Trip to Caliraya

Took advantage of the long vacay and went to Caliraya with 2 of my favorite friends.

The trip started in Alabang where Dave and I bought supplies from my all-time favorite Makati Supermarket, then at Countrystyle Northgate for coffee and donuts while waiting for Colleen to finish her shift. The trip to Cavinti, Laguna was filled with Dave’s old man sounds, my music that can turn anyone into a 12 year old blond girl or a 21 year old nigga in the club, Colleen’s craving for crabs (gusto niyang ngatain sa kotse), and exaggerated usage of our now fave expletives bobo-bobo and tanga-tanga c/o my horrible taxi experience with the driver cursing from Makati to Alabang. :p


Had dinner at Stop Over Kitchenette before heading to the vacation house. We were still full from adobo, tortang talong, and fried tilapia when we got to Sierra Lakes that we only had chips (yung sosyal naming chips hehe) with SML.

Drank at the balcony. Us girls didn’t want to go down to the deck because it was too dark, but we gave in around 3am after Dave assured us that our night-vision will work. Pero sa totoo lang, naawa lang kami sa kanya kasi mag-isa siya sa baba, singing I See A Darkness by Johnny Cash. :p It was a good experience by the lake at 3am. It was serene with hints of scary (may ghost daw dun eh) and annoying (because of mosquitoes). Slept around 4am.

I don’t know why but I woke up early the following day. I had to go to the caretakers’ because I had to ask for onions and garlic. Hindi kasi kami nakakuha sa Makati Supermarket, pero isang case ng beer hindi nakalimutan. :)) I cooked adobo fried rice, corned beef (with lots of onions) and spam. No omelet because we also didn’t get to buy eggs. Oo na. Kasalanan ko na. NOT.


After a couple of hours, we went out to get more supplies– like eggs, tomatoes, and booze. Dave brought us to see the Caliraya Lighthouse and the Japanese Garden before going back to Sierra Lakes.

Going back to the house = going back to the kitchen. I would like to send hugs and kisses to the caretakers, Ate Baby and Mang Guding for helping us in grilling the tilapia, bangus, porkchop, spareribs and making grilled eggplant salad. Ang sarap!!! Goodbye diet!!! Balik na naman ang chipmunk cheeks ko. Bundat lang talaga kami after. 🙂  Nagkwentuhan kami ni Mommy Colleen after and nagbuhay-baboy lang si David at humilata sa favorite spot niya sa bahay. :))


It was chicharon and rhum Coke for our 2nd night of drinking. More interesting topics this night than the first. More interesting topics meant finishing drinks faster. And so, by midnight, we drove to the nearest sari-sari store and settled for a gin-mango mix. I cooked mushrooms al ajillo too. By 5ish, I was already drunk. Don’t know if it was the full moon that made me drunk so fast. :p

Woke up with a nasty hangover. It’s a mystery why I still managed to wake up early and cook! Scrambled eggs with mushroom, fried sausages, fried eggplants for brunch. Lounged and took pictures until 4pm and headed back to Manila. Buh-bye haunted house by the lake. I hope to see you again! 🙂


I loved the soundtrip back to Manila- lots of songs from The Beatles and U2. I also loved making fun of the 3 stuffed toys we were with– Toshi the bear, Wanda the porndoll, and DJ or David Jr the devil. What I didn’t love was the heavy traffic in Pansol. We waited for it to subside. We had dinner in Makiling Onsen Hotel. Their sukiyaki juu, bibimbap, ramen, and sushi tasted were all blech! 😦 Buti na lang I was in good company at na-entertain rin ako nung mga bakasyonista sa pool na nagswimming na naka-shotts at tshirt. :p

I definitely had loads of fun from the vacay. I got to relax, laugh a lot, ate good food, and find out new things about my friends– like who snores. Hahaha!


I hope you also had a great extra long weekend. 🙂


listening to – The Black Crowes – Hard to Handle

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