We keep on saying that men are pigs but we also keep on saying that we love bacon.

~ my Fb status message this morning

Not saying this because the man that keeps on pushing me to folly and madness is a bit on the heavy side. My Facebook, Twitter and YM pages have been flooded by posts about how much I miss him, hate him, and blah blah blah. I know I’ve been losing followers and friends because of this but I don’t care. I like talking about him even if a lot of my posts are waaaay exaggerated. He’s really not a bad person. He’s just bad for me.

I hate that I have several reasons to completely ignore him but I just couldn’t, maybe because of the other several reasons activating some fiber of hope that things will someday be alright between us.

I hate that he has this effect on me. Even the littlest thing he does can drive me to lose sleep.

The mere memory of his smile makes me effervescent. His hot and cold spells destroy my already endangered sanity. I’m too old to know better. I’m too young to care.

This is a timely rant. It’s been four years. I’m not in love. No, no. In fact I don’t fucking know what I feel.


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