Phonebook and Albums

I am a sucker for broken beautiful things.


I changed your name in my phonebook to REMEMBER THE PAIN. It’s my pitiful self-reminder to not backslide whenever you’d call.

I looked at old albums last night and it took a long time to finish looking at all our photos because we have too fucking many. I looked at those to remind me of our tragedy, so I can support your new name in my phonebook. Instead of remembering the hurt and grief I went through because of you, I saw that we were happy. I was really happy with you. And basing on your ear-to-ear smile, it seemed that you were also happy with me.


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listening to: Jason Mraz – If It Kills Me

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  1. Mike B.

     /  August 2, 2011


  2. yan na naman ang “hmmm” . kilala mo naman kung sino yan diba? hindi yung malamang akala ng marami. :p

  3. hmmmm din….

  4. Hmmm na nga rin! Hehehe! :p bakit ba kayo naghmm-hmmm? Mukha bang blind item? Wala yan. Emo hits lang. :p


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