Coach Flip Flops


I’m pretty happy with this gift because it’s only when I opened the box when I found out that Coach also makes flip flops! Thank goodness I received this first before going to the mall to buy new ones!

This is my 2nd Coach item. The first is a red and cream bag. I don’t buy branded stuff because I find them too expensive. All of my branded stuff are gifts from my parents, aunts, and exboyfs. :p

Now I feel the pressure. Where am I going this summer? Sayang naman the flip flops if I don’t use them where there’s sand and surf! :p

Where, where, where are my feet in Maria metallic slippers going to take me?


listening to: Dixie Chicks –  Landslide

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  1. No, Iya, mas sayang yan kung gagamitin mo where there’s sand & surf! Hehe.
    I love the color, ganda ganda. 🙂

    • tita buds, pag nasa beach kasi ako, puro pa-cute at picture taking lang ang ginagawa ko. hindi ako marunong lumangoy kasi! so at least, cute ang tsinelas ko sa beach.

      ang pretty nga ng color! nakakaputi ng paa! 😀


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