Remembering The First…

LOVE, that is.


More than a decade ago, this conversation happened.

Him: Let’s get a dog para may baby tayo!
Me: Hmm… okay. What kind?
Him: Pitbull!
Me: Ayoko magkaron ng baby na pitbull!!!
Him: Sige na! Please, please, please!


Me: Fine. Basta ‘pag may nagtanong kung sino kamukha ng baby natin– IKAW!
Him: Tapos, sa iyo nakuha ang ugali!
Me: Ah ganon? *taray mode unleashed*
Him: I LOVE YOU!!!

HAHAHA! We didn’t get a pitbull or any┬ákind of┬ábaby for that matter. Thank God!

Remembering G because today is his birthday. Not because I want a baby or something. :p


listening to: 2 Minds Crack – Upside Down

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