Instragram for Android

Read in Twitter this morning that Instagram is now available on Android. The first tweet I read about it was from an Android user who said we can be hipsters now because we have this app that turns stupid things into art, or something to that effect. Bleh. Seriously, what is up that boy’s ass? Why are some people so allergic to being called hipsters? What exactly is wrong with being a hipster? Kanya-kanyang trip lang ‘yan. pero sa bagay, kung trip niya na ‘wag matawag na hipster. But if I know, that boy secretly wants to be a hipster.

Anyway. Tonyo Cruz tweeted a link about elitist iPhone users trashing Instagram. He added, “Pagandahan na lang ng shots!” I replied, “Pagandahan na lang ng subject.” Creating a magnum opus isn’t the main purpose of Instagram, is it? It’s for sharing stuff you experience in a fun, more aesthetically appealing way, right?

And so this is my first Instagram shot. I did not even for a second think of testing it to anything or anybody except me.


I think I used the filter, Toaster for that one. Interesting filters, but I’m going to keep my Camera 360 app which I think has more useful filters for my photoblog.

Speaking of photos, you guys might want to do this #PhotoADayApril Project. It’s a few days late, but who cares about the rules, really? I’ll post my entries weekly– maybe arranged using the Photo Grid app.


Still thinking if I’ll use Instagram for this project and turn it into a happy hipster weekly thingamajig.

And with that, I invite all of you to follow me on Instagram. Twitter and Facebook — iyassantos. See you there. 😉


listening to: Gym Class Heroes Feat. Neon Hitch – Ass Back Home

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  1. Luna F

     /  April 4, 2012

    hahahahhahahaha @ iPhone elitists. temple run, instagram, what’s next?

    pretty instagram test shot and fun blog! =)


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