Margherita and Megatron

Shani went to Greenhills Promenade to get our Transformers: Dark of the Moon tickets around 4pm and the only seats available were for the 10pm 10:45pm screening. Note to self: never watch a sure blockbuster in Promenade on a weekend ever again.

Because we had a lot of time to kill, we spent the first two hours eating at Papa John’s. Like watching a movie in GH, eating in Papa John’s was also a first for me.

I ordered a Papa John’s Pasta Bolognese Jr. Meal (with a glass of Regular Coke, 120php) and Cream of Mushroom Soup (49.00php). The soup, I liked. A lot. The pasta, I did not. At all.  Joko had Pasta Carbonara and didn’t like it either. We shared a plate of Potato Wedges (90php) and a small Pizza Margherita, 290php. The wedges was just your regular-tasting spuds, while the pizza, in all fairness was really good. It was served with chili and butter. Mmmmm… butter! The Margherita  made up for our disappointment from their pasta dishes.

When I go back to Papa John’s, I’m sticking to pizza and soup.

After shopping, getting our sweet fix– Green Lantern KK donut and coffee for them, Shiok’s Milo Dinosaur and Mexicali Arroz a la Cubana (whaaaat? may saging naman na kasama, matamis yon! hehehe) for me, and talking about gadgets/books/geekery (nahilo ako, I swear), it was finally time to go to the Cinema. But wait! We claimed our tumblers of popcorn and drinks first. For a 320php 3d ticket, you get free popcorn and iced tea/water.

Oww-kaaaayyy. Transformers 3. I don’t know if I already told you that I did not watch Transformers as a kid. The movies, I only watched two weeks ago in preparation for Dark of the Moon. This was of course from my bestfriend’s appalled shouts of “Whaaatttt? Hindi ka pa nakakapanood ng Transformers?” “What’s wrong with you?” “I’m giving you my dvds. Watch!!!” So I was pretty fired up to catch the 3rd installment of the Michael Bay/Steven Spielberg blockbuster. I did not expect a lot because friends who watched before me said that it wasn’t as good as the first 2 films.

And guess what, they’re right. Indeed, Transformers 3 stays true with the universal rule of trilogies. Suck, suckier, suckiest. Mwehehe. Anyway, I still enjoyed watching it because: 1- Hello?!?!! Buzz Aldrin!!! 2- John Duhamel *wipes off drool* 3- Ken Jeong (I think he will not sign any contract if it doesn’t stipulate nudity, lol) and 4- Awesome, awesome effects. I did not regret watching it in 3d.

I will not write more ‘coz I just might give off spoilers. To all those who have not seen Transformers 3 yet, I do not discourage you from watching it. See it, just do not expect anything genius from the dialogue and plot. And also, let go of your love for Megan Fox. But I won’t blame you if you miss her when you see Carly (the new girl with a vavavoom body and blah appeal) talk to Megatron.


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