Happy First Weekend of October 2011

Last weekend was one of the best times I’ve ever spent home. =)


These are 3 of my most favorite things. These kept me company in the almost 5-hour trip to Bataan.

The Ilocos Chichacorn is not so salty and popped just right. To all my friends vacationing in Ilocos, yes, this is the pasalubong I expect you to buy for me. Damihan niyo ha.

Three Musketeers is my all time favorite chocolate. I know it’s very sweet, but I rarely get to eat it so I dismiss its sugar and calorie content each time I gobble it up.

Sweet Valley High is my uber-fantasy of choice. I know some of you are puking right now, but i’m just gonna shrug it off. I love the predictable couple Todd and Elizabeth. And in my head, Liz did not end up with Bruce and Todd with Jessica.


I love Sunday comics. Mama loves fruits. She bought a copy of Philippine Star and I bought her favorites lanzones and grapes.

Dennis the Menace is the cutest! I also like the grumpy Mr. Wilson. Mama can finish a kilo of lanzones and half a kilo of grapes in one sitting. I managed to eat 3 of the former and 5 of the latter. I’m not a fan of these fruits but I like it each time my Mama smiles when she sees me pop these healthy treats. :p


I was very hungry and I told my mom I wanted breakfast. I was surprised to see my Daddy in the kitchen cooking. Seryosong-seryoso ang expression, parang nasa Iron Chef. I went to the living room to watch the morning news and after 5 minutes, he presented this plate for me– his baby girl!

My very own breakfast HAPPY MEAL! I love my Dada! πŸ™‚


I’m a very blessed girl. I may not be rich in the material sense but my life is overflowing with love, given and received. πŸ™‚


listening to: Bruno mars – Just The Way You Are (Actually, si Billy. Nagvivideoke hehehe)

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  1. Naku ha, namiss ko tuloy parents ko, parang gusto ko umuwi ng Bicol bigla, haha.

    Have a great weekend na din. πŸ™‚

  2. chichacorn! sarap! πŸ˜€

  3. san mo nabili si 3 musketeers? super fave ko yan at nahihirapan ako maghanap nyan, sa duty free lang ako usually nakakabili =(

  4. LLB: sa cash and carry! πŸ˜€


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