Alms! Alms! Spare me some Red Swan bread!

What I love about Quezon City is that there are many not so popular places that one can go to to get really good nomnom without reducing my wallet into a miserable pulp. After our trip to Hausbesetzer Laboratory, we went to Red Swan for dinner and dessert. I had no idea what kind of food Red Swan serves so I brought no expectations to the unfamiliar restaurant in Scout Santiago. Well, no expectations except for the ensaimada. Masarap DAW eh.

Nothing special about Red Swan’s interiors. Steady, but not so cozy. It’s just a space with tables and chairs. But this is only the 1st floor. The 2nd floor has function rooms that are really pretty. 🙂 There’s the White Room, the Green Room (see picture below), and the Blue Room. Good for intimate celebrations or business meets.

Service was ok. They even gave us free Crispy Ukoy with spicy vinegar. Yummy!

I was disappointed that the mushroom soup wasn’t available. Their Cream of Tomato Soup (P95.00) was good. I just wish next time, they’d serve it hot, not warm.

Their specialty is the Grilled Spareribs but I opted to eat fish. The picture below is their Tuna Belly Teriyaki with Mashed Potato (P185). It was ok. I had a forkful of Kwe’s spareribs and I kicked myself for choosing fish. Anyhoo, I had fun mixing their sauces: steak sauce/mango sauce/hot sauce. Beware of their hot sauce aptly named Dinamita. The name should be warning enough.

This is their Baked Salmon. I would have liked it if there was no cheese on top.

The star of my Red Swan dinner was definitely the White Toblerone Grilled Ensaimada with Strawberry Sauce (P100++). It’s the best grilled ensaimada I’ve had so far!

My friends had the Dark Chocolate Toblerone and Spanish Chorizo variants. Both were delicious too! Even my mother who is opposed to excessively rich food would have it and like it!

Here are the other kinds of ensaimada Red Swan has:

I will be back there next weekend and I’m sure that I will get Mango Supreme.

*wipes off drool*

Yep, spare me a piece of bread. ‘Yung ensaymada please. 🙂

*artwork found at the 2nd level of Red Swan


Red Swan Grill and Barbeque
36 Scout Santiago St cor Scout De Guia
Quezon City
02 4130825


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