Mochi and Malt

My two sweet finds!


Found this when we went to Binondo. I’m not a big fan of hopia and tikoy so I decided to give mochi a try. I got 2 packs of mocha and 1 pack of choco-orange, 35php/pack. I liked both though I prefer the former. It’s not too sweet and it’s very good with coffee. I also think it’s great with vanilla ice cream. With chopped nuts and chocolate syrup. :D~

But wait. Mochi is a Japanese dessert. Why is it in Eng Bee Tin? Oh well. The Lucky Cat is also Japanese but it’s also always present in Chinese stores!


Kudos to Goya for being a great manggagaya! I love that they are copying popular chocolate products and making them almost as yummy and not as expensive.

I found the Goya Malt Crunch in Robinsons Pioneer  supermarket, so i guess it’s also available in other stores.  It’s just a tad sweeter than Maltesers. And it’s only 16php! I’m thinking of getting a 100+ packs and giving them on Christmas.  To myself. Hehe. :p


listening to: Lady Antebellum – American Honey

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