Wolverine Boxes

Should have posted this last week but I was too busy with field work! :p

We watched Real Steel last week and we liked it! I don’t mind watching it again. =) Please pause to scene where Hugh Jackman was shirtless, ok? :)) But seriously, even if the story’s usual… predictable… it was still entertaining. The father and son aspect was heartwarming and the triumph of the robot underdog wasn’t tacky.  The dialogue was a bit cheesy in some parts but it was ok, nothing that made me want to just concentrate on Wolverine’s Charlie Kenton‘s body. Sorry naman. Crush ko si Hugh Jackman since Swordfish! ❤

ANYWAY. The OST’s remarkably energetic, with tracks from Beastie Boys, Eminem and Foo Fighters. My fave though is the only slow song in the soundtrack, an indie-folk beauty by Alexi Murdoch, All My Days. =)

Besides Fanning, there’s another Dakota that’s captured my heart– Dakota Goyo. He sorta reminded me of Justin Bieber and I found him annoying in the Real steel trailer, but he certainly won me over in the first scene that he danced with Atom.  Cute and talented kid! Yes, babaw hits! And just in case you don’t know…  the young Thor in the Thor (duh) was Dakota! 

What else, what else? I wish they create a sequel and let Atom fight Pacquiao. Pareho naman silang People’s Champ. =p


listening to: Bad Meets Evil – Fastlane

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