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Joko and I were one of the lucky ones who got to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 on its 1st screening day last Friday at Powerplant Mall. Luckier because there were lots of freebies! Ice cream, cereal, potato chips, lotion, gum, sausages, and even detergent! Hehehe! Thanks to Star Movies VIP Access for the free tickets. 🙂

Anyway, here are my thoughts on “the most anticipated film of the year”. Bwahahaha. I can almost hear all the Twilight-haters scream fuck you in my ear!!! :p

1. It’s definitely better than the book. I read all 4 books and hated books 2-4. The movies are so-so because of…

2. Jacob Black. I’ve loved Taylor’s Lautner since Cheaper by The Dozen 2. I really think he’s one good looking kid. I just try to avert looking at his neck because it reminds me of a giraffe’s/llama’s. Wala pang 20secs, pinakita na siyang shirtless dito sa movie! Yown!!!

3. Good job, Twilight peeps for using Iron & Wine’s song, Flightless Bird, American Mouth again. This is one of my most fave songs in the world and I was totally kilig when this was playing in the wedding scene. This was also used in the 1st movie. Prom scene.

4. Liked Mr.&Mrs.Cullen’s honeymoon in Brazil. Nope. I did not find the violent bed-destroying sex exciting. I just found Bella’s hunger for vampire sex entertaining. Don’t worry. There’s gonna be a lot of vampire sex in Part 2.

5. Alice Cullen. She’s exceptionally pretty here. Akala ko ba dapat si Rosalie ang mas maganda? Mukha siyang lalake kaya. Oh, Alice! Haaaay. I have a big crush on Ashley Greene. 🙂

6. Edward… Edward… What do I have to say about Robert Pattinson… he really looks like a sissy vampire in this film. But the soft tender character was effective when he’s listening to the demon-fetus’ thoughts and tells Bella, “He (akala nila lalake eh) likes listening to your voice.”

7. Freaky pregnant Bella (think Gollum) and the icky birth of Renesmee. Kristen Stewart looked more constipated than ever when she was preggers. Even when Renesmee was clawing out of her, Bella still had the emotional range of a rock. :p

8. Kickass imprinting scene! Well, kickass when they showed Renesmee from CGI-heavy baby to not-so-pretty teenager. The idea of an 18-year old werewolf imprinting on his quasi-gf/bestfriend’s daughter is still gross.

 <— Renesmee! :p

9. Bella wakes up from her coma (or death… and kilometric flashback) as a vampire. That’s the last scene. And she really makes a beautiful vampire. I really hope that for Part 2, the filmmakers makes her the strong Bella she is portrayed in the book. Please lang, no more poker face.

10. Stay for the after-credits. See the Volturi being grammar nazis.

It’s a neat 2nd to the last movie. I can’t wait to see the last one.

And for a lot of you, I’m sure you just can’t wait for all the Twilight everything to end.

Konting tiis na lang! :p


listening to: Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth

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  1. Hahaha, talagang TAKE THAT, HATERS!

    I’ve never read or watched the Twilight series but only because vampire stuff is not my thing. (I hated Interview with A Vampire, I hate the sight of blood, so there). But as someone who used to be young myself, haha, and who has nieces who are crazy about RPatz & Taylor Lautner, I get this.

    Kaya go lang ng go. Kahit constipated na ang look, hahaha. (I love that!)

    • diba, tita? parang tood lang talaga itsura ni edward and bella! enjoy mga kids sa twilight movies talaga! mga pamangkin ko rin na girls and beckies eh!

  2. Haha I liked the movie to. And ditto on Taylor Lautner’s first scene to be shirtless lol

  3. just saw the movie last saturday…and I think it was amazing, i’ve never read the books actually…and then I missed the 2nd and 3rd movie, ha ha but I really like the flightless bird, american mouth song…I knew it , that was the song when they danced right? I remember Bella dancing with those weird shoes/stuff ha ha.
    the wedding is absolutely beautiful! i love everything about their wedding…except for her wedding dress, but i kinda like the back side of her dress.
    will definitely wait for part 2

  4. oo! ang conservative ng wedding dress pero ang back… slutty! :))

  5. team edward

     /  December 26, 2011

    ive read the books four times over,have the 1st 2nd and 3rd movies,and seen breaking dawn twice.


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