being all cute in that video with his love note and a more amazing job in X-Men generating plasma blasts.


Lucas in X-Men: First Class and in the Hannah Montana Movie

1/2 star for the origin of the gang

I’ve always been a sucker for knowing where things come from and this movie delievered just that. I’ve also always been fascinated with the holocaust and the concentration camp scenes with the young Magneto being separated from his mum and being forced by Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) to display his magnetic abilities really grabbed my attention.  There’s an awwww factor with the bro-sis relationship of the shape-shifter Raven/Mystique and the young Charles… and btw, Jennifer Lawrence is hot! Can’t wait to see her as Katniss in the film adaptation of Hunger Games. The recruitment of mutants was also exciting– Banshee’s awesome, Angel’s lukewarm (but hey, I googled who the f she is and turns out, she’s Lenny Kravitz’s spawn hehe), Beast’s irritating, Darwin’s blah. Two thumbs and two toes up for the cameo of Hugh Jackman who told the then-BFFs Erik and Charles to go fuck themselves! :p

Magneto, Moira MacTaggert, Emma Frost, Azazel, Beast, Havok, Angel, Mystique and Professor X

I did not like the evil mutants Azazel, Riptide and Sebastian Shaw for their flat characters. Even Emma Frost was bordering on so-so. It was just interesting to see her out of her Mad Men character. Kevin Bacon still looks/talks/acts like Hollowman to me.

CIA agent Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) was a bore and I heard her character disappointed a lot of the X-Men comic book readers. I know a number of die-hard fans cursing this film to animation hell for not being able to be true to its comic book form. Nothing to say but, I’m glad I don’t read comics!

An idiot told me that X-Men- First Class is of the same level as The Dark Knight. My middle finger disagrees. Hmm, ok, I take it back. Maybe he just said that because of the secret Coldwar scene where the Russians and the Americans are going to blast each other to demise. Maybe he was reminded of the scene where Joker is gonna have the innocent people in one ship and the criminals kill each other by planted bombs. Otherwise, there is nothing psychological about this X-Men film. Please do not compare it to Batman ever, ever again.

Also heard that this is the BEST Marvel movie. My middle finger again disagrees. It’s certainly a thrilling superhero movie worth watching but I would not at all use first class to describe it.


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Baby Panda and Baby Squid

It was a C&C (Cait and Carla) Saturday for Joko, Kassy and I. We played with our inaanak, Cait aka Baby Panda. Kas played with her in her new Dora the Explorer tent. Joko amused her using her colorful charm bracelet. I read her a story that even Joko and Kas seemed to like because I had my preschool teacher mode on! :))

After our playtime with Cait, we kidnapped Carla aka Mommy Panda for lunch at Romulo Cafe. Here’s what we feasted on:

Vigan Longganisa and Cheese Triangles (150-something php)
My 2nd favorite dish! I can eat a dozen of these savory treats! With a more tangy dip!

Ensaladang Filipino (120php)
Nothing could go wrong with salted eggs, okra, singkamas, eggplant, tomato, kangkong and bagoong in a plate! Well… sana may onions rin pala!

Tito Greg’s Kare-kare (250++ php)
House specialty daw. DAW. The taste didn’t stand out as much as the color.

Pork Belly Humba (250++ php)
A little too bland for my taste. But then again, I am Miss Sodium. Hehehe.

Bagnet Pinakbet (150-something php)
Perfectly cooked veggies and crispy pork. Kinda tastes like what my mom makes sans the bagnet. So yep, I liked it! 🙂

Baby Squids in Garlic (230php)
Hands down, the best dish we had! Tender pusit swimming in appetizing garlic sauce. Nomnomnom!

Didn’t have dessert in Romulo, because we had to get our butts to Eastwood in time for a book discussion. Book part, Joko’s. Discussion part, the rest of us. Hahaha! Love my girls. And I love that all (or most) of my girls are as takaw as me. :p

* Thanks Carla LLB for the pictures! 🙂

Romulo Cafe

Scout Tuason cor. Sct. Dr. Lazcano,
Quezon City
(02) 332-7275


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