DISTRITO: The Newest Foodie Happy Place in Makati!

Because it took me almost a year to experience Mercato Centrale, I vowed (naks, how serious) that the same thing will not happen to me with Distrito. And so I attended its opening night last Friday, November 25. 🙂

Distrito is located at the Amorsolo Open Parking lot (beside Makati Med). It has food, fashion and wellness stalls but I did not see much of the last 2 in their first night of business. There were lots of food stalls that serve tacos, steaks, bibingka, dimsum, cakes, pizza and other omnomnoms but only a few that sell clothes and accessories. I actually did not notice any wellness stalls but because Ms. Cory Quirino was there, I assumed that there was one. After all, she is the queen of the World of Wellness!

Distrito opens at 9pm and closes at 3am, Wednesdays-Fridays. Shani, Vlad and I got there even before 9 and we were surprised that there were already a lot of people. Took around 15minutes before we found seats. To my left were call center looking folks. I work in a call center/BPO so trust me, I know my kind. Hehe! It’s also very likely because Distrito is very near contact centers such as People Support, Convergys and Sykes. Our company, ePerformax is 10 minutes away. To my right were college kids who prolly go to La Salle, UA&P or Endurun (or the likes). I just based my guess on how they spoke– in semi-maarte English. Semi lang. If it’s super, you know na from what school! :p I kid!!!!

Ok. Food. The orig plan was to buy from the Filipino-Mexican food truck because ever since I heard about Manila Machine from Jun Belen, I’ve always wanted to eat at a sosyal version of a Jolly Jeep! But I dunno. I didn’t feel like having a burrito or taco that night so I went around twice thrice before I deciding on pizza! And macaron for dessert! (And be a PG [patay gutom] and get some of Shani’s dimsum and Vlad’s bibingka!)

The Fire Escape Pizza Burger. I wasn’t also in the mood to eat pizza, but I liked the idea of eating something as rich and sinful as Offbeat’s Krispy Kreme Burger. Their pizzaburger I chose was The Rookie with 3 cheeses (I think, one of which was feta). I was asked if I wanted it spicy and I said, just a little. The spiciness was perfect with the cheeses. Don’t let the look of the pizzaburger fool you. It’s not a light meal. The pattie’s thick and heavy. It’s also juicy and flavorful. I didn’t really count much on this pizzaburger to wow me but it did! Kudos to the guys who started off with this as their thesis. Overheard one of them saying this to another customer! I think I’ll try the one with the mushrooms next time!

Empire Macarons. There were around 10 flavors to choose from and I chose the one with the prettiest c0lor. LEMON! That and I really like lemon! 😀 This one’s not bad at all for 35php. The texture is great and melts in your mouth. The lemon-y taste isn’t so strong too. I think it will be perfect with milk tea or black coffee or I don’t know… just not with a buco-pandan drink! Haha, I know ‘coz that’s what I had with it! :)) Other flavors of Empire Macaron according to their website are: Cookies and Cream, Chili Chocolate (ohmigosh I have to get some of these), Candied Rose and Salted Caramel.

The Taiwanese dimsums that Shani had were ok, but a little too salty. :\ Shani couldn’t finish hers so I gladly gobbled the leftovers. 😀 Buti na lang, mahilig ako sa sodium! :))

I can’t remember the name of this minced pork rice something in a Chinese take out box that Vlad bought. It’s also from the stall that they got the deep fried kuchay dumplings. Verdict: it’s ok for a hundred bucks.

The bibingka. The ricecake (small one for 65php) that Vlad waited for 15minutes was not cooked well. When I cut it, some batter oozed out. But I still liked it because the sweetness was just right. And well, the uncooked mix didn’t give me a tummy ache anyway. :p

We stayed for a bit and listened to an acoustic duo play alternative songs such as DMB’s Crash Into Me and Duncan Sheik’s Barely Breathing. More people were at Distrito by this time. Even when I got home and checked my Facebook, at least a dozen of my friends updates were about their trip to Distrito. 🙂

I’ve already told them this in person but I want to repeat it here just because.

Mr. Anton Diaz and Mr. RJ Ledesma, congratulations and thank you for Distrito. You guys are one more step close to your goal of making us all fat. 😀


listening to: Duncan Sheik – Barely Breathing

Mercato Centrale, Check!

It took me almost a year to go to Mercato Centrale. Oo na, kahihiyan na ako ng mga foodies! :,(

We went there after trying out Jamba Juice. Because I was still full from the smoothie and pretzel, I decided to get a light dinner–

Claude Tayag’s Pan de Bagnet and Casa Goñi’s Paella Negra.

Shempre joke lang yung light dinner. Ano ba. Ako ito. MATAKAW AKO! 😛

The Pan De Bagnet before it became a sandwich started off looking like…


I did not fall in love with the sandwich at first bite. It tasted bland. But when I had my second bite and heard my teeth crack the crispy pork skin and felt the perfect sourness of the vinaigrette in my mouth, I knew that the medium-sized sandwich was worth the 200php I took out of my Mighty Mouse wallet. 😀 Ang sarap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Paella Negra (85php/cup) was also delicious, but I wish I bought the Wagyu Paella instead. No choice. Sold out na eh. Between squid ink and chorizo, I’d choose the former every time. I hate chorizo. Pero in fairness, maraming bumibili ng Three-Chorizo Paella nila. 🙂

So that’s my 1st ever Mercato meal. Loved it! Now let’s talk about Joko’s and Vlad’s purchases. Kung matakaw ako, matakaw rin ang mga kaibigan ko!

Joanna Katrina bought isaw, takoyaki and fruit shake. Nag-Mercato pa siya para dito, di’ba? She argued that they got bigger, better isaw and there’s crabsticks in the takoyaki. I had nothing more to say after tasting the takoyaki. Masarap nga.

And look at this isaw. Para ngang galing sa dambuhalang baboy!

Vlad bought his dinner from a Korean stall. It’s hard to miss it because there’s a sign that says Seoul Sisters and there’s a Korean lady preparing the food. Hehe.

He said that the Korean barbecue and chapchae tasted good. Good for 99php.

Vlad’s choice of dessert was Salted Caramel Ice Cream. I think he enjoyed it because he was very quiet when he was eating. Or baka na-empacho na siya? :p

Joko also got Revel Bar, Cream Cheese Brownies and Food for the Gods— 3 for 100. I tasted all 3 and found the revel bar too sweet, the brownie was ok but I didn’t taste the cheese, the food for the gods didn’t taste like food for the gods at all but it’s delicious and my fave among the 3! 😀

In conclusion, I wish it didn’t take me that long to experience Mercato. I enjoyed my 1st ever Mercato feast and I can’t wait to go back to try all the goodies from the other stalls! But then again, the people behind Mercato is opening a night market here in Makati tomorrow! DISTRITO‘s got food, fashion, beauty and wellness products galore every Wednesday to Friday from 9pm to 3am!

I guess Distrito is the more convenient choice for a Makati girl like me. But if the anaconda in my tummy strikes again on a Saturday, I will most def go back to Mercato. 🙂

Congratulations, Mr. Anton Diaz for the smashing success of Mercato and best of luck to Distrito! Busugin niyo pa kaming lahat! Cheers!


listening to: Gary Valenciano – Growing Up


Joko, Vlad and I went to the newly opened Jamba Juice in Fort Bonifacio last weekend. Jamba Juice is a popular juice bar in California that offers healthy blended beverages and pastries.

I had the Peanut Butter Moo’d. Joko had Carribean Passion. Vlad had Strawberries Wild. I tweeted the names of our drinks and my friend Sab replied with, “Sounds like sex in your mouth.” I almost choked on the Cinnamon Pretzel we had with our drinks. The pretzel, btw, sorta looks like poop. But it tasted good. Didn’t taste like a pretzel, but the bread still went really well with my Peanut butter Moo’d. 🙂

There’s a photobooth that customers can use while waiting for their drinks. Of course, hindi namin pinalagpas ang photo op na ito.

The joint wasn’t jampacked when we got there, but after 20 minutes of being seated, a lot of people started coming in. Mostly families. With cute dogs.

I loved my peanut butter smoothie. Maybe because it’s the only unhealthy (?) thing on their menu! :p My friends also seemed to enjoy their Jamba creations.

If you also wanna get Jambafied, visit their store at the Bonifacio High Street extension. Enjoy! 🙂


listening to: Bing Crosby – 12 Days of Christmas

Bella Cullen

Joko and I were one of the lucky ones who got to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 on its 1st screening day last Friday at Powerplant Mall. Luckier because there were lots of freebies! Ice cream, cereal, potato chips, lotion, gum, sausages, and even detergent! Hehehe! Thanks to Star Movies VIP Access for the free tickets. 🙂

Anyway, here are my thoughts on “the most anticipated film of the year”. Bwahahaha. I can almost hear all the Twilight-haters scream fuck you in my ear!!! :p

1. It’s definitely better than the book. I read all 4 books and hated books 2-4. The movies are so-so because of…

2. Jacob Black. I’ve loved Taylor’s Lautner since Cheaper by The Dozen 2. I really think he’s one good looking kid. I just try to avert looking at his neck because it reminds me of a giraffe’s/llama’s. Wala pang 20secs, pinakita na siyang shirtless dito sa movie! Yown!!!

3. Good job, Twilight peeps for using Iron & Wine’s song, Flightless Bird, American Mouth again. This is one of my most fave songs in the world and I was totally kilig when this was playing in the wedding scene. This was also used in the 1st movie. Prom scene.

4. Liked Mr.&Mrs.Cullen’s honeymoon in Brazil. Nope. I did not find the violent bed-destroying sex exciting. I just found Bella’s hunger for vampire sex entertaining. Don’t worry. There’s gonna be a lot of vampire sex in Part 2.

5. Alice Cullen. She’s exceptionally pretty here. Akala ko ba dapat si Rosalie ang mas maganda? Mukha siyang lalake kaya. Oh, Alice! Haaaay. I have a big crush on Ashley Greene. 🙂

6. Edward… Edward… What do I have to say about Robert Pattinson… he really looks like a sissy vampire in this film. But the soft tender character was effective when he’s listening to the demon-fetus’ thoughts and tells Bella, “He (akala nila lalake eh) likes listening to your voice.”

7. Freaky pregnant Bella (think Gollum) and the icky birth of Renesmee. Kristen Stewart looked more constipated than ever when she was preggers. Even when Renesmee was clawing out of her, Bella still had the emotional range of a rock. :p

8. Kickass imprinting scene! Well, kickass when they showed Renesmee from CGI-heavy baby to not-so-pretty teenager. The idea of an 18-year old werewolf imprinting on his quasi-gf/bestfriend’s daughter is still gross.

 <— Renesmee! :p

9. Bella wakes up from her coma (or death… and kilometric flashback) as a vampire. That’s the last scene. And she really makes a beautiful vampire. I really hope that for Part 2, the filmmakers makes her the strong Bella she is portrayed in the book. Please lang, no more poker face.

10. Stay for the after-credits. See the Volturi being grammar nazis.

It’s a neat 2nd to the last movie. I can’t wait to see the last one.

And for a lot of you, I’m sure you just can’t wait for all the Twilight everything to end.

Konting tiis na lang! :p


listening to: Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Mochi and Malt

My two sweet finds!


Found this when we went to Binondo. I’m not a big fan of hopia and tikoy so I decided to give mochi a try. I got 2 packs of mocha and 1 pack of choco-orange, 35php/pack. I liked both though I prefer the former. It’s not too sweet and it’s very good with coffee. I also think it’s great with vanilla ice cream. With chopped nuts and chocolate syrup. :D~

But wait. Mochi is a Japanese dessert. Why is it in Eng Bee Tin? Oh well. The Lucky Cat is also Japanese but it’s also always present in Chinese stores!


Kudos to Goya for being a great manggagaya! I love that they are copying popular chocolate products and making them almost as yummy and not as expensive.

I found the Goya Malt Crunch in Robinsons Pioneer  supermarket, so i guess it’s also available in other stores.  It’s just a tad sweeter than Maltesers. And it’s only 16php! I’m thinking of getting a 100+ packs and giving them on Christmas.  To myself. Hehe. :p


listening to: Lady Antebellum – American Honey

Tango Fire!

“Tango is the Everest of social dance. Impossible. Demanding. Intricate. And therefore irresistible.”

~ Margaret Putnam

two Tango Fire dancers

The world-renowned Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires will be performing in Manila! They had an exclusive preview last week in Nuvo, Greenbelt 2. We were given a superquick tango lesson. The instructor told me to stop looking at my feet but because the music was too loud, I did not hear him. I hope he has already forgiven me for stepping on his foot.

Miss Margie Moran with Kassy and guests

Miss Universe 1973, Ms. Margie Moran (now the president of Ballet Philippines) told us that one should listen to the music of his heart (or something like that) to dance the tango. If I consider this, I should be dancing hiphop. :p

But seriously, tango is an extremely interesting dance. Very sexy. Very passionate. It’s like if you can’t give your 100% passion to the dance, then don’t dance.

Kassy, me, Kevin, Ram, Anika, and Joko

And if you wanna see superbly talented Argentinians give their all, catch them at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila on January 17 to 18, 2012 at 8PM.

Tickets start at P1,200 For tickets, contact Ticketworld at 891-9999 or Ballet Philippines at 551-1003. “Tango Fire—Flames of Desire” is for the benefit of Ballet Philippines Foundation’s Noordin Jumalon Dance Scholarship Fund. Please find attached Seat Plan for your reference and review.


Thanks to Kassy for the invite and congratulations for the success of this event! 🙂


image from: http://jonverdavid.wordpress.com


listening to: Astor Piazzolla – Oblivion

Hello, Echo.

I have nothing to say but…

After (literally) 10 years, I finally met Jericho Rosales.

And I’m pretty happy about it. =)


listening to: Kid Cudi – Day n Nite

Sa Panaginip Na Lang

Napanaginipan kita. Nasa loob tayo ng kotse mo. Background music ang Clarity ni John Mayer yata. Tinanong daw kita kung ano ang nangyari at bakit bigla ka na lang nawala. Mahinahon naman ako sa tanong ko. Nagsisimula ka pa lang sumagot (o magdahilan) tinamaan ka na ng kamao ko. Hindi ko mapigilan. Sa bawat salita (kasinungalingan) na lumabas sa bibig mo may katapat na pananakit mula sa akin. Wala na daw akong pakialam kung saan tumama. Tinamaan kita sa mukha, sa dibdib, sa braso. Hindi na ako nagtaka na sa panaginip na ito, hindi ka na sumubok man lang na sanggain ang mga pananakit ko.

Nagising ako na nakangiti.

Ang gaan sa pakiramdam na kahit sa panaginip, nagantihan kita.


listening to: Placebo – Ask For Answers

My First Binondo Food Trip

I would like to thank my 5 tourguides (Ralph, Vlad, Joko, Maricris and Mike)  for making my first Binondo food trip last Saturday fun and memorable. It was a very exciting day for me because the last I was there was years ago with my family and the only thing I remember about it was going to Binondo Church for Visita Iglesia and eating pancit and siopao in a resto with a name I couldn’t even recall.

We met at Binondo Church at lunch time. The proper name for this beautiful building is Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz.

Mass was ongoing when we got there and several hours after, there was a wedding. There was a Chinese guy singing an unfamiliar OPM lovesong as the bride waled down the aisle. No picture of it to share. Hehe.

Joko decided we eat at Wai Ying. It’s in Benavidez Street, a short walk away from Ongpin corner Salazar.

We ordered soychicken mami (100php), beef mami (100php), dumpling mami (100php),

mixed meat congee (100php),

chicken feet (70php) I did not eat this because it reminds me of earthworms

zhachiang or spicy noodles (100php)

hakaw (80php), radish cake (80php),

Peking duck (550php for half kilo),

sugarcane juice (60php),

and almond jelly (70php), milk tea jelly (70php) and black gulaman (70php).

I loved everything and surely, I will be back for more of their delicious and afforable food! Hopefully, the next time I go to Wai Ying, I can already eat rice ‘coz their fried rice looked promising. Yeah yeah yeah, I couldn’t help but look at the dishes the people from the nearby table were having!

The service was quick and polite. The ambience is what you would expect from a Chinese eatery, steady and noisy at the same time, hehehe. Another Chinese resto stereotype, the floor was dirty, but hurray! the washroom was clean. The floor, I’d blame it on the rain that day. When Vlad and I went out to smoke, our shoes got wet and muddy so maybe we were also to blame for making Wai Ying’s floor grubby, hehe!

We waited for the rain to stop. When it did, we went to 999 Shopping Mall (beside 168) to burn the calories we gained from our inexpensive delicious feast.

And after bargain shopping, we went to Dong Bei. They said the best (cheapest) kuchay dumplings can be found here so I had no choice but say yes. All for the love of kuchay!

And they are right! I loved Dong Bei’s kuchay dumplings (100php)! I look pretty happy in this picture, right?

Their kuchay pancake (100php) was also great!

Also their bestseller, xiao long bao (70php). Yipeee for me, the soup inside the dumpling didn’t burn my tongue! :p

It’s only their beef and tomato soup (90php) that didn’t quite satisfy my tastebuds. The broth was too bland. I liked that the beef’s tender though.

We just finished our food and Dong Bei and didn’t hang there for long because of the brownout. The whole street didn’t have electricity that time. So, yep, it was a quick romantic candle light dinner with friends.

Before we set off to Gilmore for videoke, we paid a visit to another must in Chinatown– Eng Bee Tin. Sure, there are Eng Bee Tin’s all over the metro, but I guess it’s more exciting to visit the one in the land of its makers. Mas feeling authentic. Hahaha!

Because I wasn’t in the mood to eat hopia or tikoy or mooncake, I grabbed 3 packs of mocha mochi that I will blog about some other time. I also bought a pack of tofu chips that I already ate but too blah to be blogworthy. the last thing I noticed as i was paying for my purchase was this.

The Golden Buddah! If you’re wondering where the Lucky Cat is, it’s not here. And it’s not Chinese as many think it is. What Lucky Cat? You know, the Welcoming Cat, the one that waves? It’s actually Japanese. It’s called the Maneki Neko. I did not learn this from the guys in Eng Bee Tin. I learned this from Wikipedia. Just thought I’d share it here. Hehehe!


Special thanks to Mike Bahrami aka The Persian Guide for the pictures! 😀


listening to: Parokya ni Edgar – Order Taker (one of the songs from our videoke session after the Binondo food trip)

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