As most of my close friends know, I am a frustrated artist (in Tagalog, maarte). I first heard of Draw Something from a friend (I was actually stalking him on Facebook hahaha) and I was intrigued with the colorful kiddie drawings he and his girlfriend (that bitch!) have been posting on his timeline. I downloaded the app and at first, I didn’t want to play with my Fb contacts just because. I chose random people to be my playmates. This happened 3 weeks ago. It was fun but I didn’t play it a lot then because I was still hooked on Bakery Story and Restaurant Story and it was boring to play with strangers.


The addiction started when I attended quiznight in Capricciosa and noticed my teammates playing DS instead of answering the category on massages. nag-aagawan pa ng iPad kung sino ang magdo-drawing! I decided to give Draw Something another try and played with my Fb friends. I slept very late that night trying to earn more coins to buy more colors. I set my alarm earlier than the usual and when I woke up, I looked for my phone, clicked on Draw Something and guessed my friends’ drawings. I was too excited to play because I knew I already had enough coins to buy more colors! Ang hirap magdrawing na black, blue, yellow and red lang ang gamit ha!

Here’s the very first drawing I made with the 1st color package I bought. Say hi to Mr.Lion!


I made that even before I could brush my teeth. Hehe.

Now, I play DS with my college friends, FB and Twitter contacts, colleagues, and a couple of strangers. I love putting effort into anything I draw even if it’s just worth 1 coin! I hate drawing people because I suck at drawing hands, but with the practice I’ve been getting because of this app, I’ve noticed that they’re starting to look like hands and not lumpy sausages! I already bought 4 color packages and I still check my phone often for new drawings. I don’t know until when this addiction to DS will last.

Here’s to hoping Charles Foreman, creator of Draw Something will come up with more ideas to make this app enjoyed by more people for a really long time.

Here’s a link of the successful story of Mr. Foreman. http://kamukamo.com/2012/03/29/creator-of-draw-something-inspiring-story/ Did you know that he was about to give up his company Omgpop that was set to run out of money this May until he created Draw Something and became an instant success? Drawsome, right? 😉

So what are you waiting for? Add me up: iyassantos@gmail.com Let’s draw!!!


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Best Lugaw in Town


Mommy Joyce and I attended the PESO job fair yesterday at the Quezon City Hall and as part of our ritual, we ate first to get and keep us energized (and to put us in a good mood) in interviewing applicants. We checked out the long strip of food stalls and found this regular-looking stall with special goto. I actually didn’t have goto. I asked for lugaw (porridge) only, or what they call “walang laman”. Also bought tokwa’t baboy because I cannot live on lugaw alone. Mwehehe. For only 50php I already had a flavorful and satisfying brekky. Added 10php for gulaman. Ang saya ko sana kung meron din puto pao, pero wala.

Anyway, if you happen to be around the area, do check out Alwyn and Aljana’s Goto, Tokwat’s Baboy at Okoy. They have the best lugaw! At least the best lugaw I’ve had… so far… in Quezon City. And yeah well, I did live in QC for 2 years so I do know what I’m talking about. :p 

Also, their ates and kuya are very friendly. HI mga ate and mga kuya! I know that you  guys will google this blogpost, so HI! I told you I’ll write about your store! 😀 Next PESO QC jobfair, I’ll definitely be back for more lugaw and tokwa! 🙂


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Urameshi-Ya? Hai!

Dave, my kabarkada fresh (?) from his Singapore vacay wanted to eat in Little Tokyo, so I accompanied him because of 3 reasons. 1) It’s been a while since I went to Little Tokyo even if it’s very near my place. 2) I wanted to get Toshi, the stuffed toy I bullied him into buying. Check the collage, Toshi is the cutie teddy bear from Sentosa. The other toys, the porndoll and the devil are unmistakabily Dave’s. Bwahaha! 3) I wanted beer and sashimi.


The resto that Dave chose, Urameshi-Ya is known for serving excellent yakiniku. Sana lang diba kasi yung full name ng resto is Urameshi-Ya Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant! Hahaha! We got the Tarafuku-Set– with plates of beef and pork (including intestines!), a bowl of spicy mushroom and seaweed soup, a cup of kimchi, and a plate of salad. The sauce was soy sauce and a brown paste that I do not the name of. You can grill the meat yourself on the tabletop charcoal stove or you can ask one of their friendly waitstaff to do it for you.


Urameshi-Ya doesn’t serve sashimi so we got ours (tuna and sashimi) from one of the other restos. Loved the sashimi because the pieces were big and fresh like Kikufuji’s! Same with the meats for yakiniku. They were also seasoned just right. But but but, unfortunately for me, the porkfat was overwhelming. I accidentally put one big piece in my mouth and tried to eat it coz sayang if I spit it out pa. Hehe. Wrong move. Nahilo ako. Much as I like grilled fatty parts, I can only eat really small portions. Too much makes my head ache like crazy. 😦 Good thing their salad and soup saved me from the curse of the fatty chunks. I didn’t touch the kimchi because I hate kimchi. In fact I hate all Korean food except for their barbecue and beef stew.


We enjoyed the food with ice cold San Mig Light and Pale Pilsen. In case they serve you the new bottle of Pilsen, you can ask them to give you the classic one. ‘Yung short and stout. ‘Yung according to Dave, pang-Fernando Poe Jr. daw. Hahaha! A bottle of beer is 65php. The Tarafuku set is around 1,800php. The sashimi, probably around 300php. Food’s pricey. Beer’s cheap. Pwede. The food will definitely not disappoint and there’s always beer to make you happy!


And we wanted to be happier so we went to Whistlestop in Jupiter for more beer because restos in Little Tokyo close at 12ish.Take note, walang FPJ bottles of Pale Pilsen in Whistlestop.

A little extra, in Japan, it’s polite to say itadakimasu before eating a meal and gochisōsama deshita after. You can also say this when you’re in Little Tokyo. 🙂

Urameshi-ya Yakiniku Restaurant
Little Tokyo Makati
2277 bet. Pasong Tamo and Amorsolo Street (beside Makati Cinema Square)
(02) 8132210


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Live AIDS 2012

“What??? Hindi ka pa nakakapanood ng Live A.I.D.S.?!??!”

That’s what JP, my Thomasian colleague shouted in disbelief when he found out that I haven’t watched any of UP SAMASKOM’s shows yet. I felt like a useless Iska. Natalo pa ako ng Thomasian na halos lahat ng performances napanood! 😦 So when Joko told me about Live A.I.D.S. (Ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng Samaskom) 2012, I said YES, utang na loob, kailangan ko nang makapanood!

We made it a point to sleep early on a Saturday gimik night (we went to a surf/skate/barbecue party in 121) so we can wake up early on Sunday. The got the 10am show so the plan was to take advantage of UP in the morning by eating breakfast at Chocolate Kiss. We had spanish omelet with ciabatta, french toast, devil’s food cake, tsokolate-eh and coffee.


After a filling and oh-so satisfying Chocolate Kiss brekky, we went to Aldaba Hall for Live A.I.D.S. 2012: Before and Laughter. They made spoofs of the end of the world and the Mayan contribution in everyday life, MMFF and classic movies, Adele, Whitney Houston, and even the legend of the pineapple. It was not a perfect show, but I enjoyed it a lot! A true parody of life! The portion I liked best was Adele’s and then Whetney’s (yep, I spelled that correctly). You can check out Samaskom’s Adele here—> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BQx2lRS5hg =)

Sumpa ko, wala na akong papalagpasing Live A.I.D.S. kahit kailan! Congrats to the cast and crew of Before and Laughter especially to the head writer- the one who played jejemon in Alamat ng Pinya. Ang utak mo ay tunay na pang-Isko, bro! 😀


Before Joko and I went back to Makati (to see In The Heights), we had lunch at Mister Kabab in UP-Ayala Technohub. Chelo Kabab! Keema! Stew! Yummeh! Like Chocolate Kiss, Mister Kabab never fails to make me and my tummy happy!

Aaaannnddd.. for dessert… halo-halo!!! At Razon’s of couse!


That Sunday in UP was great! I should go to UP regularly for the nomnoms and theatre stuff. Gonna work on this! I’ve missed you, Peyups!!!


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Bunny Family Night


The first bunny family of the year was held in Greenbelt last night. Dinner was at the newest (?) branch of Sumo Sam. I was already full from my McDo dinner in the office so I just had tofu miso soup and chicken teriyaki salad. I wish I just had unagi and the pomelo shrimp salad that Joko and Kwe had though. ^_^

I gave them special gifts pero hindi ko pwedeng sabihin kung ano yun. Basta laughtrip ang reactions nila! 😀

Dessert was at Pinkberry. They had watermelon yogurt with cheesecake, Heath bar and blueberries. I chose mango yogurt with strawberries and cheesecake bits. I liked it. 🙂

I got hungry again and I asked if we can go to McDo. Shempre, supportive naman sila sa katakawan ko! I wanted another cheeseburger meal again. There, we were entertained by this kid named Marco- a highschool looking boy who picked a fight with one of the young customers. Ewan ko sa kanila. Mukha ngang hindi pa mga tuli. Bwahahaha! Arrogant rich kids. Tsk tsk tsk.

Buti pa kami well behaved. And cute. And cuddly. Hahahaha!

“A friend is someone who knows who you are but loves you anyway.” ~ J. Cummings

True. I love my bunny family. 🙂


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Lifestyling: Surfers’ Hao/BSide Night

I was suffering from migraine last Wednesday but I forced myself to get better so I can attend the Manila Surfers Association comp kickoff party at Hao Diner.

It was nice to see my friends, drink alcohol,


watch the couples pizza eating contest,


eat leftover pizza,


go to an afterparty in BSide,


have one of the members of Salbakuta take a picture of me with Kuya and his “balls”,


and continue to live a life of a poser-surfer. :p


Lifestylin’ yeaaaahhh! Hahaha!




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Petra & Pilar (& Iya)

I am very lucky to be living in Makati. The roads may be headache-inducing but the places to eat (usually) make up for the migraine one gets from the traffic. I’m not even talking about restos in Rockwell or Greenbelt. There are many restos that serve great food without threatening your budget.

One of these restos is Petra & Pilar.

This “fancy carinderia” is owned by Ms. Katrina Ponce Enrile, daughter of the always-awesome Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile aka Manong Johnny. Petra is JPE’s mother and Pilar is his wife Cristina’s momma. 


Shani and I had dinner there last night and we didn’t get to have the carinderia experience and make turo-turo the ulam served in chafing dishes, steel warmers or whatever they are called! :p We made turo-turo the yummy-sounding dishes in the menu instead.

Our nomnom picks were Tortang Talong at Kalabasa with Labahita Flakes (150php) and Croquetas de Bacalao (160php). Their bagoong rice is 35php a cup.


We agreed that we picked a really good combo and we finished everything including the garnish. We were very satisfied with the food that we checked the menu for dishes we are going to order the next time we visit.  Crispy Kare-Kare and Baby Pusit Adobo? Sounds absolutely fantastic, right? Okay, tumutulo na ang laway ko dito sa table. Chos! :p

Anyway, going back… :p Shani had dandelion tea. Sago at gulaman for me. 40php for the tea and 45php for the sago me thinks.


I can’t remember the price of the Leche Flan with Pudding but I do remember that it’s very creamy, rich and sweet that I wanted to cry because I couldn’t eat more than half a teaspoon. Damn sore throat and cough. 😦


Aside from the great food, the things that I like about Petra & Pilar are:

Nice restrooms. Errr… I didn’t see the little boy’s room. Of course, I’m just assuming. :p The little girl’s room is clean kasi eh. :p

Fast wi-fi connection. I was able to play Restaurant Story and Bakery Story with ease last night, hehe. Kumakain na nga, pagkain pa rin ang nilalaro. :p

Courteous staff. Kudos to the waiters and kuya guard!

Delimondo. I must come back and get corned beef and chili-garlic oil for my Mama and Daddy. Or for my foodie friends. Or just for myself.


Acoustic night… we actually experienced this last Valentine’s. 🙂

Delivery. Wow-wow-wow! Ayos ito. Sana mabola ko ang boss ko na magpa-deliver kami soon! Hehehe. You can call 02-8875168.

If you’d rather go here… Petra & Pilar is located at the Ground Floor of the JAKA Center Building, Export Ave. corner Pasong Tamo. Remember that Export Ave is one-way. Ganito talaga kami sa Makati. You might have a hard time parking, but the food will be definitely worth it. 😀


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