Mr. A-Z

I’m still not sure if I’m going to the Jason Mraz concert this Sunday. The first time I heard that the Grammy-award winning artist is coming back to Manila, I tweeted Joko and told her that we should watch just so we can be emotional masochists and remember the guys we used to like who are major fans of his, haha!

I only know 5 songs of Mr. A-Z… The Remedy, I’m Yours, A Beautiful Mess, Sleep All Day, and Wordplay. No, wait. there’s another one. Lucky. That cheesy, pathetic single with Colbie whats-her-face. So there. I think Jason Mraz is a talented artist but I’m not a fan. Still, I sorta wanna go to his concert.

Kinda sucked that I helped my friend, Sean to get patron tickets and I have no idea yet if I’ll be able to go. Anyway, at least I can get free steak and I’m always happy to help a friend. I didn’t know that Sean tweeted that whoever helps him score tix will get a prize from Dillingers 1903. :p Yay for me winning a contest that I unknowingly joined!

Hmmm… so am I watching this Sunday? Probably not. But I think I want to now.

To all those watching, ENJOY! 😉


listening to: Jason Mraz – A Beautiful Mess


Happy Halloween!


listening to: Missy Elliott – Get Your Feak On

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