Pagod pero busog!

Been very busy lately. Lots of things to do in the office, career fairs here and there, sponsor activations galore, meetings meetings MEETINGS!!! Tiring, but I’m very grateful for productivity! Nakakamiss lang magtamad-tamaran minsan. :p Yung chill lang, nakatulala sa kisame habang kumakain ng popcorn. :p

Or better yet, ‘yung nakababad ang mata sa tv watching a nice film. Loved Midnight in Paris, the last movie I watched. Haven’t had the time yet to watch Sherlock Holmes 2! Gah! Anyway, is it any good? Or i-dvd ko na lang rin?

Another thing I am grateful for is my constant lamon sessions with friends. 🙂 Baka masiraan na ako ng bait ‘pag puro trabaho na lang, di’ba? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Iya thin. All nomnom and tunganga makes Iya fat. Eh nababalanse, so sexy ako. Chos!

Dinner at Omakase Ayala Triangle

Coffee and kaya at Kopi Roti Columns

Dinner at Hawker 101 near Makati Med

Dinner at Bagnet something-something number near my place :p

Besides eating, other things that keep me happy now are online games for android and ebooks. 🙂 I\ve been enjoying building my own resto and cafe. If you’re using android and play Restaurant Story and Bakery Story, add me up: iyaiyayow. Yes, pati sa games, puro pagkain pa rin. Hah!

As for ebooks, I’ve started to read 1Q84 by Murakami and I think it’s best for me to pause and read another story of his. Kafka, maybe. Or maybe I can just go back to reading Facebook and Twitter updates. Hehe. I’m glad that my besties and my exbf (akalain mo yun) sent me lots of ebooks. I promise to finish reading all of  ’em before the year (or world bwahahaha) ends.

Ok, back to work now. Wait. I’m hungry. :\

Will write about Hawker, Bagnet and Omakase next week. Oh, oh, oh! And my 1st year anniv with VCF! 😀 That should be a good (and dramatic) read.

Take care everyone!



listening to: Calvin Harris – Flashback

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