Pagod pero busog!

Been very busy lately. Lots of things to do in the office, career fairs here and there, sponsor activations galore, meetings meetings MEETINGS!!! Tiring, but I’m very grateful for productivity! Nakakamiss lang magtamad-tamaran minsan. :p Yung chill lang, nakatulala sa kisame habang kumakain ng popcorn. :p

Or better yet, ‘yung nakababad ang mata sa tv watching a nice film. Loved Midnight in Paris, the last movie I watched. Haven’t had the time yet to watch Sherlock Holmes 2! Gah! Anyway, is it any good? Or i-dvd ko na lang rin?

Another thing I am grateful for is my constant lamon sessions with friends. 🙂 Baka masiraan na ako ng bait ‘pag puro trabaho na lang, di’ba? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Iya thin. All nomnom and tunganga makes Iya fat. Eh nababalanse, so sexy ako. Chos!

Dinner at Omakase Ayala Triangle

Coffee and kaya at Kopi Roti Columns

Dinner at Hawker 101 near Makati Med

Dinner at Bagnet something-something number near my place :p

Besides eating, other things that keep me happy now are online games for android and ebooks. 🙂 I\ve been enjoying building my own resto and cafe. If you’re using android and play Restaurant Story and Bakery Story, add me up: iyaiyayow. Yes, pati sa games, puro pagkain pa rin. Hah!

As for ebooks, I’ve started to read 1Q84 by Murakami and I think it’s best for me to pause and read another story of his. Kafka, maybe. Or maybe I can just go back to reading Facebook and Twitter updates. Hehe. I’m glad that my besties and my exbf (akalain mo yun) sent me lots of ebooks. I promise to finish reading all of  ’em before the year (or world bwahahaha) ends.

Ok, back to work now. Wait. I’m hungry. :\

Will write about Hawker, Bagnet and Omakase next week. Oh, oh, oh! And my 1st year anniv with VCF! 😀 That should be a good (and dramatic) read.

Take care everyone!



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Everyone is the age of their heart.

My colleague RJ asked me what it feels like to be 30. I’ve been getting the same question since December 20 of last year. That, my friends, was when I entered my third decade. Hrrrmmm… being 30 feels like being 29. Or 25. I don’t know if I’ll still feel the same when I turn 31. Nonetheless, it’s a positive feeling and I guess I owe it to the wonderful people around me, my renewed faith in God and a balanced diet. :p

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The pictures from Mike’s camera were sent to me by Joko yesterday and I am overwhelmed by gratitude that I have reached this age with lovely memories outweighing the bad ones and possibilities that seem more opportune than fearsome.

I’m 30 and I am young. I’m 30 and I am mature. I’m 30 and I am happy. I’m 30 and I’m bound to grow older and happier. 🙂

Cheers! 🙂


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Of soup and pearls

I woke up this morning wanting to call in sick but I couldn’t because there were a lot of things I had to do in the office. I remembered him when a long time ago, I told him I was sick and couldn’t go to work and he offered to bring me soup and take care of me until I feel better. I told him, “Adik ka ba?” I didn’t want him to visit me because I didn’t want my parents to meet him. He met my parents after a couple of months in a very very embarrassing situation. No, my parents didn’t walk in on us while you-know-what. Anyway, we ended up going out and watching a movie albeit me being sick. I didn’t want to kiss him, but he risked getting the virus. True enough, he had cough and colds a few days after. I sent him an sms saying “Get well”. He replied, “Soup?” and I said, “You have helpers. Go ask one of them to make you some.” No wonder he didn’t become my boyfriend. But hey, I wanted to be there but I wasn’t prepared to meet his mom and dad.

I was stuck with that memory this morning and I could help but remember the story of “The Fake Pearl” that my friend Ralph shared with me last night. I almost bawled while walking out of Glorietta when I told him I already knew how the story’s gonna end, “Waaaah!!! I have a fake pearl! Pucha. I have a lot of fake pearls!!!” How can God give me the true pearl when I can’t let go of the fake? How can God show me Mr.Right if my heart and mind cannot move on? What if he’s already in my life but I’m too stupid to notice him because all I see is the one I want to be with but should not be with?

It’s scary. I did not expect that my feelings are still this strong for this guy. Just mid last year I claimed that I was in love with another man boy. This other boy even asked me before why after this guy who wanted to bring me soup, I was not able to love again. I can’t remember what I answered but I knew I answered what I believed was true that time. And what I believed true was I didn’t have feelings for him anymore and that I was just waiting for the right one to come along. Couldn’t be more wrong. Few months after I was asked that question, I was with the soup-guy (haha lame codename I know, so tempted to put his initials but I won’t) and some of my friends and I thought it was just one of those regular drinking sessions where I was chatty because of the alcohol buzz. My friends told me right after that night that they’ve never seen me that happy. Not even with the guy I claimed I was in love with. That scared me because I didn’t want to fall all over again. But I guess I set myself up for trouble. And I fell. Harder than before. I believe the word they used to describe me when I was with soup-guy was effervescent. Lively. Sparkling.

Wow. :,(

I put on my work clothes and put on makeup. I went out of the house and walked to the elevator. I walked back to the house and went in my room and removed all the pictures of us. Just recently, I had our favorite pictures printed because resisting him wasn’t working so I thought, maybe filling my world with his memories might make me sick of him. I kept the pictures underneath a stack of old books that I don’t plan reading. The dust made me sneeze.

I deleted his name from my phonebook.

Hopefully, This is the last time I’m going to write about him.

My body is sick. My heart is hopeful. Real pearl, come to me.


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Saturday Musings

I’m testing if I can blog with ease using my Galaxy W + the WordPress desktop. I’m not a big fan of the android app. I only like it for managing comments and checking stats.

Anyhoo, it’s Saturday and I don’t know what I want to do. Today and for the coming days. I know my must-do’s but I haven’t figured out how long I should keep on doing these things.

It’s a new year and I was bent on making a long post qbout the things I learned from the past year and there are a lot. I just changed my mind because I know it will be inevitably filled with drama and I’ve been trying to avoid drama since I read Rhonda Byrne’s The Power.

I don’t know where this post is leading. Damn. I don’t know a shitload of stuff! Like an hour ago, I checked out makeup tutorial videos in youtube. I think I will try the Kim Kardashian inspired look later. That is if I get lazy and decide not to leave the house today. I will post my attempt to color my face here whether I turn out looking like Kim or Kiray.

I’ll leave you with this walang-pakialaman-kung-saan-ko-gustong-umupo photo taken at the Amcor Football Field in Fort Bonifacio. This shot is a good representative of my current disposition. What it is? Take a guess. It’s not so hard to get it right.


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First Food Post of The Year: Hao Hong Kong Diner

Wednesday night, Joko invited me to attend the MSA (Manila Surfers Association) dinner at Hao Hong Kong Diner. Being the (plate)surfer that I am, of course I said yes! I love being with our surfer friends (lifestyling!) and I love trying out new restos. At shempre, alam naman ng nakakarami na matakaw ako.

I had no idea that Hao is just in Jupiter St. Very near my office. I googled Hao and found it odd that it’s been around since the last quarter of 2011 and I only found a couple of posts about it. The diner certainly deserves a blogpost. We were there last night and we all loved the place!

There are maybe 6 or 7 tables inside. The smoking area is almost as big as the non-smoking section. It’s tastefully decorated and the feel is very chill. Ideal for a casual date or a quiet dinner with friends. But with friends like mine, ewan ko lang yung quiet part. 😛 The place closes at 2am on weekdays and 3am on weekends.

The meals are affordable and there are a lot of choices. The servings are not that big though, but it’s okay because most of the food we had were really good. The waitstaff was also friendly and helpful. There is also free wi-fi. You can check out their menu here, here, here and here. :p

Shani enjoyed the crispy pork hoisin rice topping (148php) and century egg (58php). At dahil Chinese siya, naniwala ako sa kanya. I tried the egg and it was good indeed. I also liked the pechay rice (68php), dumplings (68php) and fried tofu (68php). I chose the special soy sauce. I think I would have liked it more if I paired it with the spicy mandarin.

The hot and sour soup became Joko’s instant favorite. I also ordered it because inggitera ako. It was served piping hot and tasted quite spicy. I ate it with the lobster balls (68php). Good combo! The only food I didn’t dare touch was the Chinese chorizo pao because I do not like chorizo. It’s still part of my food hatelist, which also includes curry, macaroons and rootbeer. ^_^

Dessert was Kefir scoop with glazed pao (108php). Delish pao but the kefir was a bit disappointing. Aside from the desserts in their menu, there are also jars that have “sari-sari store” sweets like Stork, Hawhaw Milk Candy, gold coins, jelly and Flat Tops. I love that the bottles of liquor are just right behind it. Treats for the young and young at heart! :))

They have quite a selction of alcoholic beverages and I’m disappointed I only found out about this place yesterday. Had I known about Hao early December, I would have celebrated my birthday here! Our other friends arrived and I did not take note of what they ate because I was too busy Facebook-ing. :p

Lastly, I noticed all of the prices end in 8. Lucky number!!! Advance Happy Chinese New Year to all! 😀 I am very sure that I will go to Hao again. I hope to see you guys there. But I warn you, what happens in Hao never happened! Haha, this is just me quoting one of items from Hao’s Rules. You can find it on every table.

Thanks for reading my very 1st food post this 2012! Or as they say in Mandarin… xie xie! 🙂

27 Canopus St cor Jupiter St, Makati City
(02) 478-3927


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Holiday Break 2011

This is my first post for the year and I’d like to talk about the last week of 2011.

I’m still hungover from my loooong vacation in Bataan. I spent 9 days with my family and that length is already a huge deal for me because I don’t get to be home every month.

My Christmas break was spent eating (a lot), sleeping (a lot), joking with my parents, visiting the beach with my cousins, reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne, and thanking God for the numerous blessings He has been showering me and my loved ones.

Here are some of the pictures from my simple yet meaningful stay in Morong from December 24 to January 2.

The Nuestra Señora del Pilar church of Poblacion, Morong, Bataan. This is where we went for mass on Christmas Eve and New Year’s morn.

Elmer, Ate Bel, Therese and I in front of the belen. Yes, eh baket? sa gusto naming mag-pose sa harap. 😛

With Father Gerry Jorge, parish priest. He spearheaded the Angel Tree Project with the goal of giving gift baskets to the 100 less fortunate families of our town.

With my goddaughter/niece Reese and her brother Sean. They visited me Christmas morning. The traditional “pangluluhod” aka aguinaldo time.

My cousin Gerald celebrated his 19th birthday the day before Christmas. I loved the pansit bihon and barbecue. I also got one of the flowers from the cake. Hehehe.

After eating, we watched Praybeyt Benjamin. Naglabas ng projector at screen si Gerald. Ayos, di’ba? :p

Daddy celebrated his 62nd birthday on the 29th. Thank you God for giving me a pogi, loving and superkind Daddy.

After lunch, we watched Enteng ng Ina Mo because it’s our yearly tradition to watch at least one MMFF entry. Then we went to the newly opened SM Olongapo and the jampacked Royal Duty Free.

Media Noche consisted of spicy tuna pasta, 14 fruits, red wine, ham, special macaroni soup, veggie stirfry, rice, lotus cream buchi, sapin-sapin, suman and bread with balsamic vinegar. And also our new favorite dulce de leche ice cream. Busog!!!

I went back to Manila carrying lots of pictures and happy memories from my Christmas vacation. =)

Happy New Year! I wish all your prayers get answered this year!


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