If Not Now, When?


July 28 was Incubus Day!

This was their set list for the If Not Now, When? concert at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum:

1. Megalomaniac
2. Wish You Were Here
3. Consequence
4. Pardon Me
5.Anna Molly
6. Love Hurts
7. Circles
8. Look Alive
9. Promises, Promises
10. The Warmth
11. Drive
12. Sick Sad Little World
13. Isadore
14. Glass
15. Talk Shows on Mute
16. Adolescents
17. A Crow Left of the Murder

18. I Miss You
19. In the Company of Wolves
20. Nice To Know You

That’s right, bitch! Twenty songs! I’m so glad I went to their 3rd concert! It was my first time to hear Incubus live so I couldn’t relate to my friends who said that the 2nd one was better. :p

Franco was their opening act and they were good. I just had trouble paying attention to them because I was too excited for Incubus to start.

I expected they wouldn’t play a lot of their old hits, but I was wrong. I’ve never been so happy for not being right! I even had my phone ready with internet. I bookmarked a site with Incubus lyrics because I wanted to sing along to even their unpopular songs. I know! Pathetic, pero walang basagan ng trip! Hahaha!

I sang my heart out to Anna Molly (my favorite Incubus song) and Wish You Were Here (nakaka-relate kasi ako, heehee). I was at my happiest when they played Promises, Promises. It’s from their latest album, If Not Now, When? Odd that they did not play that track and opted to do In The Comapny of Wolves and Isadore. Another odd thing was Brandon Boyd did not take his shirt off. Sayang!

Anywaaaaay, it was an epic concert and I hope Incubus will consider going back to Manila for the 4th time.

I also hope on their 4th, Brandon Boyd takes off his shirt or go all the way! :p


listening to: Incubus – Dig

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