Ang Toyomansi ng Chowking. Bow.

This was dinner a couple of nights ago. Chowking wonton noodle soup, siopao and Coke. I always ask for toyomansi and chili for the wonton and I was shocked when the Chowking person won’t give me free condiments.  She said they charge for take-out orders. Fine. I asked how much the soymansi and chili cost. Five pesos each, she said.

WTF?! Five pesos for a small sachet???

I decided not to buy the overpriced condiments. If you look closely, the soymansi in the picture is from…

MINISTOP. It’s just P2.00. Three pesos for the chili, I think.

Three-peso difference for the toyomansi. Seriously, Chowking, may gold dust ba ang toyo niyo? Kaloka. Ang mahal ha. Tsk, tsk.


listening to: Mark Ronson – Toxic

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