Lola Miling

My paternal grandmother passed away this afternoon.

{1 year old me with Lola}

She suffered from kidney tumors and colon and lung complications. Daddy visited her in the hospital last week and he called me up so I could talk to Lola. I told her I was sorry for not visiting yet. I told her to wait for me because I would visit her soon. I even joked that mag-iinuman pa kami*. She laughed (yung mahinhin niyang tawa, see, mana ako sa Lola ko) and told me to take care.

I was supposed to see her THIS Saturday. I was supposed to hug her and tell her how grateful I am to her for giving me my Daddy. I wanted to tell her that even if I’ve always thought that I wasn’t a favorite apo because I rarely spent my vacations in Pangasinan, I treasure the memories I spent with her in the family house’s dining room, where she’d struggle in talking to me in Tagalog and pushed me to eat more bangus, talangka, and sugpo… when she’d giggle like a child whenever I’d speak to her in broken Pangalatok/Ilokano…

I was supposed to see her this Saturday. I even asked my Dad if he wanted to meet up with me in Dagupan so we’d just go to the hospital together. He replied that Lola would be brought back to the family house because that’s where she wanted to rest. After an hour, I received a message from my Dad again. Lola Miling already passed away. She didn’t even get to make it home.

But I guess, God already welcomed Lola in her real home– in heaven where my Lolo Felix had been waiting for almost 12 years. There, they can continue their love story and watch over all of us here.

I don’t even know their love story. I never bothered to ask. It’s a regret that I didn’t. It’s a regret that I did not seize the opportunities to be close to her.

To all of you out there, don’t be like me. Have a sense of urgency to express your appreciation, need, want, love to the people you care about.

I’m going to Pangasinan this weekend to pay my respects to Lola Miling. If you could, please say a little prayer for her. Her name was Emilia Lomibao Santos.


* Lagi ko noon jino-joke si Lola na mag-iinuman pa kami kasi when I was little, nakikita ko s’ya na may hawak na lapad. Parang si Tita Minerva sa Palibhasa Lalake. :,)


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Oishi: Nothing Short of O,Wow!

When my friend invited me to attend Oishi‘s new campaign launch, I said YES without asking for further details. My 3 reasons:

1. I’ve loved Oishi since I was a cute (walang papalag) little girl. I remember Oishi Prawn Crackers being my snack of choice whenever my parents and I would watch movies– in Betamax. So now you know how old I am and how long Oishi has been around. 🙂

2. Oishi is one of the loyal partners in our company events. I have seen thousands of our employees and applicants happy because of Smart C, Fiber & Fruit, and Gourmet Picks potato chips. My favorites among these are the Grapefruit Smart C and Natural Sea Salt chips– my current moviesnack of choice. :p tsaka Pillows rin pala.

3. I wanted to know who’s the mystery endorser of their O,Wow! campaign. I read in Twitter that it’s gonna be the Elmo Magalona but I wanted to be there to be sure. Mwehehe!


So last Saturday afternoon, with my friend Homer, I went to Trinoma for the launch of Oishi’s O,Wow! Campaign.

The event was hosted by VJ Andrei Felix and sportscaster Rizza Diaz. The audience was treated to fun and games including the saksakan ng bago na Bring Me! :))

There were 3 humongous boxes at the center of the Activity Area that held the special guests of Oishi. They were cloaked in red when they entered. I knew Elmo was there somewhere. My guess was his onscreen sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose couldn’t be far behind. But who’re the boys that entered the 3rd box? Anong banda sila? Kasing yummy ba sila ng Oishi? Hmmmm…


After loads of potato chips and screaming of O,Wow!’s… the surprise guests were unveiled. Elmo Magalona, check! Julie San Jose, check! Aaaaaannnnddddd… Callalily! So I was right about the yummy part! Kean Cipriano, double check! :))

Oishi gave us a high-energy concert experience. Julie performed several hits including the gasgas na but still fun to listen to, Super Bass. Callalily performed their songs and I was happy to hear Stars again. It transported me back to the time Kean looked so boyish at ‘di makabasag pinggan. Hahaha! Of course, Elmo sang a mix of covers and originals. The crowd (well, mostly teen girls) went gaga when he danced to Teach Me How to Dougie. I was impressed when he sang 3 Stars and The Son. You will be too. You can download the single for free here.

I looked around and saw Miss Pia Magalona with a big smile, looking oh-so proud of her son. Well who wouldn’t be? Elmo is a talented kid that is a fantastic endorser of an equally fantastic brand. His fun and adventurous vibe and Oishi’s variety of delicious and affordable snacks are nothing short of O,WOW!


You can also give yourself an O,Wow! experience by treating yourself to Oishi snacks like– Wafu (gosh, I love these leche flan/cheese wafer sticks), Gourmet Picks (potato chips cooked in sunflower oil), Marty’s (veggie chicharon), or Porky Pops (baked not fried lean pork rind).

Beat the summer heat by drinking the refreshing Smart C. It comes in 3 flavors: lemon, orange, and pomelo-grapefruit. You can also choose the healthier alternative Fiber & Fruit. Here’s yours truly holding a bottle of apple-flavored F&F. There’s also peach and grape but this one’s my fave. This was taken in Market! Market!, in one of our job fairs. I grabbed one before thirsty applicants finish all of ’em. :p


Share your O,Wow! moments on Twitter using the Oishi O, Wow! hashtag #OWow #Oishi and like them on Facebook.


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My True Happy Meal


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of McDonald’s. I’ve loved it since I was a little girl. I didn’t care if I was the only one who wanted school supplies printed with Grimace’s cute, weird face when all of my classmates were crazy over Jollibee (that gay insect). Well, I never cared for Ronald. I will never like clowns. *cringe*

I had a medium Big Mac meal for breakfast yesterday.


It was almost a year since I last had one so I savored every bite of the Bic Mac, pausing every other bite to say ang sarap ang sarap saraaaapppp. When it came to the last bite, I looked at it and said goodbye. It was a truly satisfying meal. It will always be my true happy meal. 🙂

I love you, McDonald’s forever and ever! 🙂


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Burger Machine, Lecheflan-less Halo-Halo, and a Beautiful Sunset

I feel energized!

I went home last weekend to spend time with the greatest oldies in the world (my parents!!!), drink at the beach with my cousins, experience the newly opened Burger King Machine, and take care of my pet plants!

This is my Mama and me before mass in Our Lady of The Pillar church started. I didn’t get to take a pic with my Daddy because Fr. Gerry already arrived. If you’re wondering why I don’t have lots of pictures of my parents, that’s because they aren’t camwhores like me. Hindi ko talaga gets kung kanino ako nagmana. Pumapayag lang magpicture-taking talaga ‘yang mga ‘yan kapag birthday nila or ‘pag Christmas!


The gospel that day was about Doubting Thomas. I think it was a timely reminder for me to stop worrying and just trust God with everything. Everything by Lifehouse was the song on loop in my 3day-vacay. That and Hey Jude by The Beatles. Hmmmm… coincidence?

As we were walking home after mass, I went slow-mo when I saw the newest addition to our sleepy town of Morong, Bataan. BURGER MACHINE. Whooooaaaaaa. This is the first ever fastfood that’s ever been built in Morong. I don’t care if it’s smalltime. Progress is still good no matter how small it is. Today, Burger Machine. Tomorrow, Jollibee! Next year, Starbucks, Next decade, SM!!! Hahaha!!! Oh well, one can hope. 😉


Some of my cousins went with me for dinner there. With the suggestion of my friend Jon, I had the PinakaBurger or Jumbo Burger, the one with everything on it– chili, bacon, cheese, coleslaw! It will never be my favorite burger but it tasted better than a Big Mac that time, because I was very happy. :p I even got my little inaanak a pasalubong. Cheesedog daw sabi ni Reese. Matakaw, mana sa Ninang. 🙂

The following morning, I woke up to this breakfast prepared by my Daddy. Cornflakes, ensaimada, coffee… and a timely article! Hahahaha! Ang lakas lang talagang mang-asar ng tatay ko! My mother also had her turn in talking to me about love over lunch. Yuuuuccckkk. Awkward. Kinwento ba naman uli sa akin ang lovestory nila ni Daddy! Shempre, gumanti ako at nagkwento rin ako tungkol sa mga ex-boylets ko! :))


By afternoon, I hit the beach. I love that I have a cool uncle that owns one of the best resorts in our town. Do google it– East-West Resort. The amenities are not as flashy as the other resorts’ but the beach is definitely better. Feel na feel mo talaga ang probinsya charm. 🙂

Had rumcoke and lots of junkfood with my cousins and talked about school and career. It was my first time to drink with my younger cousins (23 and 17) and I felt that I was the family blacksheep/b.i. na kasing bata ng looks nila. At kasing fresh. Or mas fresh. Bwahahahaha!!! I love my cousins. I hope that I can spend more time with them. 🙂


My third and last day of vacay was spent mostly at home.

We bought sari-sari store halo-halo and for the first time in years, I ate pinipig again. See, I am not fond of halo-halo, unless it’s Razon’s with ingredients so few, ingredients that I all like. Medyo disappointing kahit masarap naman kasi walang lecheflan sa taas. pero may ube sa loob. It’s my Mama that loves it so to fully enjoy our lunch of hilaw na mangga, inihaw na bangus, and pandan rice, I agreed on having the halo-halo for dessert. Funny nga because Daddy forgot to pay Ate Belen. Akala niya, nabayaran ko na. So after eating, he hurried back to the store to pay her. Wawa naman si erpats, ang init-init pa naman! :))

Nakarma rin naman ako because I was Miss Sweaty when I went to the backyard  to check our plants– eggplants, tomatoes, sili, guyabano, dayap, bananas, mangga, blah blah blah. It sorta sucks that the weather is too damn hot, some of plants are dying. 😦 Di ‘bale. My Mama has a greenthumb. Kaya niyang buhayin ang mga pananim!!! Go Mama!


Sinigang was on the dinner menu, so while I was waiting for the pork to cook, I went out to buy pasalubong. Ano pa nga ba, eh di kasuy. Cashew was my colleagues’ requested pasalubong. Dati, suman sa lihiya. Too bad I didn’t get to buy lots of kasuy because it’s still so expensive! Pero ang sarap talaga ng kasuy ng Bataan. Talong-talo ang kasuy ng Palawan at Antipolo!

When I went back home, Mama and I finished cooking the sinigang. It turned out exceptionally delicious even if we didn’t get to put kangkong and labanos. It was just pork, onions, okra, eggplants, and gabi. Patis with siling labuyo as sawsawan of course. And because it was a special dinner (because I’m home) we had Coke. :p


I’m now back in Manila. Arrived this morning. I’ll be counting the days until I am home again. Tonight, I’ll be dreaming of cheap lecheflan-less halo-halo, beautiful sunsets, and the warmth of our comfy sofa…


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Trip to Caliraya

Took advantage of the long vacay and went to Caliraya with 2 of my favorite friends.

The trip started in Alabang where Dave and I bought supplies from my all-time favorite Makati Supermarket, then at Countrystyle Northgate for coffee and donuts while waiting for Colleen to finish her shift. The trip to Cavinti, Laguna was filled with Dave’s old man sounds, my music that can turn anyone into a 12 year old blond girl or a 21 year old nigga in the club, Colleen’s craving for crabs (gusto niyang ngatain sa kotse), and exaggerated usage of our now fave expletives bobo-bobo and tanga-tanga c/o my horrible taxi experience with the driver cursing from Makati to Alabang. :p


Had dinner at Stop Over Kitchenette before heading to the vacation house. We were still full from adobo, tortang talong, and fried tilapia when we got to Sierra Lakes that we only had chips (yung sosyal naming chips hehe) with SML.

Drank at the balcony. Us girls didn’t want to go down to the deck because it was too dark, but we gave in around 3am after Dave assured us that our night-vision will work. Pero sa totoo lang, naawa lang kami sa kanya kasi mag-isa siya sa baba, singing I See A Darkness by Johnny Cash. :p It was a good experience by the lake at 3am. It was serene with hints of scary (may ghost daw dun eh) and annoying (because of mosquitoes). Slept around 4am.

I don’t know why but I woke up early the following day. I had to go to the caretakers’ because I had to ask for onions and garlic. Hindi kasi kami nakakuha sa Makati Supermarket, pero isang case ng beer hindi nakalimutan. :)) I cooked adobo fried rice, corned beef (with lots of onions) and spam. No omelet because we also didn’t get to buy eggs. Oo na. Kasalanan ko na. NOT.


After a couple of hours, we went out to get more supplies– like eggs, tomatoes, and booze. Dave brought us to see the Caliraya Lighthouse and the Japanese Garden before going back to Sierra Lakes.

Going back to the house = going back to the kitchen. I would like to send hugs and kisses to the caretakers, Ate Baby and Mang Guding for helping us in grilling the tilapia, bangus, porkchop, spareribs and making grilled eggplant salad. Ang sarap!!! Goodbye diet!!! Balik na naman ang chipmunk cheeks ko. Bundat lang talaga kami after. 🙂  Nagkwentuhan kami ni Mommy Colleen after and nagbuhay-baboy lang si David at humilata sa favorite spot niya sa bahay. :))


It was chicharon and rhum Coke for our 2nd night of drinking. More interesting topics this night than the first. More interesting topics meant finishing drinks faster. And so, by midnight, we drove to the nearest sari-sari store and settled for a gin-mango mix. I cooked mushrooms al ajillo too. By 5ish, I was already drunk. Don’t know if it was the full moon that made me drunk so fast. :p

Woke up with a nasty hangover. It’s a mystery why I still managed to wake up early and cook! Scrambled eggs with mushroom, fried sausages, fried eggplants for brunch. Lounged and took pictures until 4pm and headed back to Manila. Buh-bye haunted house by the lake. I hope to see you again! 🙂


I loved the soundtrip back to Manila- lots of songs from The Beatles and U2. I also loved making fun of the 3 stuffed toys we were with– Toshi the bear, Wanda the porndoll, and DJ or David Jr the devil. What I didn’t love was the heavy traffic in Pansol. We waited for it to subside. We had dinner in Makiling Onsen Hotel. Their sukiyaki juu, bibimbap, ramen, and sushi tasted were all blech! 😦 Buti na lang I was in good company at na-entertain rin ako nung mga bakasyonista sa pool na nagswimming na naka-shotts at tshirt. :p

I definitely had loads of fun from the vacay. I got to relax, laugh a lot, ate good food, and find out new things about my friends– like who snores. Hahaha!


I hope you also had a great extra long weekend. 🙂


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Instragram for Android

Read in Twitter this morning that Instagram is now available on Android. The first tweet I read about it was from an Android user who said we can be hipsters now because we have this app that turns stupid things into art, or something to that effect. Bleh. Seriously, what is up that boy’s ass? Why are some people so allergic to being called hipsters? What exactly is wrong with being a hipster? Kanya-kanyang trip lang ‘yan. pero sa bagay, kung trip niya na ‘wag matawag na hipster. But if I know, that boy secretly wants to be a hipster.

Anyway. Tonyo Cruz tweeted a link about elitist iPhone users trashing Instagram. He added, “Pagandahan na lang ng shots!” I replied, “Pagandahan na lang ng subject.” Creating a magnum opus isn’t the main purpose of Instagram, is it? It’s for sharing stuff you experience in a fun, more aesthetically appealing way, right?

And so this is my first Instagram shot. I did not even for a second think of testing it to anything or anybody except me.


I think I used the filter, Toaster for that one. Interesting filters, but I’m going to keep my Camera 360 app which I think has more useful filters for my photoblog.

Speaking of photos, you guys might want to do this #PhotoADayApril Project. It’s a few days late, but who cares about the rules, really? I’ll post my entries weekly– maybe arranged using the Photo Grid app.


Still thinking if I’ll use Instagram for this project and turn it into a happy hipster weekly thingamajig.

And with that, I invite all of you to follow me on Instagram. Twitter and Facebook — iyassantos. See you there. 😉


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May mga bagay ako na hinahanap-hanap. Tulad sa pulutan.

Matakaw ako. Saksakan ko ng hilig kumain, pero may mga tulad ng tokwa’t baboy, crispy kangkong, chicken wings (hassle lang simutin) at fish and chips (may angal? kung gusto kong pulutan ito?) na lagi kong gustong kapareha ng inumin kong beer, kahit anong may vodka, o actually… kahit anong matatamaan ako. Kahit pa gin bulag. Napaparami ang kain ko kapag mga ganito ang mga nasa hapag kainan. Keber sa diet. Tataba kung tataba. bawal ang tumatanggi sa grasya.


May mga bagay ako na hinahanap-hanap. Tulad sa pagkakaibigan.

Nabiyayan ako ng marami-raming grupo ng mga kaibigan– sa trabaho, sa church, at sa kung anu-ano pang mga lugar kung saan ako napadpad. Pero ang college barkada ko pa rin ang lagi kong binabalik-balikan. Sila ang grupo ng mga tao na kilala ako– kabaitan at kamalditahan pero mahal pa rin ako. Marami sa amin, nasa ibang bansa na o busy-busyhan sa trabaho o pamilya, pero panigurado na pag nagkita-kita, parang hindi naman kami nagkalayo. tatawa pa rin sa mga lumang jokes. Masesenti pa rin sa kahit ilang beses nang inulit-ulit kung paano nakilala ang isa’t-isa.


Ilang beses ko na itong sinabi at hindi ko ito pagsasawaang ulitin. Salamat sa Diyos sa masasarap na pagkain at mabubuting mga kaibigan.


Ang mga litratong ito ay kuha kagabi, sa mini-get together sa tavern Asia sa BF Homes (ang lugar na hinahanap-hanap ko rin madalas) namin para kay Joel. Ang baby bro namin na nagbabakasyon dito from Sg. We love you, bro!



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Coach Flip Flops


I’m pretty happy with this gift because it’s only when I opened the box when I found out that Coach also makes flip flops! Thank goodness I received this first before going to the mall to buy new ones!

This is my 2nd Coach item. The first is a red and cream bag. I don’t buy branded stuff because I find them too expensive. All of my branded stuff are gifts from my parents, aunts, and exboyfs. :p

Now I feel the pressure. Where am I going this summer? Sayang naman the flip flops if I don’t use them where there’s sand and surf! :p

Where, where, where are my feet in Maria metallic slippers going to take me?


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