Ang Sabaw. Bow.

I love soup. I’d have soup even in the middle of summer. I’d choose soup over dessert any most of the time.Ā I don’t like it chilled. I like it hot. Very hot. Ika nga ng daddy ko, ‘yung “makapaso ngala-ngala”.

I also thought of blogging about soup so I can finally delete these images from my phone. :p

Ang sabaw. *bow*

{warms the tummy, makes me happy}

1 Squash Soup
Pizza Hut Bistro, Glorietta 4, Makati
100php something/bowl
Errr… well… it tasted like squash alright. It’s not as thick and flavorful as I hoped it would be. šŸ˜¦ Made me miss the yummy goodness that is Murphy’s Pumpkin Soup. Too bad I don’t have a picture of it.

2 Crabmeat and Corn Soup
Floating Island Restaurant, Makati Medical Center
180php, good for 2
Slightly better than Knorr’s instant crab and corn soup. I liked that they drizzled some sesame oil. It gave it a delicious aroma and nutty flavor.

3 Tom Kha Gai
Soms Noodle House, Alger St., Poblacion, Makati
220php, good for 2
This is Thai chicken soup in coconut milk. You can taste the lemon grass and ginger. But I guess it’s this rhizome native to Thailand called galangal which tastes like ginger. This soup is best pairedĀ with Fried Tonto Fish. Haha. Tonto.

4 Pho Tai Gau
Vina Pho, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati
This beef tenderloin with fat brisket noodle ftw! Firm noodles, excellent broth, andĀ almost-melts-in-your-mouth meat! It’s comfort in a bowl! Writing about it makes me want a bowl right now. It’s good with the Shrimp Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce.

5 Bulalo Espesyal
Bulalohan sa N.Ramirez, Galas, Quezon City
This is the kind of bulalo that would make me travel to QC instead of Tagaytay. Well-seasoned broth and easy-to-get marrow. To those planning on going to Bulalohan sa N.Ramirez, there are two faces of the resto. One looks like a carinderia. One sorta looks like a resto. Don’t worry, the bulalo is the same.

{wow, sabaw!}

6 Wild Mushroom Cappuccino Soup
Momo Cafe, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati
Earthy and frothy, satisfying and enjoyable. This is a must to get in Momo for mushroom soup lovers like me. And between this and theirĀ Herb Pumpkin Soup, this is the better choice.

7 Monggo Soup with Kangkong
Katvanria Eatery, St Paul Rd, San Antonio Village, Makati
Ay grabe. Ka-sarap nito. May chicharon pa ‘yan. I love bringing this to the office to share with my colleagues. Hands down, this is my favorite ulam every Friday. I love this with paksiw na bangus belly. Ayayayayayay. Tapos may ice cold Coke. *tulo laway*

8 Hot and Sour Soup
Hao Hong Kong Diner, Jupiter St., Makati
True to its name, it’s indeed sour (duh) and spicy. It’s also thick and hearty. Best to have this after drinking Hao’s Spiked Margarita Tea with Shitake Mushrooms with Fried Cheese for pulutan. Click here for my entry about Hao Hong Kong Diner.

9 Hototay
Panciteria Lido, Marvin Plaza, Pasong Tamo, Makati
120php/good for 2
I had this last Mother’s Day becauseĀ I couldn’t be with my mom. Eto kasi favorite soup ni Mama. I’m sure she’d also like this because ang daming sahog! šŸ˜› I had this with the Drunken Lechon Macau, but I think it would have been better if I paired it with the 3 Cups Chicken– Ā which btw, for me, is the best dish of Lido.

10 Nido Soup
Gerry’s Grill, Glorietta 5, Makati
This no nonsense hot delight is my favorite pangpa-sober when I drink at Gerry’s. I also like to have this with their Adobong Beef Ribs and Kilawing Tanigue.

My top 3 are

Pho Tai Gau
Bulalo Espesyal
Hot and Sour Soup

Cheers to more bowls of soup! šŸ˜‰


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