Urameshi-Ya? Hai!

Dave, my kabarkada fresh (?) from his Singapore vacay wanted to eat in Little Tokyo, so I accompanied him because of 3 reasons. 1) It’s been a while since I went to Little Tokyo even if it’s very near my place. 2) I wanted to get Toshi, the stuffed toy I bullied him into buying. Check the collage, Toshi is the cutie teddy bear from Sentosa. The other toys, the porndoll and the devil are unmistakabily Dave’s. Bwahaha! 3) I wanted beer and sashimi.


The resto that Dave chose, Urameshi-Ya is known for serving excellent yakiniku. Sana lang diba kasi yung full name ng resto is Urameshi-Ya Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant! Hahaha! We got the Tarafuku-Set– with plates of beef and pork (including intestines!), a bowl of spicy mushroom and seaweed soup, a cup of kimchi, and a plate of salad. The sauce was soy sauce and a brown paste that I do not the name of. You can grill the meat yourself on the tabletop charcoal stove or you can ask one of their friendly waitstaff to do it for you.


Urameshi-Ya doesn’t serve sashimi so we got ours (tuna and sashimi) from one of the other restos. Loved the sashimi because the pieces were big and fresh like Kikufuji’s! Same with the meats for yakiniku. They were also seasoned just right. But but but, unfortunately for me, the porkfat was overwhelming. I accidentally put one big piece in my mouth and tried to eat it coz sayang if I spit it out pa. Hehe. Wrong move. Nahilo ako. Much as I like grilled fatty parts, I can only eat really small portions. Too much makes my head ache like crazy. 😦 Good thing their salad and soup saved me from the curse of the fatty chunks. I didn’t touch the kimchi because I hate kimchi. In fact I hate all Korean food except for their barbecue and beef stew.


We enjoyed the food with ice cold San Mig Light and Pale Pilsen. In case they serve you the new bottle of Pilsen, you can ask them to give you the classic one. ‘Yung short and stout. ‘Yung according to Dave, pang-Fernando Poe Jr. daw. Hahaha! A bottle of beer is 65php. The Tarafuku set is around 1,800php. The sashimi, probably around 300php. Food’s pricey. Beer’s cheap. Pwede. The food will definitely not disappoint and there’s always beer to make you happy!


And we wanted to be happier so we went to Whistlestop in Jupiter for more beer because restos in Little Tokyo close at 12ish.Take note, walang FPJ bottles of Pale Pilsen in Whistlestop.

A little extra, in Japan, it’s polite to say itadakimasu before eating a meal and gochisōsama deshita after. You can also say this when you’re in Little Tokyo. 🙂

Urameshi-ya Yakiniku Restaurant
Little Tokyo Makati
2277 bet. Pasong Tamo and Amorsolo Street (beside Makati Cinema Square)
(02) 8132210


listening to: Sak Noel – Loca People

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