BonChon. HoHum.

I decided to give BonChon Chicken another try. I had it way back when it was still new in Ayala Triangle Gardens. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t ewww but it sure wasn’t wooow either. It was a disappointment since a lot of people were raving about it back then. I had high expectations when I first ate it.

{Drumsticks/ Thigh Ricebox 2pcs for 145php, small soda for 28php}

I had the mix and match ricebox, with one soy garlic and one spicy glaze for dinner a couple.of nights ago. I enjoyed the crispy skin and I liked that it wasn’t greasy. Honestly, I didn’t quite taste the difference. They both tasted mildly hot.

{What is tuyo?}

I didn’t like the meat. It’s not moist and it’s not flavorful. I still don’t get why people like it. Well, I don’t like Korean food in general. So there. I guess I better stick to KFC. Or Kenny Rogers. Or Andok’s. Or yung fried chicken sa may kanto sa amin.

If I had to eat at BonChon’s again, I will probably just order their Fish Taco or Ginger Tofu Salad— just because they look pretty in pictures.


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