Garlic desserts, anyone?

Let me say first that their main dishes and appetizers looked really good, but none of us girls had any. Ok, Shani had soup. I tasted it, and it was good. I cannot remember what it was called, though. Basta, it was tomato-ey, and of course, since the resto’s name is Krazy Garlik, it was garlicky as well. Haha. Came there for desserts and let me tell you that it was a really, really bad idea.

We tried their Strawberry Panna Cotta (P195). Truth of the matter is, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good either. I was grateful that the garlic undertone was very extremely light that I was able to eat a couple of spoonfuls. The panna cotta itself was light and creamy. It’s strawberry syrup, just right. Steady, not rave-worthy.

The Crema Catalan (P195) had an overpowering garlic taste. The Spanish-style creme brulee tasted blaaaargh (!!!) and the caramelized garlic almost made me cry. :`( To think I love garlic and I have bold tastebuds.

What’s the apt saying for this? Curiousity killed the cat? No cat died, but it almost killed 2 bunnies that night. One of the bunnies, an hour after eating the sweet garlic monstrosity and a dozen Smints, had to force herself not to throw up during the screening of (another blargh decision of the night) Sucker Punch.


I still think that Krazy Garlik is a good resto. A lot of my friends and colleagues love the place, and even I want to go back to try their Hara Kiri Rice and  Garlic Snowflakes Pizza. I’m just gonna a smart bunny next time and skip dessert.


Krazy Garlik
2nd Level, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
(02) 501-3752


listening to: The Zutons – It’s The Little Things We Do

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