Goodbye Lola


Exactly a week ago, I went back to our town in Pangasinan to attend the last day of vigil for my Lola who passed away last April 26. I didn’t get to go home for 8 years so when I arrived in Binmaley, I had a hard time identifying some of my cousins.

I also had a hard time believing that Lola’s name was Emelia and not Emilia. All along, i thought it was Lola Miling! Lola Meling pala dapat! I felt a tinge of envy when I heard my younger cousins shared stories about her. I had no stories to share, except for tiny recollections of my childhood, vacationing in our family house in the fishing village of Balagan.

By Sunday morning, we walked almost 3 kilometers to the church (which is so old, I absolutely loved it)  and another half kilometer to the cemetery for the funeral. Please. When I die, mumultuhin ko ‘pag may magpatugtog ng Hindi Kita Malilimutan. Please lang talaga.

There were around 100 people who attended. Snacks of biscuits, cookies and ice cold Zesto (as expected) were served before the program (?) proper. Lola Fely gave a tearful eulogy to her sister. Uncle Dante said something that I heard before, something about why people hold reunions only when someone dies. Daddy praised God for giving us Lola even for a short time– 83 years to be exact.

God, please take good care of my Lola. I hope that she’s reunited with Lolo Felix.


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  1. This is a sad and nice post at the same time. I’ve been thinking to write something about my beloved grandmother but I don’t want to write something while crying. So, I’m keeping it slide for now.

  2. condolences to you and your family.

  3. Patawanin na lang kita, Iya.

    When I was in college, may funeral na dumaan sa tapat ng boarding house namin. Ang tugtog, ‘Take My Breath Away’ (from Top Gun). No kidding.


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