Took a break from reading Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman to check out this brand new comic book that my friend Alex bought from the recently concluded Summer Komik Kon.


I have never been interested in reading comics, but the cover art caught my attention. There’s a Lara Croft-looking girl holding an exceptionally lethal-looking knife. There’s also an insignia of a red-white-yellow triangle with a star on each corner placed on top of the comic book’s equally Pinoy title– REPUBLIKA.

Sounds pretty kickass, eh? And so I flipped through the pages of its 1st issue and to see if the content can meet my expectations. Hmmm… A popular Filipino novel, war, JPR, and a local mythical creature??!! By page 14 (contains a photo of The Parisian Life and the Philippine map), I knew I had to get my hands on the 2nd issue. I must find out the secrets of our national heroes and their connection to the mysterious island called Republika. And I need to know what the Lara Croft-looking girl is capable of doing!

The story that ties all the well-detailed illustrations is a mindgame dealing with history, science, and the supernatural. Such elements can potentially create genius.

Cheers to director/storyteller Paul Basinillo and comicbook illustrator/storyboard artist Dennis Crisostomo for this visual and literary treat!


Alex also brought a Republika merchandise. A cute stuffy that’s supposed to be the sun but looks more of a pudgy yellow jellyfish! Pero sige, para sa ngalan ng Republika, araw na nga! ūüėõ


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Jappy Birthday!

Janice May Aquino Hernandez aka Jap /¬†Jappy / Jap the Cat /Janis Panis celebrated her ??th ¬†birthday last Sunday.¬†Her birthday salubong was¬†at Mulligan’s Irish Gastro Pub in BF. It was the fitting setting for the mini-party because we used to frequent the place way back when it was still Cafe Francais. It’s conducive for reminiscing and building happy memories. Plus, guests can smoke inside and the¬†food’s gooooood.


It was a terribly terrific (yes, I got the adverb and the adjective right) night of…

white wine, tequila, and imported beer
2006 memories (c/o the barkada journal that Jap brought and Dave forcefully snatched and read… handsdown journal superstar is Colleen)
fish and chips and pizza
Opera Cake from Bizu (which is now my favorite…¬†¬†classic gateau of sponge cake with coffee butter cream and dark chocolate ganache… omg!!!)
make-up updates (the strong bond between Jap and Eunice)
getting old and looking young
verbal kungfu– Jap vs Donnie / Dave vs me
and of course, fantabulous friendships!

Went to Jap’s after¬†Mulligan’s and we had coffee in the backyard before going to sleep. Yes, coffee before zzzzs. That’s how we roll! Took a picture of her that I think is very pretty.



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Jeric <3 Mafi

Less than 2 weeks ago…

Me: O, baket ka tumawag?
Mafi: I-invite sana kita sa wedding namin next week.
Me: Punyemas, next week na?!!????

She’s not pregnant. In fact, they were engaged for around a year before they tied the knot last Friday. Their original plan was to have a beach wedding in Bataan last March but it was postponed because Mafi had to go to Greece. I thought they moved it to November, but I was wrong. Good thing I was wrong because I really think Jeric and Mafi are made for each other and it’s just right that they seal the deal. ūüôā


May 25, in Tramway, Shaw Blvd. There were 20+ of us in attendance to bear witness to Jeric and Mafi’s Christian wedding. It was a simple, beautiful intimate gathering of family and closest friends. It was also the first wedding I ever attended that served food before the ceremony. I loved it. :p Plus, we also got to eat again after the Pastor declared them husband and wife.

Another thing I loved was I got to be the flowergirl!!! Chloe, the original flowergirl, was sleepy and didn’t want to go back inside to throw petals at the newlyweds. So what was a concerned secondary sponsor to do? I grabbed the flowerbasket and said, “Pwede po ako na lang? Matagal ko nang pangarap gawin ito uli eh!” Nobody seemed to mind. I said, “Wheeeee!!!” each time I threw petals at the couple. Ang saya ko lang talaga!


It was a happy day. Another day that reminded me that love will always and forever triumph. My wish for the newlyweds is for them to never forget what is said in Ephesians 5:

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior… Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy…


Congratulations and best wishes to the lovebirds! Jeric, welcome to the family! Take care of my baby cousin!


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“When was your last relationship?”
“Why did you break up?”
“Why are you still single?”

Those are the dreadful questions that render me speechless, which is hard to believe considering how chatty I am. I should have auto-generated answers by now¬†because¬†I have been getting those questions since I hit 28. I don’t know. There are very simple answers, some truths and some half-truths. It’s complicated, I guess, when the answers open up a portal in my head that make memories contaminate the words that should come out of my mouth.

Just late last week, I was asked those questions again. I remember letting out an exasperated sigh, taking a long gulp of my beer, and then saying, “I think I need a cigarette.” After a couple of puffs, I said, “Mukha siyang gago.” I wasn’t even sure if I was talking about the last boyfriend or the last guy who stole and broke my heart. I guess, it didn’t really matter because they’re all gago in my book. I didn’t know what year to answer for the when-was-your-last-relationship q. I didn’t know if I should talk about the last relationship that the whole world my whole world knew about or the last relationship significant to me. Somewhere in the conversation, I managed to say I have a gay-looking ex who also happens to be a lying, cheating stupid son of a bitch.

You’re probably thinking that I can choose the convenient option of saying that I want to keep¬†my love life (or lack thereof)¬†personal, but there really are times that these things have to be discussed. I wish I could develop a spiel for this to prevent me from blabbering like an idiot, to prevent my head from exploding.

For now, how is this for an answer?

“Last relationship ended on time. It ended because he wasn’t awesome enough. And I’m still single because I haven’t met someone who’s as awesome as me.”

Vague, conceited, hopeul and true. I will use that while figuring out a better answerРwhile waiting for a reason to not answer anymore because the questions are no longer applicable.


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In The Bag – 2012

I blogged about what’s inside my bag 4 years ago and now, I’m blogging about¬†it again so¬† I we can see the current trash contents of the bag that I always use.¬†It’s a¬†black BCBG tote given to me by Tita Vina, my Mama’s sister. Hmmm… it’s actually her gift to my mom but I asked Ma if I could have it and give her my azure Kenneth Cole tote instead. Of course she said yes. :p

Let’s look inside, shall we?

WAIT. I first have to tell you that inside my big bag are 3 more mini bags (or pouch, whatever you wanna call it) because I hate clutter. I also don’t want to get a bag with lots of compartments. Nakakahilo kasi.


One of the 3 mini bags is¬†my vanity kit or kikay kit. Since I am not that vain (pasakan ko ng mascara ang nostril ng mag-disagree), I only have a few items in my kit. I have 2 lipsticks (pink flame and puta red), an¬†eye shadow palette (pearl, beige, kohl), blush (2 shades of pink), lipbalm,¬†black and dark brown eyebrow pencils, black mascara,¬†lash curler, hair elastics, hairpins, a couple of bandaids, toothbrush, toothpaste and Clinique Happy. Note that I don’t have a comb. Obvious naman sa magulo ko madalas na hair. BTW, I got the kikay kit from Leyende. Their products are gooooood.

Then I have this. I call it the Bangkok-bag because it IS from Bangkok, a pasalubong from my friend Miki. It stores my Nokia C3 and Samsung Galaxy W (used to take the pics), earphones, a battery pack/portable charger that I bought from CD-R King for 820php (I absolutely like it!!!), gum, meds for headache, fever, cough and vitamins C and B-complex, and a couple of teabags. Right now, the flavors that I like are lemon and peach.


The 3rd is¬†a small RL handbag. It was a birthday gift from Carla and Joko some years back. This is what I usually bring when I’m too lazy to bring my whole bag and I need to go out of the office or the resto for stuff like ciggie breaks. Quick sling, easy go. It normally has my company id, coin purse, Mighty Mouse tyvek wallet, a black pen, a mirror (the most valuable thing in the entire big bag because it was a gift from my Dad when I was 8, he got it from Osaka), a small Cricket, some cigs, a hanky, a fan,¬†and housekeys.


Other usual items in my bag are my main wallet… a dark pink Liz Clairborne wallet that has all my ids and cards, a small black umbrella with bunny-print, a black¬†cardigan, a scarf or shawl (now it’s a purple MNG scarf), and a bottle of water. Sometimes, you can also find cookies and chocolates in there. And books. Or a small stuffed toy. It depends on my mood really.


I wonder what my bag says about me. Some new age know-it-all said that the bag defines the lady. I am not sure where I read that¬†or I’m only imagining things. Hihi. But assuming that it’s true, I guess my bag says that I am a practical, self-contained, organized girl with a few surprises here and there.¬†I forgot to tell you. There are some mutilated body parts in there too. HAHAHAHA KIDDING!

That’s it! I hope you don’t tell snatchers about the stuff I have. I’m scared they might lust after my exceptionally feminine (bwahahaha) Mighty Mouse wallet!



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Goodbye Lola


Exactly a week ago, I went back to our town in Pangasinan to attend the last day of vigil for my Lola who passed away last April 26. I didn’t get to go home for 8 years so when I arrived in Binmaley, I had a hard time identifying some of my cousins.

I also had a hard time believing that Lola’s name was Emelia and not Emilia. All along, i thought it was Lola Miling! Lola Meling pala dapat! I felt a tinge of envy when I heard my younger cousins shared stories about her. I had no stories to share, except for tiny recollections of my childhood, vacationing in our family house in the fishing village of Balagan.

By Sunday morning, we walked almost 3 kilometers to the church (which is so old, I absolutely loved it) ¬†and another half kilometer to the cemetery for the funeral. Please. When I die, mumultuhin ko ‘pag may magpatugtog ng Hindi Kita Malilimutan. Please lang talaga.

There were around 100 people who attended. Snacks of biscuits, cookies and ice cold Zesto (as expected) were served before the program (?) proper. Lola Fely gave a tearful eulogy to her sister. Uncle Dante said something that I heard before, something about why people hold reunions only when someone dies. Daddy praised God for giving us Lola even for a short time– 83 years to be exact.

God, please take good care of my Lola. I hope that she’s reunited with Lolo Felix.


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Remembering The First…

LOVE, that is.


More than a decade ago, this conversation happened.

Him: Let’s get a dog para may baby tayo!
Me: Hmm… okay. What kind?
Him: Pitbull!
Me: Ayoko magkaron ng baby na pitbull!!!
Him: Sige na! Please, please, please!


Me: Fine. Basta ‘pag may nagtanong kung sino kamukha ng baby natin– IKAW!
Him: Tapos, sa iyo nakuha ang ugali!
Me: Ah ganon? *taray mode unleashed*
Him: I LOVE YOU!!!

HAHAHA! We didn’t get a pitbull or any¬†kind of¬†baby for that matter. Thank God!

Remembering G because today is his birthday. Not because I want a baby or something. :p


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Dampa with Miranda, Samantha and Thor

Jap and Dave fetched me from our company’s anniversary party in SMX last Sunday to bring me to Dampa. Colleen followed despite her very early shift the next day.

We had a hard time going to a resto because a bevy of waitstaff followed us and insisted we go to their respective paluto place. Jap and I left them with Dave and we hurriedly walked to Aling Tonya’s.


We had shrimps in garlic butter sauce, grilled mussels with cheese (my all time fave), sinigang na salmon belly sa miso, ensaladang mangga, grilled liempo, grilled tuna belly and a gigantic bowl of garlic rice.

I thought we’re only going to get pulutan because I thought we were just going to drink. I did not at all expect that we’d eat that much. Note to self: expect lamon time when with college buddies. Turned out, it was only me and Dave who washed the yummies with alcohol. SML for me and of course, Pale Pilsen for him. He was pretty bummed because Aling Tonya’s didn’t have the old bottle of Pale– FPJ bottle as he calls it. Jap, as usual, had coffee. Colleen had mango shake- which was a good idea because it was a¬†windy yet warm night then.


The supermoon was out that night but I didn’t get to take a decent picture of it. Got to have a group picture taken though! :))

Our bill was 2500php. Not bad for all the dishes we ordered. Maybe we should have listened to the cutie gay waitress who suggested we get the specialty of the house– steamed baklang alimango. :p

ANYWAY… About the title… the reason is in this conversation–

Me: (talking to the girls) Let’s dress up a la Sex and The City!
Jap: Sounds fun!
Colleen: Game!
Dave: Ako si Carrie!!!!!!!!
Me: (muntikan lumabas ang beer sa ilong) Ang kapal-kapal ng mukha mo!!!
Dave: Ayaw mo na nga ako tawaging Thor kahit obvious naman sa katawan ko, ayaw mo pa akong tawaging Carrie?!?? Ang sama mo talaga!
Me: O sha, sige. Ikaw na si Thor! Short for NesThor!!!

I have crazy (and matatakaw) friends but I love them anyway! Basta ako si Charlotte at walang pwedeng kumontra. :p


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Emax 10

Our company, ePERFORMAX Contact Centers and BPO celebrated its 10th year anniversary last Sunday in SMX.

It’s almost been 5 years¬†since I started working in Eperformax.


Happy 10 perfect years, ePerformax! I’m glad and proud to be part of this team! ūüôā


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