Thor and Friends

DISCLAIMER: Oo na, in love ako kay Thor kaya ‘yan ang title. :p Hello, this is my post about The Avengers. 😀

The long wait for the epic superhero mash-up movie was worth it! I saw it last Saturday and I’m planning to see it again! I’m sure a lot of you have seen it twice or even more! Director Joss Wheddon did a superb job in making all of the Avengers shine. Well… Iron Man’s easily the superstar but we can blame his rockstar attitude for it. :p

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I have no plan to write a review because I’m sure everybody knows it’s a huge success. It’s made already more than 100million pesos here in the Philippines.

Let me just share my thoughts/reactions for each and every major character/or the actors that played them. 😀

THOR – The story of your solo movie was boring (sorry, baby) but you are still my favorite Avenger because of your absofuckinlutely hot body, sexy dirty blond locks, not-so-easy-to-understand-but-mesmerizing-anyway accent, and intense sense of entitlement. I looooooove yoooooouuuuuu.

CAPTAIN AMERICA – Oh captain, my captain… your altruism is endearing. I loved the scene when you rescued the old man from Loki’s crazy wrath. I hope that in the next film, you will already have a new love interest. I hope it’s not that blonde waitress that thanked you at the end of the movie.


BLACK WIDOW – Scarlett’s appearance was the first that put me at the edge of my seat. The escape scene was remarkably entertaining. Hehe @ “let me put you on hold!” You are my girl crush. ❤ Your unspoken relationship with Hawkeye is intriguing but I don’t really care much about him. I’m not a fan of Jeremy Renner. :\

NICK FURY – Always delightful but definitely eclipsed by Agent Phil Coulson in this movie. I shed tears when Nick Fury brought out Coulson’s bloodstained vintage Captain America cards.

THE HULK – Mark Ruffalo displayed the shyness and reluctance I expected from Bruce Banner. And since this movie is for kids and kids at heart (PG 13), I think he’s a better choice than Ed Norton. Also, I have loved Mark Ruffalo since 13 Going on 30. The Hulk, I guess is the fave Avenger of kids. I’m basing this on how the kids became happy-noisy when he was tossing Loki around. Actually, kasama ako sa tawa ng tawa sa scene na ‘yon. :p


LOKI – Tom Hiddleston’s an excellent power-hungry, revenge-driven psychogod. I think he’s the best of The Avengers cast. I look forward in watching him in Henry V and Thor 2. He played author F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris.

IRON MAN – Take Iron Man out of The Avengers and it will be crap. Take Tony Stark out of the suit and he will still be smashing in his Black Sabbath shirts. I take back what I said about Tom Hiddleston being the best. It will always be Robert Downey Jr. 🙂 Here’s a clip of Iron Man vs Thor… Kinikilig ako!!!!!!!!!


The Avengers is, without any doubt, a crowd pleaser even to us non-comic geeks. Even Ted Mosby knows this and said, “Kids, in the summer of 2012, your Aunt Robin decided to join the Avengers.”




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